I dressed up as PRINCESS JASMINE to Tokyo Disney Sea!

I dressed up as PRINCESS JASMINE to Tokyo Disney Sea!

Now I’m finally back to my comfy little room I left at around 8 am and now it’s 11 pm So I left in the morning at the same time with the salary men and came back as the same salary men headed back home after drinking But I had such a good time! Especially since it’s my first time wearing Disney character cosplay into Disneyland and it’s so much fun You get a lot of compliments from the staffs (as well as some guests!) It just made the park a lot more fun for everyone Also because Tokyo Disney Sea has a large Aladdin themed area so I met many cosplayers of characters from Aladdin It was a lot of fun taking pictures together Overall it was an amazing experience, highly recommended But as for the Halloween event for itself, in Tokyo Disney Sea there wasn’t a whole lot of themed decorations only a few in the front and almost nothing in the themed areas We did try some special snacks (see last vlog) but in terms of Halloween decorations Tokyo Disneyland definitely has more to offer Lots of pumpkins and more In terms of villain characters both Land and Sea are very stingy with their villains for whatever reason None of them were in the shows, parades or greetings Kind of disappointing Last year’s show seemed to feature them more, but I wasn’t there But they are really the highlights of Halloween season, in my opinion so they should ALWAYS feature them lol But oh well, the cosplayers kind of made up for it (and they were so nice) So looking at and taking pictures of them was a lot of fun too I wore Princess Jasmine’s outfit today, which is pants so I fully expected this to be comfy and easy to walk in But I was so wrong When I headed out in the morning, walking down the stairs of subway I fell down the stairs I stepped on my pants while waking downstairs and fell down and rolled down the stairs omg My pants got scratched from the fell but luckily it wasn’t obvious I’m so done And inside the park there were two times when the same happened and I almost fell It’s so scary! Please be cautious if you are wearing it out Don’t let your guards down simply because it’s pants Apart from that, the beadings in my shawl they got caught everywhere EVERY. WHERE. They broke me My poor precious outfit I’ve lost at least five jewels today I found only some of them I’m probably going to the craft store for replacement My outfit really took some damages If Secret Honey doesn’t release it I want to copy this pattern and make Jasmine’s red outfit the one that appeared in the animated film where Jasmine was caught by Jafar and had to serve him I mean, if you are gonna do cosplay at Disneyland Isn’t it more fun to do minor characters or obscure outfits? I met someone who dressed up as the carpet! and the Sultan himself There were even people who dressed up Tokyo Disneyland’s parade characters The level of dedication, oh my Disneyland is full of people who love Disney it’s the perfect time and place to be unexpected almost like testing people’s Disney knowledge with your outfit That is my journey for the day Thank you so much for watching, bye!

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  1. Do hope you are not too bruised from the stair accident and that you manage to replace the lost jewels. The Princess costume was fabulous but not the most practical choice I guess. I am currently in Tokyo and visited Disneysea last week. The daytime is great but your excellent video bought back how truly magical it is at night. We had such fun – Just mindblowing! Harajuku is providing armfuls of Lolita. i am buying some very cosy coats and thick dresses for the U.K. winter. Soon, I am in Kyoto to be served by a Geisha. I cannot wait to meet her. Loving and following.

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