If School Holiday Was A Person | SAMREEN ALI

If School Holiday Was A Person | SAMREEN ALI

no,no,no… How terrible this dream was? this can’t happen, this can’t happen. this can’t happen at all. mr holiday. where are you? where are you? I am here riya, I am here I have 3 days to go, we will enjoy them now I thought you left How will I live after you leave holiday, tell me,tell me. Please don’t leave me Mr holiday, Please don’t I have to leave riya If don’t go then how I will come back. Now you will leave. I will back to my boring life study, homework this and that.. Oh! I remember from holiday that I didn’t completed my homework I enjoyed with you so much that I forgot to complete my homework. sorry sorry riya, this is my fault I made you busy watching TV that I forgot about homework but you should start from today. yes,yes. first I will fresh myself then I will do my homework Ok Ok till then I will rest. yess Mr holiday. for how more days you gonna be in my house Tell me, tell Don’t worry aunty, Only 3 days left. After that I will leave Oh thank god, I will get relief from you as with you riya disturbed me a lot full day, enjoying enjoying, thats it. Enough mom, Enough of you. You can’t talk to Mr holiday like that. I am noticing that you keep shouting at him. He is gonna leave after 3 days till then please let us live free You just wait for him to leave then I will tell you. Mr holiday don’t take my mother”s comment to your heart. oh don’t worry, I can understand. All moms hates me. But yes, there are some who loves me Those who needs to make lunch in the early morning loves me a lot They treats me with so love. Well leave it. I have completed my homework almost. now tell me what is our plan next? yes, I was thinking about it too. come on let us dance, ok. Yes, you are right we will enjoy these 3 days like If they are 30 days. and we will do lot of fun so lets start Ok.. Oh god, there fun is disturbing me a lot just dancing, dancing, dancing. doing this for the whole day (dancing) well we dance a lot Oh yes I enjoyed it come on, come on. lets keep doing fun lets take selfie. smile holiday, smile…. ok selfies are finished now what we should do Riya, I am so hungry. Can you give me something to eat. just wait. I am bringing something to eat Ok look, what I bring for you. Tell me which chips do you want from these. well, the yellow one here…. here eat it no, I don’t like this one. come on Holiday lets watch some movies yes, lets go, lets go You want to sleep too. yes, I want to sleep too. ok, lets go and sleep as it is late night already yes,yes. (crying) You are leaving today, Mr holiday.. how will I survive without you? now, How will I do fun? with whom will I play? I will miss you. calm down, riya. I will come back I will come back. see, If you will cry then I will cry too. can’t you remain here for some more days. riya, Its depends on school. I can’t change anything. school send me to you kids for only one month what can I do? tell me. ok, If you both are done, then seperate your ways. and you have school, Do you remember it or not you have to do a lot of work mama, one second. I need to talk to Mr. Holiday Listen Holiday, please come early from next time. You take a lot of time to come. Ok, I will try to come early I will wait for you and I will miss you. Now leave and don’t look back Ok I am leaving. Bye Bye I am leaving aunty. take care of yourself and forgive me If I did something wrong. Ok,Ok leave. whenever I need you. You never come. Ok, I am leaving now. Bye. Here take your uniform. I have ironed it Now leave and find your books. I don’t know where they are. Now go and sleep. You have to go school from tomorrow You have enjoyed a lot. Now Mr holiday has gone. Now get back to your study Oh no, now this boring life starts again Hi friends, If you like my video then like it, share it, and subscribe it. and press the bell icon so that whenever I upload new video you will get notification and I aim of 60000 likes on this video so please like it. and tell me in the comment section that where did you went in this vacation and tell me which part do you liked most. you can follow me on my social media which you can see on the screen You can follow me on tiktok too My ID is @samreenali142 and this is my official ID and all others are fake so now I will meet you in next video. till then Bye

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  1. Hello samreen ali mere school mein ek ghandi ladki ha mana uska naam do comment mein lekha tha actually wo ek cyco ladkhi ha aur wo ek shaitan ha allah haffiz samreen ali

  2. Tomorrow is my school my school holidays are over ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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