ICTs, Sustainable Tourism and Heritage

Recently, Information and Communication Technologies
are everywhere with the diffusion of smart phones, and the consequent experience and
expectation of being “always on”. But how can this enhance heritage and sustainable
tourism? Well, it’s as simple as A, B, C, D, E They enlarge access, providing quality information
about heritage places and support for those who want to visit them. eTourism enriches their experiences with augmented
reality, photos, videos, informal learning and gamification. ICTs connect locals, visitors, and the heritage,
for instance through digital storytelling or awareness campaigns. They help disintermediate relationships between
prospects and travellers on the one side, and tourism/hospitality players on the other,
ensuring that local communities can really benefit, and that tourism is sustainable. Finally, ICTs can educate tourism operators
in the field with the flexibility of eLearning allowing them to learn anytime and anywhere. In these ways, ICTs can be so important to
promote Sustainable Tourism and Heritage To find out more, go to our website

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