Iceland a Travel Adventure Dream Come True

Iceland a Travel Adventure Dream Come True

– Hi.
– Hi. (beeping) – [Attendant] Have a safe flight. – Thank you. (upbeat music) I’m at Keflavik Airport
it’s 6:00 AM Icelandic time, and as soon as we get
out of here, we’re taking a nice road trip up north. (bright energetic music) It’s day two and we got to our
Airbnb in Northern Iceland, and I got a good night’s sleep. This is what we woke up to,
which is pretty incredible. We’re in Akureyri, which
is in the North of Iceland. And today I’m gonna show
you guys some of the awesome stuff that Northern Iceland has to offer. (bright instrumental music) So we were just driving along
and we passed this waterfall. We just had to pull over
because look at this the water is just blue. This is an incredible waterfall. (bright energetic music) (water rushing) Wow like that’s all I’ve got to say. (bright energetic music) Oh no okay, sorry there’s
a lot of flies around here. I am at this cave and it’s a
popular tourist destination. There’s like a sulfur pool, let’s go inside and get
away from these flies. (bright energetic music) Okay so I am at Hverfjall, (mumbles) I’m at this old volcano
and you can climb up and look into the crater,
which is pretty cool. So let’s go and check it out. So this is actually the second volcano that I’ve ever climbed. The first one was back in Saint Kitts, it was Mount Liamuiga, and this
is very different than that. That was more of like a
rain forest kind of volcano. I’ll actually put a link in
the description and up on one of these sides, but this
volcano is completely different. It’s more of like your
average volcano that you would think of when you’re
just picturing a volcano. It’s enormous and gravel and super rocky. It’s really cool. So I wasn’t expecting the
bug situation to be this bad. Maybe it’s just the time of the year, but if ever you come up
to this volcano make sure to bring a bandana because
my dad actually inhaled two on the walk up here,
which is pretty gross. So you just want to cover
your mouth and nose. Oh my God. (bright energetic music) One of the things that
makes Iceland so unique is the geothermal activity. So basically heat from deep
within the Earth rising up to the crust and usually
creates some pretty cool things like geysers or hot springs. But this place is really unique because it creates these
pools of bubbling mud. (bright energetic music) So this place is really
cool, but I kind of want to get away from that egg smell, so I’m heading over to
Myvatn Nature Baths. (bright energetic music) Okay so it’s been a big
walk all across Grimesy to get to the north part of the island and I’m just approaching
a big sphere in the ground that represents the beginning
of the Arctic Circle, and here we are I’m in the Arctic Circle. (gentle humming) (gentle singing)

44 thoughts on “Iceland a Travel Adventure Dream Come True

  1. Yay Rowan’s back!! Awesome vlog. I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on a video so fast in my life.
    Are you going to be doing the Patreon thing, cause I’m ready to get back to the way things were before, but it’s up to you.
    Take care Row. I hope you’re doing better and beating that drum set.

  2. Rowan, You said it yourself WOW. The photographs were outstanding and the scenery was breathtaking. You really out did yourself. I'm with #okay curt. Whenever you are ready to start again I will be there ready to sign up to be a patreon again. This video is awesome. Praying for you and I'm here if you need??❤❤?

  3. Ha not your Average Row. You lucky boi except for the flies ? These sort of trips are so valuable more than material things don't you think ? Ha if you hate the sulfur rotten egg smell Yellowstone will hit you in the face with that. The hot springs choir was really special. Something similar happened to me like that on a Bryce Canyon NP trail where a group of European boys started to sing "A Day Is a Gift" like that (felt like I was in church in between the talk rocks). Anyways thanks for sharing. Cheers, Theo

  4. Was going to watch after football but just had to watch now and you make some great videos, Iceland looks amazing and of course all of your videos has a part that makes me laugh, the part with the flys ? awesome video Rowan

  5. Just discovered your channel. Amazing vids. SUBBED!
    I’ve never been to Iceland, you’ve made it feel like an incredible place.

  6. Wow Rowan. I am at a loss of words. That was such a beautiful video. It was educational, fun, and the footage you captured was jaw dropping. Your editing was fantastic and your story telling was incredible. The best video you have ever done, and among the best travel vlogs I have ever seen on YouTube.

  7. This is so cool! I've been looking forward to this and it's 100% everything I was expecting. Glad Iceland went so well. Hope you're doing well too 🙂

  8. Dudeeeee!! DUDEEEEEEEEEEE DUDEEEEE!!!! Great job. Keep it up. You're a natural on camera 🙂 can't wait for your next video. – Chris and Lizzie

    P.S you have two new subscribers! (It's lizzie and i)

  9. Came here off of Lizzie Pierce’s recommendation!! You’re an amazing filmmaker! Look forward to seeing you grow as a creator !!

  10. Wow! Incredible video dude! Iceland looked amazing and you are a wonderful host! This was better than 90% of the travel shows out there.

  11. Great job!! Like I said, you're amazing on camera! Keep this up – you're gonna do some dope things I have NO DOUBT. <3

  12. Reading through the comments because of course I'm always interested in other people's thoughts and I notice that patreon thing could become active and I'm someone that has followed this channel for nearly 3 years and haven't donated anything, I remember you saying you will come back to England one day because of how much you liked it, well when you come back I will be happy to make a donation

  13. When a Canadian living in a breathtaking country full of natural beauty raves about the breathtaking beauty of another country… Book a trip and go. Go now!

  14. Heey man!
    We are creators of content in Brazil.

    We found your channel and fell in love!

    You are very good!
    It has a huge facility to interact with the camera!!!
    Keep Producing and Inspiring People 😉

  15. Wow. Great job on this Row. And more importantly what a tremendous experience with memories that will go with you forever. So nice to see this! Best wishes and I hope you continue to share your gift with us.

  16. You have great talent Rowan. Thanks for taking us on a trip through Iceland. Keep up the great work. Glad you are back! Greetings from your friends in Florida, USA.

  17. very impressive video kid! your camera presents is amazing and the editing is great, keep doing amazing work.

  18. Love your videos, you have some nice editing skills! Do you fly your own drone? I'm guessing a Mavic Pro 2? And it's also really nice to see a kid that cares about something other than his V-Buck balance hahaha! Keep up the good work man!

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