I’m like “he said that it was that building right there but are we here?” and it’s a beautiful thing Because Brazil is representing Quebec French words, go! Caulisse=Canadian French “Putain” – expresses rage Tabarnac=Sh*t/F#%k (vulgar, but satisfying) Speak in French! The camera only understands French (talking about a story) this French guy was speaking in slang, the girl at McDonalds was like “what is this language you guys speak?” I’m going to increase your views “I don’t know what” “Happiness for life” French, so we can mix everything and they understand me It’s really cool, it’s really good I love Montreal Really, it’s so good for my brain because you need to work twice every time you speak to someone You need to think if the person is going to …. jumbles words You need to think if the person is going to respond…

100 thoughts on “I’M IN LOVE | SUMMER IN MONTREAL 😍 | DamonAndJo

  1. You twos are the luckiest (luck is 4 u in the stars – cosmos) travel couple and regular couple in the world, people many and would dye to have the lifestyle like you. You guys are world travelers, honestly, even Id' dye to be in your shoes, and I've been many places overseas before!

  2. Im from montreal, born and raised, and this is the cutest thing ever! I love your love for my city, and its really cool to have an outside perspective and opinion

  3. I live less than 2 hours from Montreal and almost never go there. You made the city look so fun maybe I should go more often

  4. I’ve lived in Montreal my whole life, born and raised, pure québécoise and yet my city looks so much cuter in your video😂

  5. This is so adorable. I've lived in Montreal for so long that I forget to appreciate it sometimes. It's beautiful to see people loving my city! <3

  6. You uploaded this video they day I arrived to Montreal, I’m gone now but can’t wait to go back. It really is amazing during summer!!

  7. DUDE!!!!! i used to spend my summers with fam in montreal while my mom had cancer/ HIV experimental treatments back home and I fell in LOVE with montreal. you dont get carded anywherr. gay pride is celebrated by EVERYONE, grabdmas come with family even if they are all straight. MONTREAL!!!!! it became my savior, my break from reality. YOU walked passed my stoop in the intro. MONTREAL is the best city in the world during the warm months. thanks for showcasing it

  8. i’m going to montreal this weekend and this video just made me more excited to go!! love your positive attitude about life.

  9. Haha your in the mile end ! I grew up there for a little bit. The big collection of bird cages is a florist shop with an Asian woman that works give me and my friends candy when we were little , probably not the safest thing now that I think of it. Great choice ❤️❤️- montrealer

  10. learning more french in this video than the french classes i’ve been taking for 15 years straight in school… 😂 yeah i think in english; i’m a pure english montrealer!

  11. Driving in Montréal is like… Everybody-is-angry-at-you-all-the-time. But I like the city 🙂 I go each three month cause I'm close duuuh Vive le Québec 😉

  12. Hahaha I like how the translations are so much less vulgar than it actually is. WE LIKE TO SWEAR it's our punctuation don't juge haha

  13. One time I went to see a show in Montreal and I got lost in station Bonnaventure (metro) at 1am with no way of getting home. It was in the middle of February and there was a snowstorm. There wasn't a lot of people but everyone I met helped us and someone even gave us change to take the bus:') so yeah, I totally agree, Montreal is the best and I love being able to mix French and English

  14. I love this channel like this is totally goals travel with my best friend and learn languages !!!! You guys are living your best lives .

  15. I'm living in Montreal for 6 month, and I feel like I'm gonna be so depressed when I'm gonna watch this back home 😍💔

  16. When are you guys going to do Australia and New Zealand? In New Zealand we have three different official language's. English, Maori and New Zealand sign lanuage

  17. Super cool video! I lived in Montreal right after I finished college 20 years ago. Summertime is the best Montreal!

  18. Hehe, go up north and you'll get the grand total of no one who speaks english. Sérieux, l'anglais de mon oncle consiste de no problème. La Vie Est Belle 🙂

  19. Montreal's amazing! I live in Toronto but if my French was fluent I'd move there. I've heard from many people it's almost impossible to get a job in Montreal without speaking fluent French though

  20. I’m going to Montréal next week . This video is making me excited. Keep up the great content. 😊

  21. Yo wait i shoulda found this channel earlierrr I grew up in montreallll!!

    I grew up in point claire, I go back every year to stay the summer with my old friends 🙂

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