Incredible Cob House Tour – A Sustainable Green Building

Incredible Cob House Tour – A Sustainable Green Building

100 thoughts on “Incredible Cob House Tour – A Sustainable Green Building

  1. There is something that feels warm and appealing about this building. It is organic, naterial, stress releasing.

  2. In Australian colloquial cob or cobber means friend , mate….And strangely all the cob houses I've seen look 'friendly'.

  3. Vamos! Una casa hecha con adobe , material que se viene utilizando en el mundo desde hace siglos. Mas viejo que Matusalem

  4. Can you rent this home for a period of time? I love these kinds of homes! Log cabins, tree homes & the earth homes are STUPENDOUS! Thanks so much for sharing! I've never been to BC, I think I may have to take a vacation!!
    Peace Out! With Love! 💓💓💜💚💜💚😘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌷🌹

  5. Looks so much like a story book house 🏡 and that’s the reason it is loved. It speaks of a simple happier time with less worries fun and imagination makes it exciting to think of actually living there.
    So Builders do your best to make more of these always keeping these qualities in mind. They will sell like Hot Cakes

  6. How does cob handle -40 temperatures? Could it crack from freezing, especially with Alberta schnooks with sudden up and down temperatures like a sudden difference of up to 20 degrees?

  7. OMG! I am a housekeeper, I clean holiday rentals for a living and this dream house would be a dream clean for me. It wouldn't feel like work, I would run to it to clean it and ready it for the lucky holiday makers who have the good fortune to stay here. Just beautiful xx

  8. Love the kitchen counter how it's curved to get bigger toward end. I just love everything about . Only thing missing is a swing!

  9. A well and septic tank does not mean " on the grid " it means you have sewer and water. If you are connected hydro, you are on the electrical grid.
    Off the grid you means you are not connected to public utilities.

  10. Linda casa.
    Pena que não dá para construir uma assim aqui no brasil. Não com portas e janelas de vidro. Aqui no brasil só tem ladrão e criminosos. Morando numa casa desta eu correria o risco de ser morto e as mulheres de minha familia serem estupradas se morássemos uma casa assim.

    Aqui tem de ter portas e janelas grossas, em madeira ou metal para evitar que alguma bala perdida atinja alguém dentro. Portas e janelas tem de ter fechaduras em aço e as paredes devem ser de concreto mas, devido à extrema corrupção tudo no brasil é caro. desde um prego até um carro, tudo tem preços exorbitantes!! Afinal, somos brasileiros e temos de bancar os salários milionários dos políticos.
    Aqui no brasil a lei é: Deixar de luxar para poder comer ou deixar de comer para luxar.
    É vergonhoso comentar tudo isso mas…. Por Deus eu juro que é a mais pura verdade!


  11. What? I stayed there like 3 years ago. Was really sad cause my dog felt down from the balcony inside and died: he smashed its head against the corner of a small table 😢 not jocking.

  12. IMO they only forgot one thing, a comfy sofa. I see the same thing with the schoolies, I would think you could have a nice cushy sofa even if it’s made smaller than normal, it just makes sense because it’s such a cool space.

  13. Yeahhh….I want something like this…. Everything should be like Elf🧝🏻‍♂️ world's things 😍😍😍😍😍👍🏻

  14. Hi, I wish you would have introduced yourself.
    This building material in Germany is known as leicht lehm (light loam), except the same material is pressed by hand as a filler between post and beam construction, or pressed as an infill into a woven lattice of branches or slats of wood. That process is called wattle and daub in England.

  15. Very cute, but I honestly couldn’t live in a place that small for any amount of time. It just doesn’t fit my lifestyle in it. But I admire the people who can pare down to bare necessities, that would be so much simpler.

  16. Thats beautiful. Why not say you got cob building from the ancient egyptians. They built most of their civilazations that way. In most cases their buildings still stand to this very day. Even the statues they made of themselves were made of those natural material, which still stands today except for their noses being shot off to destroy their true identity

  17. i want to build small cottages on my property at least 8 to 10 and rent them out to only couples who are starting out in life and rent free for December

  18. Дом замечательный.Но кто переводил на русский язык?переводчику надо просто поставить 1. ужасный перевод на русский!!!

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