I Surprised My Girlfriend On Vacation

I Surprised My Girlfriend On Vacation

– All right, guys. I’m so excited about this video. I just got done packing to go to Aruba, which is an island I’ve
never been to before, but my girlfriend and her
family go every single year. She’s been going since
she was two years old, and I’ve been dating her for three years. I’ve canceled every single year, because I had to film or travel. This year I had to cancel
because I was getting surgery on my ankle, but the surgery
just got moved to a later date, so I literally just bought a ticket. I’m gonna be surprising
my girlfriend in Aruba. I have no plan, I don’t
know what’s gonna happen. You guys are just gonna
come along on the journey. I literally just bought tickets. All I know is that I need to go to bed, ’cause I’m waking up at 2
a.m. to go to the airport. Let’s do it (chuckles). It is 2 o’clock in the morning, let’s go. Ugh, (items clatter) Holy Shhit. (funky music) ♪ Go on, go on, go on, ♪ ♪ I need you, you, you. ♪ ♪ I’ll hold you. ♪ Airport’s empty, everything
is going super-smoothly. My girlfriend’s not texting
me, she’s asleep in Aruba, so surprise is going as planned. ♪ I need you, ♪ ♪ Don’t hold you, ♪ So I guess right now would be a good time for me to tell you how
my girlfriend and I met. Basically my friend invited
me to this post-prom party. I knew nobody there, I didn’t want to go, and I just randomly, I don’t
know why, decided to go, and I went there, and I
noticed her right away, and I was like so
flustered and overwhelmed, I didn’t know what to say to
her, and my phone was dying. All I said was, “Hey, do
you have an iPhone charger?” And she was like, “Yeah,”
and then she left, and I was like, great, well
that was a dumb pick-up line, because I’d just used her and have nothing to talk to her about
because she’s gone now, but she ended up coming back
and she striked a conversation, and we ended up talking ’til 8 a.m. We spent the whole night just talking. It was incredible, it
was the first time I felt a connection to somebody like that. The only way I could
tell her that I liked her for some reason was by giving
her my phone and saying, “You can delete my Tinder,”
which is a terrible line. If you like somebody,
don’t say that, ever, but I guess she liked me (chuckles) so she kept talking to me. Three years later we’re still dating, and it’s been, it’s been awesome. – [Flight Attendant] On
board (music muffles voice) comfort seated with
your seat belt fastened, seat and tray tables in
their upright position. – So I just landed, and I got a voice mail from Sabrina in the middle of the night. She does that sometimes
when she can’t sleep. – [Sabrina} Hi, Babe. Just wanted to call you and tell you that I love you and I miss you, and I just can’t wait to
see you after the New Year. I love you so much. – All right, so I just got to the hotel. I have like 30 minutes
before Sabrina wakes up. Plan is I want to write something
like massive in the sand, have her see it from the window, and then pop up behind
her in the hotel room. One minor problem, Sabrina’s
sister just texted me, and the only thing they
can see from their window is this little section of
rock, so I need a new plan. I got an idea. Sabrina’s sister texted
me that Sabrina woke up, so while she was getting
ready in the bathroom, I snuck in the room quietly, took out my sticky notes,
and I started to write. Sabrina and I used to always
text each other 50 things we love about the other person, so I thought why not post 50
things I love about Sabrina around the hotel, which would
lead her to me on the beach. I have a really bad feeling
about these sticky notes. I feel like someone, there
was all the cleaning crew was just like looking
at me as I put on this. (wave splashes) I should have told them not
to do anything with this. You know, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go check on the sticky notes
super quick, one second. Somebody moved the sticky
notes, somebody cleaned them up. Oh my god, I knew that was
gonna happen, I’m so dumb. All right, new, I’m gonna
text Gabby right now. I’m gonna tell her to get rid of the sticky notes in the house, and just bring to the
beach to take a picture, and I’ll surprise her
there, that’s the plan. – I’m gonna pretend like this is (music muffles speech) with the rocks. Okay? (funky music) All right, now do one. (romantic piano music) – You what? – You good? – What are you? – What (laughs), what, you’re, what’s wrong? (Sabrina sobs) – Wait, are you sad
(laughs) that I’m here? – [Sabrina] No (sighs). – What? – [Sabrina] No, I’m just really happy. – You’re happy? (Sabrina sobs) I don’t understand you. – Well, I’m so confused. – I live in Aruba. – Oh, you live (laughs) in Aruba ? I just came here (laughs). – What are you doing? – Yeah, I just wanted to (chuckles). – Oh my god, oh my god. I love you. – Love you, too. – Thanks for coming. – You’re welcome. (couple laughs and murmurs)

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  1. Aruba is the best place ever. It's my happy place. First went there in 2006. Ive gone i think 7 times so far lol. My bffs dad owns a house on the island. We have friends there too.

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