I lost Tour de Ski | Vlog 53³

Now we are settled here in Val di Fiemme everything feels good it’s time for testing skis I am going to be there in 10 minutes no, seven hopefully, I have good skis and then we’ll see how it goes I have faith at least, the filming will be good from now on then I am happy hopefully, you will be happy too this clip will be in the second vlog from Tour De Ski yes if I am thinking straight this is the welcome Welcome to Tour De Ski vlog part two let’s go! yes, let’s go! Congratulations! thank you very much you did great! there are so many children here, but I have to change clothes before I can go and talk to them now we are finished I am going to the doping you mean doping control? you can’t say doping it’s called doping control sorry, I meant anti-doping we are going to take a doping control sorry, my faulth I am going to the doping control before we’ll head back to the hotel this day has been really good have you filmed something? yes, I have you dabbed during the ski race did you see that? yes, I saw it you need to use it in the vlog sorry, I didn’t film in slow-motion, but we can take a look at it again I want to see it you know you are feeling good when you can dab during a race yes, I was just thinking the same I wondered if something was wrong with you you know you are feeling good when you are doing a dab I knew that I was gonna do great today I also knew it let’s go and pee in a cup and then we’ll head back to the hotel a new race is coming up very soon yes nothing else is happening today, or what? no, I don’t think so I am going home, eat and go to bed me too let’s call it a day see you tomorrow yes, see you tomorrow goodnight 2020 we are coming for you I am starting to get better that’s good good morning it’s 6 am or seven past six I am out running we are starting earlier today I thought that I should say good morning before we are heading to the stadium I love competing early in the morning I am just going to finish my run and eat some breakfast before we are heading to the stadium the day has started and I am looking forward to the ski race today are you ready? it’s so nice here what a day this is going to be so good do you think he is getting a victory today? for sure now I am done with the prologue you did very well yes, I think I did and okay prologue it is one hour left no, two hours left until the start of the finals I am just going to eat some food an energy bar a banana and relax before we are getting ready for the finals Klæbo, Pellegrino, Spitsov, Hyvarinen and one more this heat will be exciting the first place and the second place from the prologue are in the same Quarterfinal heat good morning, the day has started and it’s a good day look at this I was so lucky to get a pair of Rudy glasses two pair of glasses actually I am prepared for the winter and the summer Rudy gave them to me that looked good yes, it was okay now I’ll have to focus on the semifinal yes, take one step at a time I’ll keep warming up do that can it go? what should be my tactic? I have no idea start behind and then sprint at the end, or start in front? just try to get to the final have you seen who the leader of Tour de Ski is? you are leading with one second on Bolsjunov that’s not a lot of time get to the mix sone I haven’t started there yet it’s time for the award ceremony first go and film it I am standing in the mix sone a lady is standing behind you and trying to film me but she’ll have to wait the race tomorrow will be exciting I am nervous one second poor you yes, I feel bad for myself TC and I are going up there before you yes, you are poor you as well this is our last day here in Tour de Ski it’s time for the final climb and we are going to climb as well TC and I we are heading to the stadium and then it’s time to start the final climb before Johannes starts let’s go! are you wearing your racing suit? yes I am nervous we are almost starting soon TC has to put on his ski I have put on the skis we are far behind but we’ll try to catch up with them yes, for sure that’ll do today’s favorite the Russian favorite Erik with Bolsjunov’s racing suit yes and Ola with Johannes’ racing suit who will win? here we have Pellegrino as well *cheering* holy **** it hurt so bad it hurt so bad are you happy? I am not sure maybe I think Løfshus beat you yes, I know I was right behind him when the uphill started but I am not a climber what do you think about Johannes and the rest of the people who are going up here later? I feel so bad for them and I understand if he can’t catch up with the group because it hurt so bad and it was awful my body hurts we have changed clothes here they are the Russian guy how did it go with you? I used 32 or 24 minutes yeah right the Russian guy won good morning soon it’s time for the final climb 10 km uphill it’s going to be a fight and it will hurt so bad I am very nervous the day has started and I am just going to get in the car and head to the stadium soon I will be ready for the final climb what do you want to say? what should I say? I am too bad at climbing uphills unfortunately yes one second was not enough unfortunately I lost the victory in Toblach it is that simple I have to be happy that I got on third place luckily, you managed to keep the third place yes, but… that’s life I will take it with me home and then I’ll keep doing my best I understand that you couldn’t catch up with the rest of the guys because it was so painful yes, it is it looks so brutal and I lose with a minute I lost the minute in Toblach that’s life there’s nothing you can do about it now no, there isn’t I think it’s time to end Tour de Ski vlog part two yes we are going back to Trondheim soon as fast as possible and relax I will see if I go to Dresden to win back the leader suit I am many points behind I have to train hard and get back on track it’s that simple thanks for watching this week it’s been an exhausting week hopefully, I’ll see you soon because we haven’t decided what to do yet yes, you will get to know see you next week it will be a vlog next week just an update on what we are going to do you should keep watching then

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