[email protected] Shiny Colors : Picnic Basket Extra 1 [noctchill]

Im@ Shiny Colors :  Picnic Basket  Extra 1 [noctchill]

[spraying water for cleaning] P: …And, these are the photos from the picnic. Toru: Hmm…
Really? You can make rainbows with a spray water …Huh? Yeah…
is that so interesting? Koito: E-Everyone…
After all, all then looks so cute in their private photos, right…? Madoka: They’re “idols.” Of course they do. Hinana: Ehhh
But Toru-senpai is also so cute too [Leaving the objects] Hey, you are no longer a guests.
These are the colleagues you will be working with together… …to put a lot rainbows on the hearts of the people through idol activities, right? Everyone: …… Eh? By the way, do you think we can really do it? Hm…
Who knows? It’s not really the big thing. Eh!
B-But…everyone’s photo were processed.. Everyone… I can understand what are your thinking, but you have to try it before giving up, right? Hmm, I got it. Then, let’s try it [Grabbing the spray and spraying over the producer] …!?
Hey, what are you… Ahh Toru-senpai, Hinana will do it too [spraying water] Ahhhh!
Toru-chan, Hinana-chan! …… H-help me, Madoka! It’s not like I have the same reaction as you. Madoka-senpai, there’s a rainbow on your head!
Aha! [spraying water] Wait….
Tsh, give me that [spraying water] Awawa!
M-Madoka-chan too!? Hahaha W-Wait wait!
What are you doing this suddenly… Hm?
We are giving a try, right? I want to see if the rainbow appears or not.

10 thoughts on “[email protected] Shiny Colors : Picnic Basket Extra 1 [noctchill]

  1. These girls appeared only recently? I have not seen them before. In any case, the idea of ​​how several tomboys are going to "make a rainbow" with a younger girl, seems to me funny.

  2. Does anyone know about an event story in Million Live Theater Days called "Beat the World!!"? If so what was it about? Please tell.

  3. "noctchill" is a unit that was just announced on the 2nd anniversary of Idolmaster Shiny Colors. That' means we have 23 idols in total!

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