Iceberg Alley, TV Ad, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

Iceberg Alley, TV Ad, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

[Wind Blowing Laundry on Line] [♪♪♪♪] VO: All of a sudden, you’re nine again. VO: And then, it hits you. VO: You’re way more fun than you remember. VO: Welcome to Iceberg Alley. VO: Newfoundland and Labrador

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  1. In response to veggietofudog, hope you do get a chance to visit. You will never see the same picture twice. Come and take your time to visit all the little but most beautiful sites you could ever imagine. The colours of the country and homes are breath taking. I love sharing my province. I have a view of the ocean from my dining room window and a beautiful river running about 50 feet from my home to the ocean and I only live 7 miles from St. John's

  2. The beautiful redhead girl is my daughter. After watching her commercial for the first time, she said " I want to do this for the rest of my life". Come visit Newfoundland, you will be glad you did.

  3. The place seems to get more beautiful from year to year as I come down from the mainland to visit. Let's hope 2012 is one of those years!

  4. Well done!! This is Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland….AKA….Iceberg Alley. The communities showcased here in the commercial are Change Islands, Joe Batt's Arm, Fogo Island and Tilting, Fogo Island. Also, I think there may be some clips of Twillingate. I grew up on Change Islands and I too felt like the little girl in the commercial…carefree and loved the saltwater air blowing through my hair…nothing compares to it. You have to be there to experience it!!!!

  5. I always wonder who does your amazing tourism ads — they are absolutely the best!
    Looking foreward to my next visit!

  6. Magnificient !!!

    To be able to witness an iceberg as it transitions back into it's original form, knowing it is potentially 10,000 years old, is a breathtaking, awe inspiring and spiritual experience. Something hopefully everyone would want to experience and never take for granite.

  7. Canada's best kept secret, a hidden gem…. Newfoundland & Labrador. As a child I didn't appreciate the natural beauty of the Island, now I plan my annual vacations visiting family & friends on "The Rock" and when it's time to fly back to AB, I cry. I can't wait to retire and move back there…people on the Island are salt of the earth. In all my travels I have never met people more friendlier and down to earth than Newfies….my home, my pride.

  8. @leonborsten There's a sandbar there, I know it well. The tide must have been out during the shoot because people frequently walk along the sand when the tide goes out.

  9. My wife and I spend two weeks a year in the province. It's a wonderfull way to relax and let the brain recharge. My wife wants a place on the water in St. John's.

  10. I get goosebumps every time a Newfoundland add shows up on my TV screen. I can almost smell the ocean! Some of the best tourism adds anywhere
    Fogo Island and Twillingate are a must see…actually all of Newfoundland is breathtaking! If one wants to get away and decompress, the rock is the place to do so!

  11. @urks16 twillingate is a great place to see the icebergs, May is usually a good time, little cool but well worth it

  12. I am a young Newfoundland photographer and i always fall in love even more with Newfoundland every time i see one of these videos, may i ask where some of these amazing shots are captured?

    also everyone check out my FaceBook Photo Page … "Devin Sooley's Photo's"

  13. hese ads are mind-numbing with the beauty in Nfld, Good curlers
    but better fishers and iceberg watchers.Beautikul harmonica music.WOW

  14. They have the nicest bunch of people I ever met. And this is coming from a guy who've been to all provinces and territories(except nunavut) of Canada. 🙂

  15. this commercial brings a tear to my eye. i've been living in both alberta and ontario for the past 4 years with only small trips to Newfoundland every 5-6 months. i lived in NL for 20 years and i miss it like crazy. every Newfie will always have a connection to this gorgeous province when they leave it, nobody else understands and i can guarantee other Canadians don't feel this why when they leave a province like Alberta or Ontario.

  16. I think this tourism TV ad is the best of bests. Whenever it shows on TV screen, I stop and pay attention to the beautiful Ad. And I mentioned the Ad to several friends. As a seascape photogarpher, I really want to visit the amazing places. Maybe within two years.

  17. this commercial never gets turned off when i see it on tv! its gorgeous, and gives me a warm fuzzy 😉 i would love to come visit your province one day

  18. I was on a Fogo last year..crappy weather day, but still beautiful. This ad campaign is brilliant!

  19. All those frozen chunks of unspoiled, 15,000 year old tax dollars crumbling before Dwight Ball's eyes…. :'(

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