I Spent the Night on a Roundabout and the Police Were Called (Sleep on a Roundabout Challenge)

I Spent the Night on a Roundabout and the Police Were Called (Sleep on a Roundabout Challenge)

– I got a box (laughs) Wait, I got a knife. I bought a pop up tent. Apparently you just take
it out of the bag, throw it and it’ll just set itself up. Two man pop up tent. I’ve got an idea what I
want to do with this tent. You probably know what I’m gonna do because of the title of the video but what I wanna do is
camp on a roundabout. Why? No one else has done it so let’s do it. It’s gettin’ dark out
the sun is just setting. I would’ve recorded this video earlier but I’m playin’ the new Call of Duty. I just got it. I don’t know what
everyone’s moanin’ about. I think it’s awesome. So let’s get this tent, I probably need a sleeping bag, a torch so you can see me, obviously my camera some other stuff and then let’s go and
camp on a roundabout. Who thinks of these things? Let’s go So off I went into the
sunset on my one mile journey to the nearest roundabout with high hopes for what was about to come. Okay so I’ve approached the destination. I’m here right now. Just over there that’s
the roundabout there where I want to go. I’ve actually got a head torch thing there’s my light, that’s the only light I
could find last minute. I’ve got all my stuff. There’s so many cars I’m
actually really nervous. So what my plan is I’m
gonna set the tent up first it should be a second, literally just to set this thing up. It just pops up. I’ma climb in, show you
what I brought with me and then we’re gonna try
and survive the night. In a tent on a busy roundabout. (laughs) Stupid. This is stupid, let’s go Jesus Christ. Okay I’m here. I’m sittin’ in the
middle of the roundabout. Cars going past, cars going all around me. I think I’ma set my tent
up right behind this sign for a little bit of privacy, ’cause everyone’s starin’ at me. Quick let’s do this. God damn it, what’s on there? I’ve got my headlamp on so apparently you just unzip this and it opens up. (street noise) Whoa! Oh, what! That is awesome. I’m not gonna bother peggin’ it down. Oh God, everyone’s lookin’ (laughs) everyone’s lookin’! I’m not gonna peg it
down I’ve not got time. If I need to do a quick
getaway, I can just run. The tent is actually huge. Whoa. The tent is actually huge. Quick get my stuff in. Get in! Get in! Zip it, zip it quick! (laughs) That’s actually the worst bit over. No one can see me now. This can’t be real, what? So anyway I’m a show you what I’ve got. Put my camera down here on the tripod. Okay so here we go got my
lighting set up and stuff. I’ve been camping since
I was a small child. My mum and dad took me camping loads so I’ve already got a sleeping bag. So paranoid someone might be here. So that’s my sleeping bag, keep me warm and I’ve got a bag of goodies
let’s see what we’ve got. Obviously got food, I’ve got some worcestershire sauce crisps, I’ve got a Pot Noodle, a drink, I got some water. G Fuel just to keep me goin’. Party Poppers, a lighter, keep me warm. What else we got, oh a pen and some A4 paper. I have got my mobile phone. I’ve only got like 44% battery though. I wasn’t prepared on that. So yeah looks like I’m here for the night. (laughs) Oh God. Okay it’s actually freezing outside. It wasn’t bad when I was walkin’ but from been just
layin’ here doin’ nothin’ the floor is freezin’,
I’m gettin’ freezin’ so it’s sleeping bag time. Oh God got a pillow. (car honks) That’s a lot better, that
is actually a lot better. Got my cushion with me and pillow. This is gonna be a good night. I’m so hungry. I need my Pot Noodle. Did I bring a fork? I did. Brought a fork. Pot Noodle. I ain’t got any hot water. Just have to use this. Take the sachet out. Oh God. It’s still solid, my Pot
Noodle is not cookin’. (grunts) I got tomato sauce sachet thing, I’m just gonna have to, not too nice on it’s own. You know what I got a better idea. I’ma call Chinese. That’s better try call Chinese. – [Restaurant Employee] Hello Aroma. – Hello, can I order
Chinese please for delivery? – [Restaurant Employee] Yeah, one second. What would you like? – Just a plain chow mein please. – [Restaurant Employee]
Yeah, is that everythin’? – That’s it yeah. – [Restaurant Employee]
What address is it please. – I’m on a roundaabout (laughs) – [Restaurant Employee] What? – I told her the story and bringin’ me a plain
chow mein to my roundabout. (elevator music) – [Delivery Man] Hello? – Hello? – [Delivery Man] Hello. – Chinese? – [Delivery Man] Yeah. Cold in there? – Oh it’s freezing, Jesus
thank you very much. – [Delivery Man] There you are. – Thank you.
– [Delivery Man] Enjoy. – You’re a life saver. Oh they threw in a free Pepsi as well. Oh thank you very much
and some prawn crackers. Where’s the goods? Where is the goods? Ah yes. That is hot, yeah. Ah they gave me a fork. I really appreciate it,
thank you if you’re watchin’. That is the best. I’m steamin’ my camera up. That Chinese was beaut. Oh, fortune cookie,
let’s see what it says. It’d be real funny if
it was somethin’ like you’re gonna die tonight. That would not be funny. I don’t know why I’m laughin’. You will meet an important person who will help you advance professionally. That was the Chinese guy. I didn’t bring a pair of
headphones or anything it’s really borin’ I can just here cars whizzing
around me all the time. I can make my own disco I guess. Get some music playin’
and I think this is got low, medium, high and then it, oh disco mode baby woah! If you’re epileptic turn away I’m sorry. Okay music yeah! (techno music) I just went outside to record
that flashin’ light bit and this guy would just
start starin’ at me. I just waved and he went what you doin’? I’m just sittin’
recordin’ a Goddamn video, mind your own business. (ominous music) So cold can’t feel my nose. Let’s have a look outside. Bloody cars, cars all the time everywhere. Oh he saw me. I’m so cold I just can’t do this anymore. I really need to wee. I can’t hold this anymore. I can’t leave my tent
’cause all my stuff’s here. I’m just gonna have to do
it in this Chinese box thing where my noodles were. I’ll turn you around, you’re not lookin’. Oh God. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! That’s
fillin’ quick whoa okay. Yes. Whoa! Jesus I just dropped it. Put that lid on! Put that
lid on! Not spillin’ that. There we go. Let’s put that right over
though outta the way. Feelin’ a lot better now. I’m sorry you had to witness that. (ominous music) I’m gettin’ tired, I’m gonna
have just a bit of G Fuel. G Fuel you’re meant to
mix with water I think. It’s just like a powder. (coughs) (Gags) (car honks) That was disgustin’. That is so strong. I think you’re meant to mix it with water. Oh God I made right mess. Oh God there’s powder everywhere. Get some paper, clean this mess up. I’m gonna lay here all night, Jesus. This floor is G bloody sticky. (women mumbles) Hello? – [Officer] It’s the police, hello? – Hello – [Officer] Hello what you doin’ here? In the middle of the roundabout. – I was recording a YouTube video. – [Officer] You can’t
do it on the roundabout. – Oh can I not? – [Officer] No.
– You’re not allowed. I’ve gotta go, I’ve been told off. (upbeat techno music)

100 thoughts on “I Spent the Night on a Roundabout and the Police Were Called (Sleep on a Roundabout Challenge)

  1. Lol at least the cops was nice about it lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ here in states they would be so obnoxious about everything lol

  2. 10:31 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’˜omfgggg I cant stop laughing and speaking of coppers one is at my door rnnnπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. usa cops would have called for 15 car backup and shot you through the tent with 517 bullets while shouting drop the knife

  4. Mum: Stop moaning, it's only carrots

    Me: I don't like them

    Mum: You have to be healthy!

    Me: 10:34

  5. Good thing you got rid of the gfule powder before the police came, because they might of thought it was something else. πŸ˜‚

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