I Went On Holiday…

I Went On Holiday…

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I just took a shit And there is this thing And I wanted to vlog it going up my butthole * vlog music * Hey, how’s it going bros I’m on another trip I know my life is so busy Thank you very much I’m in Kuala Lumpur This place looks amazing Me and Marzia just slept like 20 hours * laughs * from jet lag but we’re finally ready to head out I think we’re gonna go there somewhere (Marzia makes a noise in the background) What are you doing? Get out of here Go back to the cage Stupid * whispering * It’s our anniversary We’re in the park That’s our hotel I kinda want to jump in And now we’re gonna go… it’s so f-ing hot Jesus Christ We’re gonna check out that bridge The tower was closed today so we’re gonna go tomorrow instead I feel like I’m in the jungle * laughs * So now we’re going to the aquarium Oh my god, this is amazing! Look at all this, this is just a park I just got recognized as well We’ve been trying to keep this– us being here a secret Because I know I have a lot uh… a lot of bros here And I’m actually really scared of getting mobbed Especially since last time, I was in Singapore Uh… It went way out of hand * laughs * But yeah, this is so cool My god, that is terrifying! It’s like slime coming down Hi… Ugh… Oh my god I don’t like this one Oh, it’s looking at my crotch Oh, no Ooooh, no Sooo cute I like these more than the snake Oh my god, that’s disgusting They look like Jack’s penis Weeeell I guess there’s no fish around here I can’t seem to see any of the fishes These are so freaky Ugh, too many tentacles, man * silly voice * Hey guys, what’s goin’ on here? Whatcha doin’? * weird noise * This is some alien sh*t Ugh… * more weird noises * We are on a treadmill It’s going so fast Oh my god, it scared me! It literally scared me! Ah, oh my god, they’re everywhere Marzia I found you Well, I think this one ate too much That is some sexy sh*t I just took a sh*t And there’s this thing And I wanted to vlog it going up my butthole *stares innocently* I gotta lean back Nope *uh* There we go They have this tunnel to walk *Marzia’s appearance* You don’t have to worry– Thank you, Marzia It’s amazing! You can just get anywhere! Now we’re gonna check out some shopping Holy sh*t It’s Fashion Week? Oh, we’re here for Fashion Week * loud Fashion Week music* Totally my jam Love this Now everyone is going to write comments about that butt I’m sorry Okay So, we’re looking for Japan town while we’re in Malaysia *laughs* Alriiiiiight We found it! This is how they drive in Malaysia This is how they drive in New York My favourite vinyl figure… Steve Jobs I think we’re about to die ‘Cos the light’s not working Okay, this is good Traffic here is a little crazy So, if I haven’t announced it already… the next PewDiePie game is coming out very soon It’s been in development for… almost a year It is rrrrrreally cool I burped while I said it, so you know it’s legit It’s called PewDiePie Tuber Simulator And it will be a free game for your phone We wanted to call it Youtuber Simulator but we weren’t allowed for legal reasons It’s really weird Uh, I know there’s been a lot of “Youtuber Simulator” type of games lately But we– like I said, We’ve had this game in development for over a year now before all these other ones came out We thought it was okay because this game is so different Like, it’s the same concept but it’s such a different game It’s just a really fun game And I’m happy that we made a free game Because that was the biggest feedback that we got for, um, PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist It’s Outerminds who made it as well same developer You can tell, again, they did an amazing job because the game is sooo, so great It’s a very creative game so I’m really excited to see you– what you Bros are gonna, um, make of it Yeah, that’s all for now We picked, like, the gloomiest day But it’s very cool! Oh my god, it’s just so weird, we’re moving The whole tower is moving! Can you tell? It’s so hard to tell, though! You can barely tell! Oooh, okay, the tower isn’t moving we are moving
Marzia: No, just– yeah Okay * laughs * This is scary Oh my god Okay, let’s get some food You finding anything good? Marzia:Yeah. You spying on naked people in hotels?
Marzia: Naked people * laughs * That’s where we went It looks like a giant disco ball What are you doing, Marzia? Marzia: Waddup? * laughs * Okay, we’re going for a late– –late afternoon swimmin’ It’s so f***ng hot Even at night, it’s so hot Woah, this is a really nice pool And there’s no one around * splish splash * Ooooooh, that feels goooooood I feel pretty good right now * laughs * It’s a very nice place Guess where I will come from
Marzia: Okay Okay?
Marzia: Yep Left or right? Marzia: * laughing * What? *Felix’s viking laugh* *both laughing* Marzia: um * kiss * Marzia: oh That was for Marzia, not you Marzia; Wow! *stramge noises* Marzia: No, no! I’m gonna drop your phone! * gasps * Oops * laughs * Sorry, oops You know, there is water right here. Right there Its waterproof.
What !? No! *underwater water* * laughs * Oh my god, so unnecessary! * laughing * That was pretty unnecessary Day two in Kuala Lumpur Today we’re gonna do some, uh… museumeming? There’s a lot of cool places around this area Erm, we’re starting with this one *cute wave* Do you wanna go on the escalator? This looks really good I guess we’ll walk We decided to walk to the next park and I’m starting to think it was a bad idea This is crazy Oh, god We’re going there This area feels so weird ’cause there is no one around And I kinda don’t really know where we are * laughs * But hopefully we’ll make it there We’re about to enter the jurassic pa– bird park the bird park Oh my god
* background bird noises * Alright Thank you I spotted some birds Hii *Hi poods* They’re like, people, f this place Look, Marzia Lovebirds She literally didn’t hear me * laughs * Look at that! That’s awesome Oh my god, what is happening Oh, they spit! * silly voice * Hi guys, what’s going on? Heyyy Meh This is a squid- WOW! What happened? Aaaah! * laughs * Legit got scared * laughs * Woooow Look at you Fancy * silly voice * I’ve got a fooking stick You better not touch me, man ‘Cause I got a stick * silly voice * Your channel sucks, by the way There’s too many birds Too much to take in Oh my god This is so cool Look at that guy Looking very wise And this one He’s got his own little house going Marzia: look at that one! Oooh! Even that one! So cute! :3 It looks so happy. They even got freaking eagles What birds do the not have? (smth about following that bird outside to reach happiness) What did you find? Oh my God. *Marzia laugh* This scare me Heeey! How u doing? *brave poods laughs* *in silly voice* Hiii, what’s up? Is it sleeping? How’re you doing? Oh. Heyyyy! Oh, not to close.Thank you. *beautiful water splashes or how is it called I dunno* It’s pretty though I’m a little scared ’cause these birds look a little bit scary But I wanna go and say hi To my friend Jacksepticeye here I wanna touch you if you don’t touch me He look like he could take out my eye if he wanted to That’s why I’m wearing these, by the way This guy is just like WUT? (bird in coolvoice) Who u focking are? U talking to me man? I should just go I’m ebaressing myself Thaat’s right u better keep walking That’s right U better focking keep walking, biitch Nooow We are finally gonna go to the towers Bana!! (?) (That’s Petronas towers i think) I don’t know if it’s even worth it since we saw the view yesterday Whenever I see someone else blonde here I’m like, what are u doing? I’m the only one blonde one in Kuala Lumpur Not even blonde *joke cough** Wooow Can you see the park? Look at that! So we’re gonna go eve higher up Twicw as high as this…and a bit I’m on top of the world Mrhm We are now at the very top But I haven’t seen the view yet Ooooh! We are reeeeally high right now This is a little scary to be this high Oh my God! I feel sick I feel like we are moving I don’t know Feel like I need to hold to something Look how tiny the people down there are This view really is amazing We are back We’re gonna chill by the pool again We are getting recognized so much Like I said we didn’t tell anyone we’ll be coming because we were a little scared about it people are deffinatly picking up that we are here like, it’s most of my tweets is about, like, WHERE”S HE?! WHERE”S PODIPIE?! HE”S IN MALAYSIA. I KNOW HE’S IN MALAYSIA And I’m still worried that it’s goona get out of hand because I, erm, I get Singapore flashbacks The first been okay but we had to stop a lot of times today A lot of people don’t want just one picture They want like 3 pictures with different angles And we’re just kinda like, you’re not the first one we’ve met Okay, that’s all *kiss* okay, I Hope my phone is not gonna break and ruin all the footage But I’m gonna show Marzia underwater *underwater* *Mermaid Poods* We are at time square something It’s really cool because they have this freaking indoor rollercoaster Which I’ve seen on a picture before but it’s really really crazy Oh my God They have a freaking loop Thats awesome I will go on it for sure. I have to go Thats crazy The video does not do this place just it. It’s really cool Shoul I go on it, Marzia?
Marzia: yeah ;3 Okay, I think I’ll go on it I’ll buy a ticket *crazy ride sounds* That was like the unsafest rollercoaster I’ve ever felt I got scared because I though I would die OH, it’s on We’re doing the cars This feels like a theme park with no people – oh my God *laughs* Marzia Agh! I don’t like this! *laughs* (he likes this) This is so f*cked Agh! You crazy!! I was gonna be nice and not hit you! What’s happening? No! My car is not moving No, please! Agh! *Go, Marzia!* Marzia’s car went into flames when she drove it I told you this park is crazy! There is so no security There is literally noone here Marzia: yeah, we are the only one There is noone, on any of the rides Okay, well, what shoud we do now? I don’t know Marzia: what about the trains? Why I’m need to put on my seatbelt?
Marzia: oh, there are seatbelts? *laughs* yeah
Marzia: uh This is so cool. I love this ride. This is my favourite ride. I love it. I love dancing so much. It makes me feel good, it makes me feel incredible Okay, last day in Kuala Lumpur We are going to the Batu caves which is one of the holiest India places outside of India Let’s check it out! Okay, so we have 272 steps to- *car honks* and I gotta move We’re gonna walk all the way out. That’s a golden statue. Not a big deal. There’s a loser tryin to vlog It’s really hot. It doesn’t show in the video but it’s really hot I’m really excited. This is so different How big is it? look at that, that’s crazy! Time to begin the steps. The walk begins now Oh no! You can rent a scarf? I like the reference pictures. Business women. Marzia is getting tied up. This are very stiff steps. Very small and very high. Willl we be able to make it up there? Oh my God that does- that feels a lot more right now *laughs* I feel like I could fall backwards At any moment. I got you, Marzia, don’t worry. Good exercise, for sure See people stopping, taking breaks on the way Look we barely gone anywhere *laughs* We’ll make it I’m sure Almost there This is so cool There is a chiken *laughs* allright There is a temple I guess we’ll walk here Oh, there is monkeys Look at that! Dude! Don;t trust it one second This is how it looks like It’s very cool But my favourite thing is chiken Oh man, I didn’t even look at the temple It’s like there’s a cow Spiders On second thought, maybe i won’t go into the cave. Now we’re just gonna walk all the way down It’s said that it was gonna rain every single day we came here Marzia: and it didn’t!
And it didn’t! Until now It’s raining. Oh my God it’s soooo much water! It’s barely raining but we are kinda into it Marzia: i like it! it’s romaaantiiic Once again we’re going to the towers for cinema as you do in another country To bad you are not coming, bitch We’re leaving Kuala Lumpur today This little one got sicky last night We had to call a doctor
Marzia: really bad, yeah At 3 a.m. It’s so much more quiet now Like the weekend was crazy, we really felt like everyone was hunting to find us here And it’s barely anyone and it feels so much more relaxed It’s time to end this vlog. Malaysia, I had such a great time! Such a cool city – Kuala Lumpur. I really really enjoed it! This is probably a bit longer vlog- dude, we have so much traffic ahead of us. Jesus! I hope you’ve enjoyed it even though it’s alittle bit, a little bit longer Thanks to all the really nice fans that we met in Malaysia Shout out to all the Malaysian bros! You guys are intense *laughs* Leave a like if you want more vlogs like this and I’llbe sure to vlog whenever I go somewhere And thanks for watching *brofist* Stay awesome, bros *you too, Felix* I have the glasses *cute* I bet you thought the vlog was over Our flight got canceled It’s 4 in the morning
Marzia: 4:30
4:30 Our flight was supposed to go at 11 Which is like late enough allready We waited 3 hours British airways, by the way I want my money back! And begged apology! This is so crazy. I understand things get wrong but noone knew how to deal with it like noone told us what to do Noone told us anything I’ve booked us in on another flight with another airline Which is in 5 hours So we’re gonna spend the nigh at the airport The other option was to sit on the bus And i called the British airways and they couldn’t tell me anything, they couldn’t say anything They said there wasn’t even a flight tommorow And we really need to go back because our dog sitter needs to,um, can’t take care of the dogs anylonger It’s such a huuuge problem because they canceled this flight But we will make it back home It’s so crazy. I was getting fully triggered for once Looks like, um, we are sharing a bed tonight we tried to stay at hotel so we could sleep at least couple hours but it was full So we’re staying here for- I don’t know *laughs* I’m so tired I took a sleeping pill * oh poods* And the plane was supposed to leave 6 hours ago *laughs* I can’t I’m so tired This has been a nightmare We’ve been here for almost 10 hours British airways f*cked it up *Laughs* Marzia: big
Big time! We’ve been so desparate trying to get- go home The flight that I booked was canceled I don’t- like everything just gone wrong but we’ve managed to get on a flight. Thanks to paying a lot of money *tired laugh* And Marzia
Marzia: hehe erm ’cause my card didn’t work we’re going home now. Tht’s all that matters F*ck British airways Honestly, all airlines. They all suck Like, this could have beem any airline *happy pugs with daddy poods* Stop

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  1. Yay! So glad you liked KL!! Ngl itโ€™s not the nicest country haha๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜… So thank you for being so nice, sorry about our โ€œ intense(ness) โ€ and traffic and Iโ€™m pretty sure the โ€œ fog โ€ is pollution lol ( yes, Iโ€™m Malaysian ๐Ÿ™‚ + yes, ik itโ€™s like 3yrs later sigh )

  2. I live in Malaysia Hahah i just found this video after a lots of years ๐Ÿ˜‚ love your video congratulations on 100 million subs

  3. I like how Felix, always go to Asia countries. Been living in Kuala Lumpur but haven't seen some stuff that Felix recorded in this video.

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