ICELAND – How much it REALLY cost to go to REYKJAVIK ? + Travel Tips

ICELAND – How much it REALLY cost to go to REYKJAVIK ? + Travel Tips

So how much in total did my Iceland trip cost? I’m a little nervous to add everything up
because there’s always the amount you expect to spend, and there’s all the little things. It’s always the little things. But let’s find out. I actually made a completely separate video covering
all the different things I did in case you’re wondering what this trip and budget entails. The link for that is in the description. So I live in East Los Angeles, if you have
some friends that you can bribe into taking you to the airport, then you can exclude this
price. Unfortunately, I have no friends, so that
wasn’t really an option for me, I just, unfortunately, like none of my friends are, not real friends. So our flight we booked about 2 months in
advance, and it was $339.98 per person. So if you think about it, that’s only about
$170, one way, to go really far! This was with WOW! Airlines. Before going in I thought WOW! Airlines was going to be absolutely terrible
and the plane’s going to be powered off rubber bands, but it actually, it was fine. So in the flight, you have to buy your own
food, buy your own water, when I was looking, WOW! Airlines was like half the price of everyone
else, so what do you expect, right? The one thing is that WOW! Airlines only includes one backpack. So you’ll probably need to have at least one
check-in item. Between the two of us, we could have probably
just shared one check-in item, but we both just kind of overpacked. So for two pieces of luggage, round trip was
$283.96. Oh yeah, and in the flight we spent about
$18 in water and snacks. Someone needs new breaks, can you hear that? So I’m calculating everything out in US dollars. I flew into Keflavik airport and that’s where
I made my first big mistake: If you like to drink, like I do, buy alcohol before you leave
the airport! As you’re leaving the airport, you’re going
to pass through this big store, and that is your last chance to get alcohol at a decent
price. Iceland has a lot of weird restrictions on
alcohol and at a grocery store you can only get beer that’s 2.25% alcohol. Anything past that needs to be purchased at
a bar, restaurant or liquor store. These liquor stores are owned by the government
and they have really restrictive hours, especially if you’re out all day exploring Iceland. Here are some prices of liquor at a liquor
store. After being shocked at the liquor prices,
I went and looked over at the beer and was like, “Oh, this isn’t so bad!” Then I realized these prices are for individual
beers, not 6 packs. It’s a little strange how Icelandic beer is
way cheaper in Los Angeles than it is in Iceland. Like this is how much it is for Smirnoff,
like the, you know the budget vodka. What the f#%*! Drinking at bars is also kind
of pricey but, I guess it’s a little bit more reasonable because you’re at a bar. By the way the legal drinking age is 20 there
and the legal B.A.C. to drive is 0.05, compared to the 0.08 here, so be extra responsible. By the way, for all the bars we went to we
spent a combined $105.23. So I got my rental car from Lagoon Car Rentals,
but they’re not actually in the airport, you have to take a shuttle after you arrive and
it’s about a 5 minute drive from the airport. Four wheel drive will raise the price of your
rental a little bit and a stick shift will lower the price a little bit. So what I got was kind of in the middle, not
the cheapest, not the most expensive, they actually talked me into getting gravel protection,
which I probably didn’t need. I was this close to putting gas into my rental
car, because nobody told me it was a diesel, because there diesel is so common, they just
like, assume that you might figure it out. And if you take gas and put it into a diesel
car, that can really f*%# %!^@$%^@. $17 in bridge tolls, the only toll that I encountered
was going north in this little area here. I think they actually go underwater. We booked an Airbnb just right outside of
downtown Reykjavík, and that was about $100 a night. My habit every time I go to a new country,
the first thing I do is go straight to an ATM and pull out some cash. Every little restaurant, every food stand,
bridge toll, everything, they all took card. You might just wanna pull out a little bit,
just in case, but you most likely won’t need it. One thing that’s interesting that I encountered
was that some of the gas stations require a PIN number for your credit card. So you might want to call your credit card
company about that to figure out what number that is. Personally I use Capital One credit cards
every time I travel because they don’t have any foreign transaction fees and I think they’re
pretty good. Now I’m not sponsored to say this, but Capital
One, if you’re listening, I always hear that I highly resemble Samuel L Jackson. You’re probably confused by now, at which
one is the real Samuel L Jackson, well, that’s Samuel L Jackson, call me Capital One! By the
way you can completely get by by only speaking English there. Most of the time we just ate out wherever
we wanted to eat. We’re not really fancy people, so we didn’t
really go to like, the high-end places, but most of the meals are anywhere from $30-55
for both of us. Occasionally we’d go to this store called
Hagkaup, or however you say it. And that kinda seemed like the local big chain
grocery store there. But if you’re trying to stay really on a tight
budget, you can go to Bonus. They’re also like a chain grocery store, but
everything seems to be a little bit cheaper. I don’t know how much I approve of their logo
design.. But from what I saw, that seemed to be the
cheapest way to get food. Also the tap water is really good in Iceland,
so don’t buy bottle water, just drink straight from the sink. Although there is salt from the water, so
it’s going to smell a little bit. My least favorite part was probably showering,
because the water smells so bad that I just like.. But it’s clean though, I guess. We didn’t end up booking any of the tours,
but I really wish we did, because some pictures of people ice caving and snowmobiling looked
really awesome. The tours definitely take you to a lot of
places you definitely can’t get to with a car. You need a massive zombie apocalypse van that
has 50 inch tires and has gun turrets on the front. So Blue Lagoon was $161.64 for the both of
us, pretty good. We also spent $58.07 on gifts. But realistically, it was more gifts for myself,
like this Icelandic vodka. “This is traditionally distilled and filtered
through ancient arctic lava rocks.” I really don’t know what that means, but that
sounds so cool. I was actually there for 5 nights and didn’t
get to see the Northern Lights. So hopefully when you guys go you see it,
but there’s just no guarantees. One thing you could to do raise your chances
of seeing it, is to book a seat on the plane that’s facing north on your way there or on
your way out, because then at least you’re over the clouds, so that’s not going to be
as much of a factor. There are some websites out there that have
like a three day forecast on how likely you are to see the Northern Lights. Another website you should definitely check
out is a site called, it’s a pretty cool and informative locals guide to Iceland. Like this is kind of cool, must see for Game
of Throne fans! How to drink in Iceland on a Budget, Iceland
is the only country in Europe that bans strip clubs..well.. And if you look here, oh what’s this? My drone footage made it on the page! I’m kind of a big deal, like first this, then
next I’m expecting a call from Capital One…just uhh, any minute now..Just Capital One..come
on.. And if your on Reddit, check out VisitingIceland,
comes with super helpful people there and lots of information. Oh, and I’m on Verizon, so for my international
plan it cost me $10 a day to use as much as I want. My friend has T-Mobile, so for her it’s free,
but the internet is kind of slow, I still prefer my Verizon. So with all in mind, it was a total of $1,549.45
per person. Totally worth it. Anyways, hopefully this information was helpful
in budgeting out your trip, if you’re going to Iceland, you’re going to have a blast,
thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “ICELAND – How much it REALLY cost to go to REYKJAVIK ? + Travel Tips

  1. Now as a worker in the Icelandic travel industry I have few tips for people who are interested in going to Iceland.

    Start by going online and searching prices, they can very extremely. When to go, February to March is a good time and also September to November if you want to go during the cheaper ´winter´months. Now these months have cheaper prices for travellers, an its also the northern lights time, but still seeing them is still is up to luck.

    Don´t just stay in the south.
    Iceland is nearly the same size as the island of Ireland, Reykjavik is fine, but it is a tourist hotspot. The best place to experience Iceland is the Westfjords, Eastfjords and the north. These areas dont have the same traffic that the south has, so prices are lower. Now if you are going to anywhere outside of the south a 4×4 is preferable, due to the poor road conditions.

    Car rentals.
    Icelandic car rentals offer gravel protection, Take it. Its the most common insurance used in Iceland, even if you are only staying on paved roads, the roads are poor and stones on the road is common in Iceland. If you have the option to take a credit car insurance or a european car insurance, have it ready so you can use it in Iceland, CDW insurance(Basic) is mandatory, so let your bank or insurance company know about it before coming here.

    Hold on to them, winds here can change in an instant, I have charged for a doors that fell of due to the fact in high winds people parked in the direction of the wind.

    Iceland is an expensive destination and we have few destinations that are as amazing and different(in my opinion) Iceland is one, The Faroe Island is 2 and Greenland 3.

    Google is your friend, make sure you do some investigation work before you go. Iceland is different from the rest of Europe, use the following websites, , and these websites are your friends, especially for first time travellers.

    I do hope you enjoy Iceland, its amazing, don´t just stay in the south, Iceland has so much to offer, go out of the tourist regime and enjoy real Iceland.

    P.s. the best place to stay in Iceland is a small cottage, a small summerhouse, it´s classic Icelandic place to stay especially during the summer. And check local festivals to take a look at, they are fun and you can meet Icelanders in there natural habitat 😉
    Have fun in Iceland!

  2. Just got back ..for about 11 days all inclusive car, hotel, a couple of tours, food-ie lunches and, Dinners about 4,000 USD but worth every fucking penny

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    i plan to visit Iceland this summer and want to rent a car but I am afraid that they will fool me…so that I have to pay more at the end. Are the cars in a condition? 🙂

  6. Not surprised by the fact that Icelandic beer is cheaper elsewhere than in Iceland. One Grocery store in Iceland was selling foreign fish oil pills cheaper than local ones. The funny thing about it is that the foreign fish oil was produced in Iceland and more funny was the fact that the factory was BEHIND the grocery store.

  7. It's an oxymoron to use Iceland and budget in the same sentence. I can't figure out how the locals make ends meet. I suppose even their shitty jobs must pay a boatload… either that or they all take advantage of tourists and spread the wealth amongst their citizens with guaranteed stipends.

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  9. I would be hesitant to provide a PIN for a credit card transaction. The chip on the card is as much as they should need.

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  11. Great video, Thanks. There were several things you brought up that I haven't heard of yet and I'm leaving for Iceland in a couple days. Glad I found you, Good looks. Cheers

  12. Iceland is expensive.. because they have very high saleries in that country.. come to europe (vienna), yout get beer cans (half liter) for unter 1 Euro in super market.. 😀

  13. $416 for food? Not bad, was that for a full week? That is the biggest expense I'm concerned about when going. This will be my SECOND visit. We went the first time and I remember almost all meals were like $80 each, was insane

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  15. I think the pin thing is just u have to use debit at gas stations if u use a card. I heard they just don't take credit cards but the machine just goes to PIN instead of saying u can't use credit or something like that

  16. Thank u for this. Since I was a child I have been called to go to Iceland, and I know there will be some life-changing things for me there. Much love and gratitude.

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  18. How Americans get confused when they're asked for their card's PIN number… Cause you just swipe, right? Everywhere I have lived (a few european countries) we use the electronic chip on the card or contactless, or if those two don't work, the magnetic swipe band. We know of all three, but Americans just get confused I noticed when I worked at a particular store where I would sometimes get Americans (in the UK) coming to purchase… You all are weirdos in a quite a lot of ways.

  19. Hello Potato Jet. Your post is very informative – thank you. Question on the car rental insurance. You said you purchased gravel insurance. Did you take additional insurance like sand and ash and tire protection? It is our understanding that VISA has auto rental CDW which covers physical damage and theft if you use the capital one card. Is there a reason why you had double coverage?

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  24. if you’re going hiking or driving around the country and buying a lot of snacks: definitely go to Bónus!!! Hagkaup is one of the more expensive stores in Iceland

  25. cool vid. Im going Iceland in a few days and this was very helpful. Will defo be using your advice! good shout! keep it up bro

  26. $339 flights. From Brazil the same would cost aroun $1200 if you buy it 3 months before going. You put that on top of brazilian money worth 5x less than Dolar and you get the idea of how expensive this video sound to me. BTW great video.

  27. well anyone can just calculate the costs by himself. Decide on a date, search for a flight, search for accommodation and add the bus tours you want to do (or car rental). My itinerary (without food) for 5 days is barely 680 euros, which I believe is apretty good price. I chose a kind of dormitory accomodation to cut on costs, so yeah it´s definitely possible to travel there without spending too much.

  28. One good tip to save money in Iceland is which is the only free discount club in Iceland for tourists

  29. im gonna go to iceland this month can someone please let me know how the money works if i have euros how to pay in ISK? or if i used my euros in the ATM will it convert it to ISK instead?

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