I Left My Husband At Home For Our Family Vacation

all I’m planning to do is work out where
I am going to look for space to shoot a lookbook so no I’m not gonna rest on my
vacation I’m gonna work all righty then this is happening we are going on an
adventure Jacob any and mom it’s an adventure that
was supposed to be a family trip Gary’s gonna stay behind with Maxie and go into
the Hamptons for a week I’m a little scared because this is the first time I travel okay we’re on the plane mission
accomplished hi jakey yeah don’t want to go they want to wait for
Gina loyalty hi Gina I’m so happy you’re trashing a
family vacation hey the universe has a beautiful way of
helping you out when it knows that you cannot do it Abby
we already almost lost my edge on the escalator because JC wanted to be a hero
and Gina wasn’t I wouldn’t be able to catch a child and a circus we’ll go into the Hamptons and we’re
gonna stay for a week at my friend’s Hamptons cottage I don’t know they call
it and I sign up the boys for camp I’m super excited for that all I’m planning
to do is work out pan and eat good food and go to sleep at 8 o clock
hopefully somehow somehow I met Gina on the plane
my darling Gina she Canada was shocked by this angel person I was just trying
to go to a wedding so I can film it and yeah Gina’s going for work and when I
saw her on the plane I was just like of course the world will send me you needed
a hand and not only I had like a person that I know that will just make it an
enjoyable experience while complaining about it like I can’t get any better it
got so now we just have two hours of driving with these little guys hi
chicken back but the force be with us thanks Gina for joining us thanks for it
yeah I hope you enjoyed this I definitely do that ski Magic Bus I feel
like I learned a war I’m sure you did bye guys have fun we made it the weather here is good morning only on vacation well I let
them play iPad first thing in the morning what a beautiful day our first morning here in the Hamptons I
want to tell you about our plans but you know what’s the beauty of this trip
there are no plans beside that on Monday they’re gonna start their sports camp
with my friends kids otherwise we’re here doing our thing I mean doing
nothing nothing guys where are we going 60 years later with all these children look at this beautiful sky it’s like
cotton candy so it’s 8 p.m. we haven’t exhausted a lot with the boys we had
lots of fun went on a boat went on a beach there’s quite a bit going on we
still wanted to make it to this like outdoor carnival but honestly there’s
too much and it had a little bit huh I don’t know what happened this morning I
woke up and I was like go go go go pack so we’re gonna drop off my grandma
Lonnie and a band to camp Jake has a sore throat how can I
so he’s gonna stay at home today but tomorrow he’s going to camp after this
I’m gonna go and get him staggering amount of medication to help Benny
you’re gonna have the best time ever I love you I like the little dance you did
when yesterday we still have Jake but he’s fine he’s
the children and now they gave us the great news that it doesn’t end at two it
ends up like 334 so amazing dreams come true mother of the year just like I know
no I don’t know I’m complaining I’ve been with them for like two days with
myself it wasn’t so bad I think yesterday just like really hid as far as
the laws it was just like the commuting and every kid had something when broke
his toe the other one did there’s the other one didn’t it was just like so
much so yeah yeah we’re good Wow that was challenging I’m shaking but
I did it oh my god I’m so proud of myself we did it I’m up here living my
best suburban life better here than in actually suburbia where I live which is
interesting I feel like such a grown-up and I know what to do with my life and it’s my job we’re going to the body
shop because I broke the rental I didn’t break it Sasha broken but it’s okay I
take the responsibility and then we’re gonna go pick up the boys with Jake from
from their camp look at you gonna go pick up your
brother trying to find a perfect spot for our
dinner spot tonight we’re gonna have a picnic we stopped by supermarket got
some yummy food and snacks yeah 28 28 so surprising we’ll take it as a compliment what magical magical evening isn’t this the perfect vacation whether
it’s raining today but we’re okay now we’re just walking around gary is
supposed to arrive soon so we’re going to pick him out finding dad would be our
day look at this wow you are so good stylish oh this is Benjamin ski watch a
video subscribe why you came here papa okay Rumph the camera again thank you
we dropped off the boys at their camp and now didn’t get reason with us mom
we’re gonna hang out a little bit but first we’re gonna go figure out this
thing that Gary did to himself I wanted to dye my beard and I found like all
natural hair dye because I’m allergic to hair dye he’s allergic to every dry spot
test on my arm and my arm is gonna fall off just like all nasty and it’s so
painful it’s getting like bubbles of stuff I don’t want to get too graphic
but I imagine if I were to put it on my face I think I’m just gonna keep it gray
I think it makes me babe I I missed English I think it’s a great idea ray
just I feel like adds like wisdom to yeah thank you so much bye-bye Thanks this
chef decided to create a little bone broth situation but she froze it this is
in Russian is holid yes however Russian watching this enjoy this is popular now
you got it don’t you gotta do to stay young and beautiful what can you do eat
jello this is the secret to life Fountain of Youth right here look at
this beautiful day with this beautiful sunshine with this silence because the
kids are at camp look how inviting this is but this woman
is dedicated and motivated and because of that I am going to look for space to
shoot a lookbook so no I’m not gonna rest on my vacation I’m gonna work good
for you velarium good for you pushing yourself also having like three cups of
coffee because all I want to do is take a nap but there’s time for work and
there’s time for playing and this is a work opportunity that just covered up
with play opportunity you see you see got it all figured out okay I need to
put all my looks together I earn them and then go and shoot it a post workout made a smoothie we put
this like suspicious way chocolate protein and this one is the fear Alina
our base was almond milk we use whatever we kind of had in the fridge this is
frozen blueberries have some of the strawberries spinach and flax seeds
ice and that’s it basically do you like my smoothie Sasha i smoothie you cook
yes what a beautiful view having a water source beside you or somewhere you can
live close to water is magic I tell ya I was just saying how beautiful it is
it feels like so calming to be around water today is our last day in the Hamptons
Gary and said Sasha’s husband took the boys to camp today so after the chaos of
the morning I actually have some time to finally sit outside quietly not do
anything I listen to some music and now I’m just kind of looking on the internet
doing internet stuff you mommy’s came to pick you up boy today’s
the last day of camp there’s an award ceremony yeah so are we to assume that
our children I’ve only been here for less than a week and they’re already
winning awards what kind of super children do we have Valyria are you sure
are you sure that our children are here above this crowd I thought that I saw
them three times already when it wasn’t there okay I see mine yes we’ve
identified this is Jake this is Jake hey Benny hi my love well maybe they’re
starting the ceremony what was your favorite part that was your favorite part to be with
your friends what was your favorite part Benny the same thing shake how
convenient what was your favorite part baby I
always just love hanging out with our with our friends Seth and Sasha I really
enjoyed spending time with them and their property is so beautiful and I
just feel the boys really enjoyed it and everything everybody say bye to Hampton
and New York okay 1 2 3 thank you so much for coming to the
Hamptons with us if you guys want to see how I ambushed Gary with the last

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