Impact of false missile alarm to Hawaii’s tourism industry

Impact of false missile alarm to Hawaii’s tourism industry

KATHY: HAWAI’I’S VISITORS RELIED ON RESIDENTS AND WORKERS TO INFORM THEM OF THE ALERT….AND AND WILL THE MISTAKE IMPACT TOURISM? run with their suitcases CALIFORNIA: people were crying and everything and this guy yelled out lets pray industry tell us hotels have emergency plans in place but Saturday’s false alarm was different. it was very difficult to get a sense of is this for real HTA: this is new for a lot of us so its kind of a world we visitors…there were mixed reactions on how hotels handled the situation. CALIFORNIA: our hotel manager handled it very well Association says best practice is to stay in and stay tuned. MUFI: many of them had cause of getting them inside HTA: my understanding and they have video they went through intercom they had their tv channels and they were very proactive getting the messages out to visitors agree…everyone can do better. And discussions are already on the table when it comes time to being more prepared for a ballistic missile threat. HTA: you going to see all the key leaders and decision makers come together have a serious dialogue of what our strengthens and weaknesses were MUFI: we also have a tourism public safety workshop conference coming up at the end of feb MUFI: now we are going add this component and engage the emergency management personnell so we can be KATHY: SO THE MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION IS…WILL THIS FALSE ALARM HURT OUR EXPERTS SAY IT’S TOO SOON TO TELL IF THE FALSE ALARM HAS NEGATIVELY AFFECTED TOURISM. BUT A LOT OF VISITORS TOLD US THEY WILL BE KATHY: STAY WITH KHON2 ON AIR AND ON-LINE AS WE

3 thoughts on “Impact of false missile alarm to Hawaii’s tourism industry

  1. this is some FUCKING dumb ass shit why someone is not fired over this is beyond words and these businesses that kicked people out should be boycotted democrats should be blamed only care about filling there own pockets and not providing a adequate plan or shelters for the people…SHAME ON YOU

  2. Emergency officials are getting paid, but they can’t even fucking read. They just click buttons like toddlers. Difference is they act stupid on tv acting as if they know what they are doing. Demeanor and tone doesn’t mean shit. Doesn’t matter how they try to assert themselves. Performance, results and consistency is what matters. These idiots are making Hawaii look as stupid as they are.

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