I Quit my Job to Travel | Full Time Travel E01| Pros And Cons

I Quit my Job to Travel | Full Time Travel E01| Pros And Cons

it’s the middle of the week and if
you’re wondering what am i doing relaxing on the grass, it’s because because, because, because I JUST QUIT MY JOB Hi guys and welcome to my channel I’m
Tanya and today’s video is called I quit my job, as you may have read in the title
already and today Lana is making a guest appearance in my video so Lanu is my pet
cat. So if you remember from my last video I had a teeny-tiny emotional
moment towards the end of it I have a very major news coming for you in
my next video. So the reason for that was that the day that video was shot the next day
I had to get back to my place of work and it was my final work day on that day
so I’ve been working on a full-time job for a year and a half and I just decided
to take the plunge and quit my job to travel full-time. Okay, so that’s my cat
snoring in the background. I don’t know if I sound recorder is picking up on the
sound of it but my cat’s already gone. So a lot of you may have a lot of questions
about my decision and why did I pursue full-time traveling and quitting my job.
So, the first question that comes to mind is, am I trying to encourage other people
to quit their job too – the answer to that is actually no. So if my life was a, a TV
series or a movie series this would probably be like the pilot episode of
full time travel which is why I’ve even put it in the title and I thought that
was clever. But anyway, so I’m not trying to encourage other people to quit
their job but I do want to share my journey of doing so because a digital
nomad sounds like such a fancy word for something that none of us have any idea
about including me. Even I am completely and utterly clueless about how people do it
but I do want to find out and explore it along with you guys, which is why I wanted
to make this video and turn it into a full series. So the second question that
comes to my mind is that am i loaded? Well, to answer that quite honestly I’m
not. So while I was working for the last 1.5 years I set to various checkpoints
for myself which included the amount of money I wanted to save in my bank
account, the amount money that I wanted to invest, the kind
of equipment that I needed to start a YouTube channel and of course the
photography gear that I needed to be traveling. So only after completing that
complete checklist did I decide to finally take the plunge and it wasn’t an
easy choice at all. I always knew I wanted to travel full-time because I’m
really passionate about travel. But here are some pros and cons of quitting a job
to travel. To begin with the pros – Leaves I won’t have to worry about leaves and
long weekends anymore. For those of you who work you will know what a pain it is,
right? I don’t have to worry about how many days I can spend in a place I can
spend as many or as little. So that means permanent vacation!
I can Book flight tickets in the middle of the week that means no surge prices!
Wow! Or I can even take a train actually unlimited time to pursue my
dreams and passions and this is something that I really wanted I wanted
to spend time writing my vlogs and making videos I can now focus on health
and fitness. My god I was something that I really needed to do. But obviously
there are also some cons the first con is adapting to a new lifestyle
so this is going to be a little bit of a challenge because we all need to
discipline ourselves outside of a routine
learning to live outside for suitcase and learning to work on the go and the
biggest one of them of course. Let’s be real – Money! all right! So I’ve already ended up
stating the obvious that money is obviously going to be a big constraint
for anybody who starts to travel full-time and who’s planning to do so! so
to bender around that problem in the course of the next few videos I plan to
demonstrate exactly what am i doing to bend around that problem and how am i
managing money how am i making plans. So the next few videos of full time travel
are going to contain budgeting, planning and how to spend a longer time at a
certain place. And that brings us to the end of this video! So if you enjoyed this
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so till then I’ll see you next time bye bye

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  1. Thank you so much for the amazing response to the video everyone. I'm so grateful to each and every one of you for your wishes. To many more future adventures together. Cheers. 🙂

  2. I watched your many videos yesterday and let me tell you some facts about you..
    You are sweet
    You look like Disha patni
    And you are "dumb" yes you are..
    Pr kabhi bhi Apne ap Ko change Mt krna.."Kabhi bhi nahi"

  3. you are cute…..i mean seriously….you are doing great. I follow you in Instagram and your pictures are cool. keep it up.

  4. Every time I see your videos and read your blog content it makes me happy! you are filled with so much positivity and blissfulness

  5. I quit my job on jan 27 2k18 but my consequences are different from you and ya I m also b.e ece engginer and I'm also 2016 passout

  6. Ur video is great but why people In India say quit my job which sounds so negative. Its such a bad thing ( think of ones who employed you in the first place ) ; a planned termination is called resignation and not quitting. Quitting is when you turn up to work without previous intentions of leaving a job that day and suddenly decide that you no longer wish to work for so and so. World Is very greatful to you for leaving Job as they are so many talented people.

  7. Muje bhi batao yr aapka income source kyonki mein bhi India ka har place dekhna chaahta hoon but money ki wajah se nhi jaa paata

  8. Seems like I'm the only one who might be interested… and on contrary to everything this channel is about I'm going upstrem… but I want to know everything about your previous job, how did you get it, how much were you earning, what was your role and most importantly… did you always know this was not permanent? I would loveeeee if you made a video complete on this but if not do please reply to clear my doubts!

  9. Good going Tanya…….. u chose d Road less traveled…… very few dare to do dat.
    Lage raho???.
    I wish to know from wer u buy ur clothes…….. dey r so apt….. n dat gypsy kind of luk adds spice to your videos.

  10. How old r u sweethrt??just curious…
    N have u ever heard by any1 that aftr marriage how u gonna continue your dream/passion about travelling ???? I mean i also wanna became a traveller but people scares me by saying all this…

  11. I've just started the digital nomad lifestyle as well and I love that you addressed that it really is just a fancy word for something that none of us have any idea about ? It's so true, we're all really just trying to figure out this new world we live in where being a 'digital nomad' is now a possibility

  12. Tanya madam… all ur videos are awesome.. i m kuldeep and i am an Army person.. i too love travelling and i m lucky as my job gives me d opportunity to do d same.. by watching ur videos..i m inspired to share my experiences of travelling nd exploring d exotic places of our country but dont have any idea to start.. i would highly appreciate ur guidence and opinion…

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  14. Great Video Tanya, I like your videos. I also quit my job and started hotel business in Satpura Tiger Reserve and Pachmarhi (central state of India M. P.) I think you must visit these places and and vlog. I also think there are many people who quit their job to start something new. You can make a video on this.. What do you think?

  15. Traveling is my passion too…
    Money constraint is there…
    Thanks for making this video and for giving clarity ?

  16. Whoever is facinating about Tanya's leaving her job and travelling.. Think twice…. Ur condition is very different from Tanya's…. Here is goes how… 1. Tanya is a girl and beautiful too. Definitely there is someone who would be slogging to reach a good position in life to whom tanya would marry…. Laundo jo soch rhe ho ki job chor ke travel dimaag se nikal do???
    2. Tanya DCE se padhi h… To dimaag h uske pass…. Aaj uska channel nahi chala to kal kuch na kuch kar legi….waise ye chalega hi…?
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    Beacous y ur quit to your travel job
    Plz contineu aaph apne dost ko eestrah
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  20. I also want to be like U so please let me know that how can I get the Visa of any country without having any Job, Income Tax return certificate , but only showing my Savings & Assets because as per my knoledge the Visa officer suspect me as a Job seeker or Asilum seeker in disguise of a Travel Bloger because there are no such CERTIFICATE that can prove me a true Travel -Bloger . Please Please Please help me .

  21. I love your work and I m addicted to it and love your smile and your are superb……looking to meet you

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