100 thoughts on “In Search of Mexico’s Top Skate Spots

  1. Qué clase de mierda es esto?, hay una escena donde shadi solo habla de su lesión sin parar por como 5 minutos sin llegar a ningún punto.

    Malos spots
    Muy largo

  2. I enjoyed this video very much. The only complaint I have is I'd like to see them be a good example for the young kids and wear helmets. These guys are adults, pro skaters with many years of experience and I respect that. They train, push themselves, but still know their limits better then kids. Pro skater fall all the time and they become used to falling. They risk their lives doing big tricks, knowing that one blow to the head can be fatal. I'm mostly worried about the young kids. Kids don't have the same metal development or physical strength. When kids see pro skaters wear helmets then kids think helmets are cool and they'll wear a helmets. I grew up skating without a helmet but I've seen way to many head injuries.

  3. I can't wait to go skate my country this Summer! The difference in countries and skating is so rad that's why I fucking love this shit!

  4. I only saw this video to see the infrastructure of Mexico. If you have any suggestions, please reply to my comment with the title of any video that shows me the beautiful places in Mexico.

  5. patinando solo no llegas a ningun lado? este wey no sabe nada sobre Rodney Mullen el siempre patinaba solo por horas
    aveces es mejor patinar solo subes mucho mas de nivel

  6. There a lot more talent in mexico in sonora easy there lot of young good skaters i use to skate for like 15 years and the problem is that people grow up and you dont find sponsors so you end up finishing school and doing a normal life.

    i skate for like 15 years and i wish i could skate all my entire life for living but i cant now im a engineer and have a normal boring life.

  7. This is an awesome video and an awesome representation of how Mexico really is… It's not all bloodshed and chaos… It's a beautiful country… My country!

  8. This documentary needs to be made into a movie. Good people to build a story around, interesting stories, and beautiful locations. It could be a Mexican version of Lords of Downtown.

  9. Excellent video and beautiful spots but I complement what was said before, Vice should have added some sick Mexican music not this white generic music

  10. los skaters mexicanos no tienen nivel, gastan el dinero en cervezas, comen mal y tienen un mal fisico, todo lo contrario a los skaters norteamericanos.

  11. If you wanna see good mexican skate watch this skate vid from a little town in México https://youtu.be/463EqLwjpSU ;D

  12. Agreed to Iron Fist.. but.. first: professionals wear protection. Even world nr.1 class. Second: very poor planing. I know i can find 10 more really good spots only with google and then find them on google earth or even maps and print a perfect roadmap. Third: It comes out more like a fun road trip than a sirious skate adventure…

  13. You guys should come back to mexico and take a look to the new skate park in Santa Fe, Mexico City. Is cool af ?

  14. These guys are way cooler than most American skaters who can't break away from the 'check out my antics aren't I so badass I'm a skater I do crazy stuff' bs. Embarrassing themselves in public like it's 1994

  15. Brings back memories, I remember I went to Mexico with my parents when I was 12 and I took my board, some of my best memories. I thought I was going to be a professional but my parents crushed my dreams

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