51 thoughts on “I Tried Using Tinder To Plan My Vacation

  1. 6:40 shes definitely thinking about kissing him
    Look at the way she has her hair in front of her shoulder on his side…its her invitation 😉

  2. “Would you be interested in being in a BuzzFeed video?” – Solid pick up line.
    I wonder if anyone has tried this and doesn’t work for BuzzFeed

  3. Body Language Micro expressions:
    At 5:24 He says to Sophia "are you going to come?" (Low key, he subconsciously felt like she wanted to stay, that's why he asked her)
    Her micro-expression says no and is frowning at him to stay but because she likes him Sophia says "yeah! But I'm hungry tho"
    After seeing this I then knew Sophia wanted to stay with him at the rocks 😉

  4. Let her come to LA get her into it please that would be a great video you and Sophia and daria PLEASE do that thankyou:):):):):)

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