I Quit My Boring Job To Travel The World & Here Is How…

I Quit My Boring Job To Travel The World & Here Is How…

I used to tell myself that I’d retire at the
age of 35. That’s five years away. The truth is, today, I’ve decided to make
the most difficult decision of my life. Today I decided that I’ll quit traditional
work and I will dedicate my time to travelling and creating online content. People are not all the same: some of us like
working from 9:00 to 17:00. Personally, I’ve never liked this because
I don’t like the idea of working really hard just to make someone else richer. I’ve always loved travelling since I was a
child. Ever since I first traveled in 2007, I’ve
been seizing every opportunity to travel: be it with my university’s dancing folklore
troupe or choir ensemble or simply to visit one of my friends anywhere around the world. Luckily, I’ve been to more than 20 different
countries and 70 cities: to discover new cultures and people; to reunite with old friends; to
create new memories; and, to come back with stories and experiences to tell you. And, most importantly, to watch them when
I’m really old around my grandchildren. The world to me is not only my home, Egypt,
the world is filled with stories, places and people you’d never thought existed. I want to feel alive and free. When people ask me what my job is, I want
to be able to tell them…I travel the world. So I made my decision: if I loved travelling,
why not just do it and make that dream come true? It was a very difficult decision, given that
I wouldn’t know what tomorrow may bring. It’s kind of difficult to just break the routine. The routine we convince ourselves is the right
thing to do. Just because that’s what everyone else does. Especially, when no one encourages you but
says ‘you’re crazy, you can’t do it’. Because they fear for you. People may really care about you but they
may also fear missing out. So it’s better that you just stay with them,
so we can all be on the same boat. It’s really a very difficult decision, but
worth it. I’m a very normal person who’s financially
like you or maybe less comfortable. I have just enough to get by. Money was never important to me because it
forced me into a routine. I was living to work, rather than working
to live. How will I support myself whilst travelling? I fully depend on making videos and content
while travelling. I mean, I am also capable of making a living
out my of my dream as well. So I am giving up on the routine. Even if I fail, at least I’ll know that this
new life is not for me or maybe I’ll have to try it differently. Because I’ll simply never know what I’m capable
of doing…If I never try. Life is short, so think of yourself while
you’re still in good health and don’t pay too much attention to what people say. Well, I’m Mohsen, and I travel the world. What do you do?

One thought on “I Quit My Boring Job To Travel The World & Here Is How…

  1. Hey pal nice video, although I don't mind having a 8:00 AM To 17:00 PM job, I definitly share your sentiment of wanting to explore the world to make memories, alone or with others (like friends or family).
    Personally I never could connect with this sentiment in home country in Holland, or in the west on general (although probably not everyone shares this philosophy in the west) that work is everything, to the detriment of everything else like, family, friends, and other passions.
    I completely agree with you that now that you are still alive, you should try some things, because you may not be able to do it later, and you should also do things with your friends and family, because they are not going to be around forever.

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