ICELAND (Travel Trailer)

ICELAND (Travel Trailer)

imagine a place with endless blue skies
animals that are unfamiliar and roads that never end with continuous beauty
rivers and waters that you can sit and watch for hours and having the possibility to
explore places that no one else has yet from fellow furry travelers along your
wild path to endless corners that lead into gorgeous scenery – lava rock
formations that are accessible to touch I never thought it was possible to see
so many waterfalls within one space it just made me want to see more opens your
eyes to more beauty with every single mile you pass
imagine ice larger than your shoes icebergs larger than boats and lagoons
that drop thousands of people to visit each year hospitality that’s kind and generous and
giving to come across waters that are so pure
you can drink from them daily I never thought this could be possible
there’s places they’re so peaceful and quiet there’s no one else around other
than yourself to hiking mountains by yourself it does if you’ve come across multiple
wonders of the world that are all found within one place you feel like you’re in
a storybook and each page we are wanting to discover more discover Mountain
View’s that won’t quit and rainbows that are close enough to touch black sand
beaches that soak the waves with each encounter I encourage you to keep
turning your page there’s this place that I’ve discovered and I cannot wait
to return Iceland

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  1. Hello!! Do you also make short-films ?:D I have a a short film I would really like to share with you; you could just search for "PLANETA ZEME" on my channel or maybe send me a message to give you the link, Thanks !!

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