Impressions of Chapala Ajijic – Should I retire or just vacation there.

Impressions of Chapala Ajijic – Should I retire or just vacation there.

Chapala and neighboring Ajijic. Now I
learned a lot about these two places. As well as a little I learned a little
about myself in the process. One thing that I misunderstood about Chapala and Ajijic, is it’s not really so much a vacation destination as much as it is a retirement place. It’s thriving right now for North Americans. And, I can see why
you know it took me about three days. Normally when I visit a new city in
Mexico, I walk the town, and my pace is pretty quick. I walk fast because it cuts
down on travel time and it’s good exercise. But after about three days in
Chapala I noticed, I recognized hey, I’m walking kind of slow here. With what
gives? And yeah, it just kind of happens to you. It’s a slow pace. The town’s a
slow pace. There’s a lot of retired folk. They all walk slow. And I wasn’t digging it! And I don’t know, maybe it’s because there’s a lot of cobblestone streets you
really have to be mindful of where you’re walking. And I recognize that it’s
more a retirement location by… By the questions that people ask. For example:
I’m sitting in a restaurant… And by the way, The people that live there are so
nice. They’re so friendly and helpful. They really look out after each other.
And it won’t be long before, if I’m sitting alone, I’m invited to a table by
another couple by a group of people. They’re really they’re really pretty
friendly there. And typically the first question that they ask me is, How long have you lived here? Or, normally I’m used to, Where are you from? So yeah I don’t live here.
Oh you’re visiting someone? Ah, no. Vacationers, typically come from, people
from Guadalajara the Mexican Nationals. I stayed in a Airbnb called Casa Morelos.
And it was in the middle of the local neighborhood. And I really enjoyed it. The Airbnb was nice. And there were small little restaurants with you know just two tables in there were it was family-run. The laundromat the lavanderia was a block away. Everything was right there. A barber
across the street. If I wanted to get my nails done right across the street. The
only thing you have to be mindful of is the neighborhood noise. I have to save
you all might already know this but people in Mexico, they have a higher
tolerance for noise than us gringos. For me especially. For example, I think I
mentioned this before but when your fire alarm battery goes low and there’s that
chirping that goes on. Drives me crazy! They’ve go about their day like it’s not
even on. The neighborhood dogs are up and chirpy bright bright in the morning.
They’ll flare up some firecrackers any time of the day. And the local businesses…
For example: You know gas. We take it for granted in the
United States. You know you turn this knob here and the gas comes on and off.
In Mexico, you buy it buy the tank. So there are companies that will ride
around in a pickup truck with gas tanks behind them and they’ll sell it to the
neighborhood. And typically they’ll be broadcasting a jingle, like the one
you’re seeing in the video here. But my favorite is when they just put a
guy in the back with the tanks. And they’ll call out GAAAS! I’ll tell you what I like about Chapala. And I like this part a lot. Is… And I apologize up front because, a lot of these things that I like have to do with Booze There’s a couple restaurants on the malecon that sell, well they don’t sell they offer
free margaritas. Yeah, you heard right. Free margaritas. Refills!
It’s like tea! And they’re good! You buy a meal, and they’ll offer you a free
margarita. To your liking. I even requested a bump up in tequila quality
and they didn’t charge. They didn’t charge me. So yeah, I think that
alone is worth coming to Chapala. Let’s see, refill margaritas… Casa De
Mocaljete is one of them. And right next door is Isla Consumel. They both serve margaritas for free. I would favor a Casa de Mocaljete because their molcajete’s are awesome. And the quality of food and the quality of service is much better. So but you know if their closed, I’ll take the other just as well. I found Ajijic to be a lot more
interesting for me personally. First of all, there are horses that just are
walking down the streets. I mean they have riders. But you know, just the sound.
That echoing sound of hoofes on a cobblestone road, something that’s just
great about that. Something romantic about that. I really enjoyed that. Also, I found it to be interesting in most Mexican cities the further out you
get from the center of the tourist area, the poor it becomes. In Ajijic it’s
different. Its opposite because you’ve got a lot of North Americans coming to
retire and they’re buying homes up in the hill so the further out you get the
nice or the homes get. But it’s beautiful. I love Ajijic. It’s such a colorful town.
There there are two restaurants that I really enjoyed. So, if you’re in Ajijic,
you got to check these places out. The first one is on the malecon. It’s
called Maria Isabel. The service there was very friendly. The food was good. I’ve been there two times four months apart and the menu changed but the food was
still good on both menus. I really enjoyed this place. You can eat either
indoors or out and the drinks are good. The other place I just stumbled onto.
It’s called the Peacock. I went to this place four months ago and I just peeked in. It’s one of those places where I thought, well that’s a restaurant. That looks pretty nice in there. And I wandered in. A nice gentleman waiter approached me convinced me to go have a margarita. There we go! On a nice
shaded table over there. And the place was enormous. Not the building. This is all outdoors! But you’re surrounded by beautiful
tropical trees. And it’s very serene and quiet. Although, a lot of the mariachis
and the trio’s come in and they play beautifully for you while you’re having
a drink or you are eating. This place was memorable for me because I
asked for a margarita. And I said I want you to make it strong. Please. And the
waiter brings it out. He sets it on the table. And he says, this Margarita has a
name. It’s called Cuatro Quadras. And I thought, that’s four blocks. Why is…
Why is a margarita called four blocks? He tells me. Because you drink four, you’ll
have difficulty walking for blocks. But, it was good
I only had two so I was safe. But this place is interesting though because,
while I enjoyed it a lot… We all have our favorite YouTubers that most of you, have your favorite YouTubers that you watch. One of mine is a couple that travels
Mexico. They’re called Tangerine Travels. If you haven’t, check them out.
They’ve been practically everywhere in Mexico. And they’ve been doing it a while.
So I’ll leave a link for them in the description below. But I was watching one
of their videos and they’re in this place that looked real familiar to me. Oh
my God, that place has got peacocks roaming around and, I’ve been there! Why
weren’t there peacocks when I was there? So I had to go back. And sure enough , they
kind of hide in the shrubs. From some reason that day I don’t know why, they
they were kind of shy. But yeah, it’s great. The peacock restaurant. You need to
check that one out. I stayed in a hotel called Nueva Posada. And it’s an old building. There’s no elevator so if you have limited mobility, it may not be the
place for you. iI’s pretty close to everything. But just
being inside the room and the lobby and the restaurant. They also have an outdoor
restaurant. You just want to take pictures of everything. It was so beautiful.
The Nueva Posada. Now would I retire in Chapala or Ajijic? I don’t know, I mean
everybody that I talked to absolutely loved it there. For me as I mentioned
before, I’m more of a beach person so I like to be someplace nearby where I can
hear the ocean. Also, I’m a little concerned for the area because the
people that I spoke with that have been there for years decades, they stress
their concern about the population that’s it being overpopulated. The amount
of people it’s not the problem. It’s the traffic. There’s only one carretera,
there’s only one highway from Chapala to Guadalajara. And already it’s kind of…
There’s a lot of traffic. But can you imagine in ten years the pace
that place is growing? It’s going to be nearly impossible to get from here to
there without it doubling your time so yeah, a little concern about that. Thank you everyone, once again for
watching my videos. It’s on to Oaxaca to watch the celebration of the Dia de los
Muertos, and then on to Puerto Morelos. I want to give a special shout out to my
Patreon members and my sponsors. Thank you very much for allowing me to
continue this adventure with the Timeless Travel Club. So one of the last
things that I learned while in Ajijic, I was walking the streets once again, and I
noticed that all of the residents were all in there and their doorways. And they
were all looking the same direction. And it looked odd. I couldn’t figure I
couldn’t figure it out. So I asked one of them, what’s going on here? Why is
everybody looking over there? And she told me, one of our neighborhood
residents had passed away and his funeral procession was on its way down
the road. And we’re all out to pay our respects. So it was quite an interesting
sight. I waited around and sure enough. The funeral procession came by with
joyous music. And there were Mexicans and North Americans alike in the procession.
And I followed along for a little bit without being intrusive. But I’ve never
seen that before in the Mexican culture. But it was quite

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