Impractical Jokers – First Rule of Camping (Deleted Scene) | truTV

When was the last time
you went camping? You’ve never gone outdoors? -Even when it gets dark?!
-No. You are the
perfect candidate. This is our audience.
This is our viewer. Sal: “Do you know the
number-one rule of camping?” Do you know the
number-one rule of camping? “Do not feed the…” Do not feed the… Animals? “…twinks.” …twinks. Twinks. -Not the bears?
-No. People say don’t feed the bears.
You can feed the bears. You don’t feed the twinks
because the twinks… “They got to keep trim.” They have to keep trim.
Otherwise they become the bears. Oh, I’m using terminology —
So to speak. So to speak. [ Laughter ] Food is easier
to find than water. Believe that. Really? Wow. “For instance, you find yourself
a bald eagle’s nest… “For instance, if you find
yourself a bald eagle’s nest… …soup’s on!” …soup is on! Oh, man! No. In the woods,
it’s anything goes. Those are protected. Yeah. But if you’re in the woods
and you chop up a bald eagle and put it in a soup,
no one’s there to hear it. What about the eggs,
you idiot?! -Or the eggs I guess.
-Yeah. Oh, man.

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