Why are you griefing me again? What is going on here? Why are you griefing me again? He’s demanding an answer. Answer the man “Sike I’m not trading” got’em “Sike” the fuck is happening. I could tell this was gonna be a promising game, dude I like, I like what we got in store for us right here Did Marc Merrill personally ask me to move to California? Yes, he told me “QT you’re gonna be a hea.. the head of the R&D department at Riot Games” I told them “Marc, please. I’m not qualified to take that role” But he insisted “QT. You’re the greatest mind league of legends has ever witnessed” “If you’re not qualified, no one’s qualified” I told him “alright. I’ll do it.” Yeah, my first change so far in this game was a… Bruiser bottom. you’re looking at the father of it. This is my patch. I made this patch Yes Boss Hey what are you meowing about. yeah my next change to happen in the R&D department Nuke the support role trust me you guys are gonna love it man I need level 3 to actually have kill pressure cause I can’t proc my passive without all my abilities And my passives like where all my damage comes from. but I can harass them at least The flash what a safe gamer that guy is I respect that. W in, instantly flash out This guys having fun right now That guys having fun He’s just sitting under his tower desperately trying to CS, while we throw like 30 skill shots at him. That’s fucking fun Nice, I think I got enough for my…. nice. That’s so good I have lost chapter already maybe rod of Ages would be better for bot lane at least so I could be a little tanky But I guess to be fair you build enough health Anyways with your like normal build of Rylai’s Liandry’s that There’s not really any point and oblivion orb to – yeah, actually, I think there’s any point to that That’d be excessive God that damage, fucking gross Oh I just tagged him with that shit. He’s gotta go shops though. So i’ll just push in If he stays, he dies. So I really doubt he’s gonna be staying, but let’s see Okay, he shopped *HEYHEY* wow he actually stayed Do you think he’s having fun chat do you think he’s having an enjoyable experience? He just touches the wave, dies instantly. Goes anywhere near it, dead. We can just cheese on em Do I do this to em. I feel kind of bad but feeling bad about it is how I know that I’m doing the right thing lets me know. I’m human I can’t finish em. If I could have gotten range to ignite him. I could have killed him there, huh? He died anyways. Nice. Yikes that’s no good. Well Kai’sa flashed again and she died so mmm Gonna be a rough game for her Definitely gonna be a rough game for her. QT paying marc to get a better team than me. Ain’t that the truth did Wow that was awful of me. Oh my god. I’m actually trolling. Wait i’m fuckin awful She doesn’t have ultie. I could probably turn and kill her but Damn, I’m fucking bad Holy shit, one man ultie. Whoa! Don’t laugh at me Yikes, that’s what i’m saying. Gettem! Go go go flame that bitch Wow my thing just wore out. that That’s okay. Annie gave me the nice stun qt. That kinda of triggers me. I’m kind of a little pissed off fuck Holy shit, I thought I fuckin Juked that. damn I knew he was looking for that I was trying to side step it by just walking out of it, but That’s an ambitious Ambitious one for me. Definitely In no world Should you challenge Rekkan ultie by just trying to fucking walk out of it? Very ambitious play by me very ambitious We should go and try to uh Get a fight going. Yea or just use the Rift Herald and fucking push down Get em I could build Rylai’s but honestly don’t really need it. Rylai’s is just so like I ensure that I hit my stun Because my stuns like the most important part of my kit. but again, I don’t really need it And if I don’t need it, I don’t think I should even bother with it but Maybe I should Oh! we almost walked into that. Yeah like that right there if I had Rylai’s he was just fucking dead. I’m so goddamn dead I’m so goddamn dead Okay Jesus I gotta be honest I lived for a lot longer than I feel like I should of That guy must have so much goddamn magic resist oh yea you’re fucking dead *intense music* That guy better BE careful *Laugh track* Small cats coming out dude. She saw that play. She’s like damn QT. I didn’t know you were gonna do it to em like that Oh get him Wukong baby Wait, he’s so damn fast. Oh he has mobi boots. That makes sense Hey, I actually gotta forfeit here Go-go-go towerdive em They all stacked up on top of the fucking Kai’sa I respect that dude. You got tired of all the terrible Brand supports you had to show him who is the boss. Yea I showed em how to play brand. That’s how you hold it down See now with this meta. I want to play clash so fucking bad now Dude could you imagine clash with like this meta? Holy shit. That shit would actually be so goddamn fun it would be ridiculous.

100 thoughts on “Imaqtpie – I LOVE SPAWN CAMPING!

  1. I completely lost attention after 7:50 when smallcat jumped into the box in the background and was just waiting until she jumped back out but then there was a cut and I wondered maybe smallcat jumped out somewhere in that cut and I'm just staring at an empty box and that was the first time I understood schroedinger's cat because now smallcat was both in the box but also wasn't in the box, ya know? I should be studying.

    EDIT: she just came out of the box. we gucci.

  2. Anyone know the original video where Shiphtur screams aloud like a dinosaur or something and qtpie laughs after it?

  3. when is ornayda going to stop phoning it in and start putting effort in his edits again. it's like the same 5 audio tracks every video and it'd be at this point an easier watch if there was no music at all

  4. QT hitting a galio with 94 mr and saying "he must have so much magic resist" lol. Welcome to the land of AP where 450g item counters you completely and 94 MR is just overkill

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