100 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe THIS Happened at Summer Camp!

  1. I haven’t watched since he was like in his last football game when he was to big enough and I feel bad for that kid who got injured

  2. Duke is my favorite college my dad went there and my grandad I went to this camp last year and the autograph day last year I also got to talk Keenan Worthington on Instagram which is on the basketball team I have everyone’s autograph on the 2019-2018 team and I’m going to go to autograph day this year also

  3. I’m sorry Lincoln’s is soooo trash all Lincoln did was get rebound and he gave it to his teammate😂😂😂😂

  4. Finally watch your videos after a drought of about 2 months, looking for a Tesla version 10.0 summons video only to see you’re visiting my state & making a series of videos too.

  5. Lincoln is growing up! He’s very nice too! Lincoln’s shorter than Easton but I’m cool with it!! Questions for Easton and Lincoln!

    Easton: Are you in the same grade with Lincoln?

    Lincoln: Are you more mature or still very funny and inspiring??

    [Lincoln’s is too into the Gatorade]

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