Iceland Winter Camping with Happy Campers

Iceland Winter Camping with Happy Campers

I’m in my favorite country of the world and in this video I will share how to survive winter camping in Iceland! Iceland has a lot to offer, even in deepest winter. and with a tiny drop of adventure in your blood the best way to get around on this amazing place on earth is in a car. Or better, a camper van. I’m not going to lie it can be quite brutal but hey waking up to such views makes it absolutely worth it Hello birds! So that you can enjoy your trip to Iceland to the fullest, I’m going to share with you the hottest tips for winter camping in Iceland which I researched before my trip or learned the hard way the tips range from driving in a snow desert to sleeping during frosty nights or merely surviving well this sounds a bit over dramatic it’s really not that bad but come and see for yourself So when you decide to do a road trip in Iceland in winter you wanna make sure that you have the proper car under your butt so that it gets you around the island safely. You don’t need to have all-wheel, 4×4 car in order to get around to all these spectacular places but you wanna make sure that your car has proper winter tires on actually this one has this one has this you allowed to have, wow you’re allowed to have spikes in your tires that give you more grip it kind of destroyed the roads but they give you more grip on the road in icy and snowy conditions so make sure that the winter tires are proper and car is in good condition and then you know you just get around and this wonderful beautiful and super windy place! Always be careful with your doors. This is the number one cause of damage to your cars in winter because of the strong wind one thing I was concerned about when I was travelling to Iceland for the first time was ending up with an empty fuel tank somewhere in the middle of the island and seriously, don’t worry there are plenty of petrol stations all around the island that are open 24/7 as you can easily pay with a credit card right at the pump the one thing you should be aware of are the fuel prices. On average they are almost twice as high as on mainland Europe and three times higher than in the U.S. but it’s absolutely worth it. Knowing about the road conditions is absolutely paramount. I always recommend checking out a few websites. that’s and is quite straightforward and shows you the road conditions – if there’s ice, snow, wind etc. on the road. It also has webcams to all the different spots across Iceland is a website and also an app that informs you about the weather conditions Let’s talk about parking. So when you have a campervan in Iceland they have designated areas, pretty much called campground There’s an enormous amount of campgrounds around Iceland so you should never have an issue finding one However in winter they can be closed. To find a closed campground winter usually it’s okay to say there – that’s what I’m gonna do tonight because here in Höfn the campground is closed and there’s no other campground in the region so I stay at this one Alright one quick tip. Don’t leave your lights on when you park your car and just go away for a few hours because otherwise you’ve got a jump start At least you have a beautiful scenery here in Iceland if you ever get lost on your track Wooo! Okay let me give you a little bit all right we’re good. High five! High five – Yeah! The key to survive Iceland in winter is wearing the proper clothes to avoid hypothermia clearly I’ve missed that memo and still wear my clothes from Mauritius. but the secret really is to wear layers Alright now I’m good to go Don’t judge my eating habits on this trip or at any time for that matter but when it comes to food the best thing you can do while camping in Iceland is really to prepare the meals yourself because, well, see for yourself I’m at a Domino’s here and just to give you an idea of the pricing it’s about $18 for a normal pizza margarita which in the U.S. would potentially cost $5 Oh and get some icelandic candy but what’s really crucial for my survival is having enough energy to charge all my batteries. For phones that’s quite straightforward because you can just plug it into the usb port of your radio but when it comes to my camera batteries and laptop I would recommend getting one of these inverters that you can easily plug into the 12V outlet in your car and then plug in all your chargers. Alternatively you can get a high capacity battery pack that allows you to stay completely off the grid especially if you get one of these solar panels with it but remember the days are shorter in winter Iceland Let’s talk about safety. There’s a couple of things I wanted to share with you before you go on your trip to Iceland. First of all share your location and your plans with someone so in the case of an accident which hopefully won’t happen that someone knows where you’re at and what you’re up to either through Google application sharing all for example my car has a GPS tracker and Happy Campers actually shared a link with me that I can share with my family and friends so they always know where I’m at Second, get a sim card so you can always be in touch with either 112 – the emergency number or with your rental car services etc. so that’s super helpful as well Third, don’t ignore the warning signs! There’s a reason why they were put up and I’ve seen many people just plainly ignoring them and going behind barriers. Last but not least, use your common sense. You know that’s the tiny voice in the back of your head that’s telling you don’t do it. This is dangerous or irresponsible Alright this is it for the safety announcement thanks so much for listening and have a great flight. All right let’s talk about sleep because after a long day of driving around and exploring the treasures of this beautiful island you wanna make sure that you’re all rested for the next day. (in broken Icelandic) Fjaðrárgljúfur I’ll tell you something. it wasn’t that bad. I was expecting much worse The key to restful night under these conditions is obviously staying warm and you can achieve that in two ways through layers of sleeping bags and blankets and through the heater or a combination of both. The main, key sleeping utensil is this sleeping bag which I just throw in and tuck myself into every night and then, two pillows, that’s it. Second the heating system. So before you go to bed about an hour before you wanna actually start the engine and use the heater in your driver cabin to warm up the entire car some of the campervans actually have a heating system that you can keep on during the night but it’s not absolutely necessary and then grab a sleeping mask not that important to be frank in winter because the nights are very long and the days are short so the sun usually rises around nine or so don’t forget to have a bottle of pure Icelandic water that’s actually what it’s called close to you so in case it’s getting really cold keep it close to your body so it doesn’t doesn’t freeze so cheers To wrap up this video and journey across Iceland I wanna end with the conclusion expectations versus reality style and in fact I was planning on shooting this segment in Iceland on my last day however there was a massive blizzard crossing the country and I really had to work my way to the airport so let’s just do it from home Let’s start with the landscape which is definitely my favorite part of Iceland by far and I expected to be quite different from what I saw like four years ago in summer Much wider obviously and more abstract and throughout the video we’ve seen just that but even more because thanks to the crazy weather swings we have a vastly different sight at the same location within one hour because it’s varying from hail to snow storm to beautiful sunshine And beautiful clouds back to hail and snow storm just beautiful this is actually perfect segway to the next point which is the weather. My expectation was that it’s gonna be brutally cold and I’m gonna freeze especially living in a campervan. that was not an issue at all. It was never really cold but what really caught me by surprise although I read about it and I completely underestimated it was the wind. And I didn’t expect wind gusts of 160 km/hr and bear in mind I live in Chicago – the windy city Ouch, it hurts. Mentally prepare for the win when you travel to Iceland in winter or at any point for that matter Lastly, I frankly expected less tourists during the brutal winter months but reality is Iceland is so popular no matter what season but the beauty is the further you get away from Reykjavik which is the capital the less tourist do you have and the more you are on your own in this majestic otherworldly landscape and it turns truly into an adventure And with that thanks so much for watching and have a wonderful trip to Iceland. You will have a blast

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  1. Great video and fantastic camera / drone shots . Iceland is amazing it certainly was on my bucket list . Cool vid ?

  2. Hey! I'm heading there in January. What camera and drone did you use? Also, where is the location of the first clip in this video? Thanks.

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