I Dumped The Daugher Of My Dad’s BOSS. Oops…

I Dumped The Daugher Of My Dad’s BOSS. Oops…

Hi guys. Are you ready to hear the story of the biggest
loser to ever walk on planet Earth? No, I am not trying to attract your attention
to me, as the newly elected king of drama. I am just reflecting a little, that’s what
I think. My name is Cliff, I’m nineteen years old,
and for a short time I managed to get into a serious argument with two girls I actually
liked, and then also unintentionally set up my father at his work. Hmm, when I say it out loud, it sounds really
pathetic. But let’s start this story from the very beginning. From the very-very beginning, that is, from
my childhood. When I was ten years old, my dad took me along
on a picnic arranged by one of his close friends. I was very happy to be able to spend some
extra time on the weekend with my father, who was otherwise forever busy, so I was really
enthusiastic and did not get what the trick was. And there was a trick. It even had a name: Beah Reznik. Beah was the daughter of Mr. Reznik, my father’s
friend who invited him on the picnic. When my father introduced Mr. Reznik, he also
added that he was not just a friend, but also his colleague. This information did not matter at all at
that time, but it will become important later. I wasn’t a stupid child, so I guessed that
I was taken along because somebody was needed to entertain Mr. Reznik’s daughter. Moreover, my father openly hinted to me that
it would be VERY NICE if Beah and I became friends. But I was offended and, therefore, refused
to play with Beah, who was two years younger than me. But my dad didn’t give up — this family
picnic was followed by family dinners, mutual visits to shopping malls, movies, and whatever
else— basically anything that our parents could think of. In general, whether I wanted it or not, I
had to be friends with Beah. But it wasn’t that bad — Beah turned out
to be a smart girl who was very interesting to be with. So even if we didn’t become really close
friends, we acted like friends, at least until we became teenagers. But then my father came up with a new idea! He decided that I should invite Beah on a
date and he openly asked me to do it. The reason behind this was complicated, but
also understandable. Over the past few years Mr. Reznik had overtaken
my father in an endless race up the career ladder and become his immediate superior. They remained friends, but this was not enough
for my father — he needed some kind of special relationship with Mr. Reznik. Then he decided that if his son went out with
Mr. Reznik’s daughter, that would be the best scenario. Honestly, I was not at all excited about this
idea, but nevertheless decided to help my father. In addition, I did not think that Beah was
interested in me, so I assumed that my first romantic meeting with her would be the last. I did not try to sabotage our date on purpose,
no, but when I tried to take Beah for a romantic evening out in the company of a gentleman
(meaning, me), everything turned out to be awkward. I accidentally spilled a milkshake on Beah’s
jeans and was very very surprised when she was not at all angry with me for that. The fact that Beah was ready to forgive me
was just the tip of the iceberg. At the end I realized that our fake “date”
was REALLY a romantic date for Beah. She all of a sudden admitted that she has
been secretly in love with me for many years. I literally froze in surprise and even almost
missed the moment when Beah kissed me on the lips. Of course, after that I was forced to develop
and continue my relationship with her, otherwise who knew that this kind of disaster could
happen. Beah was a smart and kind girl, but pretty
… impressionable and a little bit prone to exaggerated emotions. But the worst part was that I didn’t really
find Beah attractive. She was attractive in her own way, but still
belonged to the “gray mousy” type, whereas I was always attracted to more spectacular
girls. But I had nothing to do – now I had to act
like I had feelings for Beah… for two years. Everybody who was around us was pretty sure
that we were not just a couple, but almost engaged — that was how serious our relationship
looked. Even when I graduated from school and went
to another town to go to the college, the situation did not change: I had to continue
my relationship with Beah from a distance. I was afraid that she would miss me too much,
and that she would feel lonely and annoy me with her calls, so I asked my friend Wes to
keep an eye on Beah and to look after her in case she needed anything. Wes was a good guy, but not very smart, and
he came from a poor family. He had no chance of getting a scholarship,
nor would he have ever had the opportunity to pay for college, so he stayed in our hometown
and got a job as a loader in a warehouse for a nearby supermarket. Some time passed, and suddenly I met a girl
named Heather. Heather went to the same college as I did,
and, YES, she looked like exactly the type of girl that I liked. One day I got a chance to get to know her
better and I could not blow it. It turned out that we had a lot in common,
we shared many similar interests and, in general, we both quickly felt that there was some kind
of chemistry between us… I think I fell in love with Heather. For real. Heather didn’t have a boyfriend, and of
course I didn’t tell her a word about Beah.Soon afterward we started dating. So, I wanted to be with Heather and did not
want to be with Beah. At the same time, I had to be very careful
so that my father and Mr. Reznik would still be able to maintain their special relationship. A difficult task, don’t you agree? As I saw it, the only possible way out of
this situation would be to make Beah leave me alone. I decided to convince Wes to find out what
Beah really thought of me — we rarely saw each other during the past two years, so Beah
herself could have cooled off to me. I called Wes and clearly gave him his task,
Wes responded in a strange way — he sounded embarrassed, he hesitated, and he was apparently
confused, but promised to find out everything. But I didn’t have time to get any information
from Wes because soon Beah came to see me unexpectedly and practically without any warning! My college was far from our hometown, so it
was pretty strange. Fortunately, Beah and I didn’t meet on campus,
so I wasn’t afraid of her meeting Heather, but I soon realized that I shouldn’t have
to worry about this. Because Beah came to dump me! She informed me (in a very calm voice and
with self-confidence) that now she was dating Wes.And then she added that these things just
happen. To my great surprise, it suddenly touched
me very deeply! Yes, yesterday I wanted Beah to leave me,
but now that she had done it all of a sudden and it wasn’t my decision, I … was I hurt? This time, Beah looked different somehow,
not like her usual self. As if she, secretly from me, turned into an
adult and a self-confident girl, which, in fact, I liked. Besides, I couldn’t believe that Beah preferred
Wes over me! I always considered Wes a looser and did not
really take him seriously as my friend. But Beah didn’t know that! How could she switch to my friend behind my
back? And to Wes, to this looser!! I was absolutely sure that I was better than
him in every aspect. So, in less than a few weeks I had to admit
to myself — I probably still loved Beah. But I also had no doubt about my feelings
for Heather. It turned out that I really felt happy when
I had two girls …And I had to do something about it. Then everything developed quite rapidly. I asked Beah to come to my campus again — and
she agreed, but only in order to get a closer look at the campus, because soon she had to
decide on a college for herself. After a tour of the campus, I took Beah to
a nearby cafe. Beah, who unexpectedly became inaccessible
to me, was so close that it made my blood boil — after all, I had gotten so used to
seeing this girl next to me for most of my life! I confessed to Beah that I wanted her back. Beah just calmly and negatively shook her
head, in response I told her that she had just cooled off toward me and all I needed
to do was to remind her of her old feelings. I hugged Beah and kissed her passionately. She didn’t break free, so I already felt
the taste of victory… and all of a sudden I heard Heather’s furious voice. I was so absorbed in my thoughts about Beah
that I did not think at all that Heather might see me with her. And so, at the moment of my kiss with her,
Heather entered the cafe with her friends and found me at the scene of the crime. I don’t think I need to go into detail about
the subsequent, umm, awkward scene between Beah, Heather, and I. Suffice it to say that
I have never felt so humiliated. In an incredible way, Beah and Heather immediately
reached a mutual understanding and directed their anger not at each other, but toward
me. Of course, each of them was right in her own
way, but still it was… painful. Heather yelled at me, Beah screamed at me,
and when they realized that I was seeing both of them at the same time, Beah poured her
coffee with cream over my head. Fortunately, it had had time to cool down
while the girls were yelling! But this is not the end. When Beah returned to our hometown, she complained
to Mr. Reznik about everything that happened to her. He, of course, felt that my relationship with
Beah was staged from the very beginning for the sake of my father’s career. Mr. Reznik had a serious argument with my
father and after that, their relationship was narrowed down to business matters only. Now my father should have been seriously worried
that his climb up the career ladder would come to an end. I learned all this from Beah’s message, which
she sent me the day before, poorly hiding her triumph behind a few polite words. As well as the fact that she was not going
to draw the line there and would go as far as convincing her father to fire my dad. In conclusion, I would like to say only one
thing – do you remember that I considered Wes a loser? Now you see who the real loser is here. So, be kinder, more fair, and sincere to people
and do not repeat my mistakes. And also, take a look at the other videos
on this channel, of course!See ya!

100 thoughts on “I Dumped The Daugher Of My Dad’s BOSS. Oops…

  1. Can I ask one thing to the admin of thoa video? Is channel " Kisah Nyata" your official Indonesian version of this account ? If not, please follow up.

  2. Pimping out your son to get in your bosses good graces is super fuckin gross and selfish and so not ok lol

  3. how do you get offended from someone asking you can you play with my daughter can you to befriend how do you in the world get offended by that that is ridiculous

  4. Actually I’m not that mad at him I mean he did make a wrong decision but I’m not mad. I’m just sad for him. but don’t think you’re a loser in life Because that can make you feel down. And no one should feel down. I just hope that you find a girlfriend that’s good and you can stay with.

  5. Him: He is a looser, i don´t know why she left me for such a loser

    Me: Well girls go for kind and caring people not heartless monsters

  6. Him: "And directed their anger not at each other but at me"
    Me: scream with joy and said to myself "that's exactly what it should be dude "

  7. You shouldn’t be angry, it’s not fair that you should get angry at her for dating you’re friend when you dated someone else

  8. Him; *complaining how she dumped him n dat Wes was stupid n everything*


  9. Guys if someone was cheating on me I wouldn’t scream in public if I saw that I would pretend I wasn’t his/her bf/gf until she left to not cause problems

  10. Your the biggest loser ha I'm the biggest loser I can't even talk to my crush and I have plenty changes so I'm the loser

  11. Bruh, u didn’t have to date her. If I was in your situation I would’ve never dated her. You didn’t have to do it for your father. If you disliked it than don’t do it.

  12. How can you fire a person becuse of being dumped and do you have to send messages after and it's the dad's folut YOU COULD OF SAID THAT YOUR DAD MADE YOU GET IN HER RELATIONSHIP

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