Incredible Omani Food and Attractions in Muscat (Camel Feast)!

Incredible Omani Food and Attractions in Muscat (Camel Feast)!

– I’m gonna start with
a piece of camel meat, and there’s also pieces of camel fat. (upbeat music) Good morning everyone, it’s Mark Wiens with in Muscat, Oman. Had an amazing sleep last night and woke up this morning
at about 6:00 a.m. It was already bright and sunny outside. We only have two full days in Muscat, and Mustafa, who watches our videos, he has kindly offered to take us around. So, we are gonna be
hanging out with Mustafa, and he’s coming to pick us up soon. Stay tuned for day number one in Muscat. Thank you very much. Okay we met up with Mustafa. – Hi there. – [Mark] He’s brought me this snack. – [Mustafa] It is (speaks
in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). It’s a type of bread with
cheese in the middle. And so, I think we’re gonna
go have some tea first, and eat this along with some tea. We’re gonna stop at
this place at Dream Tea, to get a cup of tea real fast. I got a cup of Chair karak, and this is milk tea. Umm. Oh you can really taste
the cardamone in there. Oh, the cardamone is nice. And then, I gotta try this
piece of the cheese bread. Oh, yeah. That’s wonderful. That’s like a… It’s kind of like cream cheese. I like that. That’s really good. That makes a good breakfast. The bread and cheeses are salty, to go along with the
sweet, milky, creamy tea. (electronic music) We just pulled up to the fish market. And it’s about 8:00 a.m. It is blazing hot already in Muscat. And immediately, you can
smell the fish in the air, one of my favorite smells. That fist so so good, eh. – [Mustafa] Of course,
now it is that season for the yam. – [Mar] Ah, okay. Pretty calm, and relaxing fish market, but it’s friendly. There are some amazing looking fish. And there’s a lot of tuna. There are some different types of mullet. Is it mullet? – [Market Vendor] Milk fish. – [Mark] Milk fish? – [Market Vendor] Yeah. – [Mark] Ah, okay. Very big. – [Market Vendor] (speaks
in foreign language). – I think those are either swordfish or dolphin fish. I’m not totally sure, but they are huge, and yeah they’re about two meters long. Whoa. (market vendors talking loudly) I just love walking around fish markets. And definitely one of the biggest reasons is because I love to eat
fish and seafood so much, that’s my favorite genre of things to eat. But also, I just love looking at fish, the different types of fish,
the different colors of fish. Also, dry fish is very
common in Omani cuisine. Those are huge. – [Market Vendor] It’s barracuda. – Barracuda, yes. They are very big. Those are some huge barracuda. I just want to mention that
they are in the process of building a new fish market. So, we went to the old fish market. But if you come to Muscat,
maybe in the coming years, they might have a new fish market opened right next to the old fish market. (traditional pop music) We are just walking along
the harbor now in Muscat. The fish market is right over on that side where we just were. But it’s amazing how clear the water is. And I’m loving this view of the city. And then, behind, you have the gorgeous, just very rugged, jagged desert mountains. The clear, turquoise water. Yeah, and it’s so nice and peaceful. And we are coming up
now on the Muttrah Souk, which is a big market place. You can by everything at Muttrah Souk, including clothes, and spices, and food. – Yes. – Household items. – Yes, yeah – Just about everything you
can find in this market. – Back in the day, it used to
be more of a wholesale market. It had people from Israel for
example, they come over here, shop for their shops over there, and then they go back
and send it for them. – [Mark] Okay. We walk past this shop
and I could just smell the aroma of all the spices,
especially the cumin I think. In the back of the shop
is where I can smell all of the spices. – Also spices yes. – Wow. Curry masala, all
sorts of different masalas. (traditional music) – [Mustafa] So, Oman is
famous about its lemon here. – [Mark] Oh. What is it used for? – [Mustafa] For like curry and masala– – [Mark] Okay. In the food? – [Mustafa] In the food, yeah. – Okay. (traditional pop music) We are now walking
through the gold silk area where there are lots
and lots of gold stores and jewelry stores. This is my first time to visit Oman. But I have been to Zanzibar
a couple of times in my life. And also spent some time on
the east coast of Africa. And Zanzibar used to be a part of Oman. It used to be ruled by Oman, and you can see the
resemblance and the similarity. This market, some parts of this market actually have the exact same feel as parts of Stone Town in Zanzibar. Okay. – Okay. So for special occasions,
wedding, and so on, at night, you were this one with a silver belt. – [Mark] Ah, okay. – And this is usually made form silver. – [Mark] Uh hmm. – Yeah. – [Mark] So, you would still
wear that on special occasions? – Yeah. – [Mark] Okay. (traditional pop music) I have kind of a small head. Can I pass for being Omani.
(laughing) – [Mustafa] You’ll apply for
the nationality tomorrow. – [Mark] And what is
this type of hat called? – Koma. – [Mark] Koma? – Yeah, Koma. (speaks in foreign language). – Mustafa has bought me and fitted me in a traditional Omani cap,
and a traditional Omani hat. And this is… These are only worn in Oman. – Yeah, in the Arab countries. – In Arab countries? – Yeah. – So, also, it’s very common to see on the east coast of Africa as well. Thank you very much, Mustafa. – Welcome. – Thank you. – Welcome. – Oh, this is an amazing hat. You guys gotta let me know how I look in the comment section below. But I am loving this look. Now, I can blend it. – [Mustafa] Yeah, you can. – Blend in like I’m Omani now. (laughing) – Except for the spoon in the t-shirt. This guy’s got a spoon in the t-shirt. What does he mean? – Yes. (traditional pop music) We just took a quick drive over to one of the old areas of Muscat. Located in this area
is the Sultan’s palace, which we are walking to right now. And also, there are a lot
of government ministries located in this area as well. – [Mustafa] This one is a local foreman. And this one represents the Sultan. – And you can’t go into the palace. But you admire it from the outside. What’s especially fascinating are the gold and I think, they’re turquoise, or like a type of blue columns which go up the face of the palace. And also, what I really
like are the seals, the Oman seals, which
are golden on the gate. Standing there, and then,
what we’re gonna do. – [Woman] We’re gonna do. – We’re gonna all. We have just pulled up
the Bait Al Zubair museum. And I don’t think they allow
any photography inside, so, I’m just gonna walk around. And then, I will share
with you all what’s inside after we walk around. It’s really an Omani cultural museum. Inside, there was a big
collection of traditional Omani dress, as well as,
there was a big collection of swords and weapons. And then, this whole
complex, you can walk around. There’s a coffee shop. There’s kind of a library area. And then, there’s a model of a traditional Omani home as well. I think it’s probably
about 45 degrees right now. And it’s also pretty humid. So, this is some intense heat. I am just dripping in sweat. And yeah, this is some
intense heat right now. It is so outside, that just
walking for like 15 minutes, it feels like your face is just peeling. The skin is peeling away from your face. And it feels like your
body is just melting. So, you cannot go long without water. (exhaling) (electronic pop music) Oh. (waves crashing) Oh. Maybe we should drive in a little bit. Yeah, you might want to
drive up a little bit. We just drove. It’s a little bit outside of Muscat, to a beach called Qantab Beach. And Mustafa drove all
the way onto the beach, so we are getting a first
hand glimpse of the sea. It’s incredibly beautiful
because you have have the really jagged, brown,
bone dry mountain rocks. But then, the water is
so incredibly turquoise, and blue green, crystal, sparkling water. (electronic music) We have just pulled up for lunch today. And we are gonna go to a
restaurant called Baid Al Luban, which is a very well
known Omani restaurant. One of the unique things
about this restaurant is that it’s an old former hostile. And so, it’s located right next to the main harbor in Muscat. And so people would park their boats. And then, if they needed a place to stay, they would rent a bed in this hostile. But it has been since renovated
into a very nice restaurant serving Omani food. And a number of you
recommended this restaurant. So, we are happy to be
eating here for lunch today. And Mustafa has ordered just
a variety of different dishes. I’m starting off with
this Frankincense water. Umm. Yeah, you can really
tasted the Frankincense. It tastes kind of like woody, like evergreen tree. Yeah. It’s really good. So, we’re starting with a soup,
but it’s actually a curry. It’s an Omani restaurant,
but they sort of do some modern twists to Omani food. So, they serve this curry like a soup, and there’s rice in it, and fish. Umm. Oh, yeah, you can really
taste the dry lemon, or dry lime, which is in here. Oh yeah. It’s kind of like a dried fish stew. And I’m gonna go in for some of the… It’s also lots of onions in this as well. It’s a type of ghee. Some kind of animal oil fat, which you’re supposed
to pour onto the rice. Okay, that’s probably good. Onions. Yeah, lots of onions in here. And I’m gonna make sure
to get some of that rice with that oil on it. Umm. It’s salty dried fish. But it’s really tender. And then, those onions are so tender, that they just dissolve in your mouth. Has a depth of a smokey flavor to it. – [Mustafa] This is Harees. – [Mark] Harees. – [Mustafa] It is mashed
wheat with chicken. And the sauce is a Torsha. Torsha is like a raisin sauce. – [Mark] Is that olive
oil in the middle there? – [Mustafa] No, it’s ghee. – [Mark] Oh, it’s ghee, okay. It looks like olive oil. Okay, so there’s ghee in the middle there. And this kind of a puree, but
stringy from that chicken. And then you gotta get some of that– – [Mustafa] Yeah, dip it. – That sauce as well. Umm. It’s almost like mashed potatoes. If you didn’t know it was wheat, you might think it was mashed potatoes. And then, you have these
little stringy pieces of chicken within it. It’s salty, but then the sauce is sweet, and kind of fruity. And that contrasts the saltiness. Wow, that’s delicious. Okay, there’s some coarse
black pepper in there, but I think there’s
also cardamone in there. Yeah, I think I can taste some cardamone. The next other dish,
and this one of the most import Omani dishes. It’s called Shuwa. And this is lamb this time, which it’s normally cooked underground, until it’s fall apart tender, with a variety of different spices and always eaten with rice. So, I’m gonna… Oh yeah, that feels very tender. I’ll put some of this on to my plate. You can see little
flakes of chili in there. There are some chickpeas
as well in the rice. Uh hmm. Tender lamb, and then, it has a really nice… I think I can taste
some cinnamon in there. Lots of black pepper. And just a little bit of chili. Yeah, that is a delicious dish. And this is one of the
national dishes of Oman. This one is a tomato onion salad with some, the main side here is dried fish. I’ll just take some of
this to put it on my plate. And there’s also, I think this is spinach on the bottom here as well. Really nicely, lemony, and then, the fish, it’s like salty, fish jerky. Ah, that’s really good,
because it’s salty, but really, really lemony,
and really fresh tasting. And then, we got one more
salad dish over here, which is called Sahanet Kasha. There’s some dried fish on top, but the whole thing. This is kind of an arty version of it. And there’s onions and
tomatoes in there as well. Okay, I think this is the
last dish that we ordered. Umm. That has kind of a… That one is not too salty. It sort of has a bitter fish taste to it. Really good as well though. And it’s very refreshing. It has lots of tomatoes, lots of onions, so, it’s kind of crisp, and really juicy. What really strikes me
as a dish that I haven’t tried something like
it, is the mashed wheat with the shredded chicken in it. But it’s really good and
it’s really different from any other dish that I’ve had. And then, definitely, the Shuwa, which is that slow cooked
lamb with the rice. And then, I added on
a little bit of yogurt and tomato sauce. Is also, extremely good. And what I really like about it, Is you can really taste the black pepper. There’s a lot of black pepper in it. And it’s a few simple, maybe
some nutmeg or cinnamon in there as well. But it’s the black pepper
that really comes in nicely. Yeah. – (Speaks in foreign language). – We finished that meal. We were all pretty full. That was a really good meal. And so, Mustafa and I are
now having some coffee. Does this one you think have rosewater? – Yeah, it does. It has rose water and saffron. – Oh, and saffron too. Thank you. Umm. The coffee, it’s not strong coffee. It’s quite light. But you can taste the fragrance, and in this one, there is both saffron, and also rose water. So, it has a little bit of a
spice, aroma fragrance to it, beyond the coffee flavor. Yeah, it’s like a… It’s weak enough where
you can just keep on drinking this all day long. But it’s a very soothing coffee. What was your favorite dish of the meal? The dried fish? – The dried fish, yeah. That was mine. – That one was good. We are gonna head back to the hotel to rest for a little while. Because it is a very hot afternoon. So, it’s common to take
a break in the afternoon. It’s about 6:00 p.m. now,
we just spent two hours resting at the hotel,
trying to wait out the blazing sunshine, and we
are now heading out again. (traditional pop music) We drove over to Qurum, which is, the main beaches right in central Muscat, just near to downtown area. And the sun is going down,
it’s the evening now. That really makes all the difference. And you can just walk along this coast, enjoy the great views of the sea, and also the rocky coastline. (traditional pop music) Driving to an area called Al Seeb. (traditional pop music) – (speaks in foreign language). – The chicken, squid, shrimps. – [Mark] It all sounds good. (laughing) – [Mustafa] (speaks in foreign language). – [Cook] (speaks in foreign language). – [Mustafa] (speaks in foreign language). – [Cook] (speaks in foreign language). – [Mustafa] (speaks in foreign language). – There is not a lot of
street food in Muscat, but one of the most well
known, and one of the best places to eat street food is in Al Seeb, which is right near the ocean. And we have stopped by
to order to mishkak. Which are an assortment
of different skewers. We’ve got some shrimp, some chicken, some liver, some mutton, and some squid. There are few things better in the world than grilled meat on skewer. I think the skewers of meat are marinated, and they are like partially cooked. And then, when you order them,
he puts them onto the grill, and he really fans that fire
to get the flames going, and so, they’re gonna have, I’m sure, I am positive, and anticipating
that they’re gonna have an extremely smokey flavor to them. (unwrapping foil) – [Mustafa] Yeah, very nice. – And I noticed that there
are a couple of butcheries right across the road, so I think there is a lot
of fresh meat in this area. And we’re actually
right next to the beach. Although, it’s night, so
you can’t see the beach. The beach is right behind
this little structure. And you can just smell the meat grilling in this entire area. And they have two different sauces. They have a spicy sauce
and a tamarind sauce which should probably be kind of sweeter and maybe, sour as well. A skewer that I want to try
the most right now first, is liver, and this mutton liver. I’m gonna dip. Dip into that spicy sauce. Oh, yeah. Wow. That is like charred to perfection. It’s spicy and sour. And then, that liver is so tender, but it’s like crispified,
because it’s been grilled on such a high heat, yet he flamed. I think there might be a
piece of fat in there too. You can taste some wonderful
grilled fat juices. Oh, yeah. Mutton liver, fantastic. Okay, I’m gonna try that
sweet tamarind sauce next. Umm. Oh, the tamarind sauce
is more sour than sweet. It’s really good, umm. It’s almost like a sour jam. Okay, next up. Let me go for the squid. Both of the sauces are extraordinary. The tamarind sauce is also really good, because it’s more on the
sour side, than sweet side. But this spicy sauce, I do have a bit of an
addiction to spiciness. Okay, that is good. Did I just fling some sauce at you? – [Camera Person] I think so. – Umm. Squid is a little bit chewy, but while you chew it, it
just keeps on giving flavor. Okay, the mutton skewer next. And I’m gonna go with tamarind this time. Okay. The mutton is amazing. I think it’s marinated
or grilled in some cumin. That’s such a wonderful combination. Mutton and cumin. Any type of meat on skewer,
grilled over charcoal is one of my favorite things in the world. And I am just dripping now in sweat. Not only is it like maybe
above about 40 degrees, but it’s also extremely humid. We’re right next to the beach, and this is the definition
of a meat sauna. You can just, the air
is just humid with meat. – [Cook] (speaks in foreign language). – Thank you. And also, you can stand
here and eat your mishkak, but a lot of people just order,
just pull up in their cars, and then order, and
then just sit in the a/c as well to avoid the meat
sweats like have right now. Thank you, Mustafa. That was awesome man. – [Mustafa] (speaks in foreign language). – Alright. – [Mark] Yeah, mixed. – [Mustafa] (speaks in foreign language). – [Cook] (speaks in foreign language). – [Mustafa] (speaks in foreign language). – [Mark] Oh yes, this is a good place. (restaurant patrons talking loudly) – If we did, you don’t have this (speaks in foreign language). – (Speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). This restaurant is
famous for serving camel. You kind of walk up to,
there’s a buffet line, where they have the dishes prepared. They have a number of
different types of rice. You choose your rice, and they
have two main camel dishes. One of them is chunks of
camel, which is fried. And then, one of them is
like a stew or a curry camel. And so, we got a mix of both, and they put it all into a bowl. And then, they gave us a platter of rice. And then, we also got a half
a chicken thrown on top. And this is fantastic. They put out a piece of plastic, and then put your food down, and it’s got some yogurt
to go with it as well. Alright. – [Mustafa] Whatever you prefer, yeah. – [Mark] However you want? – [Mustafa] Yeah, however you want. – [Mark] Okay. Oh, you make a– – [Mustafa] No, you don’t make a bowl. But in Omani, you use your hand, so you hold it like this,
then you can either go for it like this, or you can push it with your finger to your mouth, yeah. – Okay. I’m gonna start with
a piece of camel meat, and there’s also pieces of camel fat. Before mixing with any rice
or any yogurt or sauce, I’m just gonna try one piece of camel. A nugget of camel. Oh, that’s amazing. Oh, that is insanely good. It’s so tender. It does taste very
similar to beef, actually. But a little more meaty
tasting, gamey tasting. But not really, it’s
actually surprisingly really, really tender. I wasn’t expecting it to be that tender. This is the camel hump. So, that’s just a pure chunk of white fat. Oh, wow. That just melts in your mouth. It does have a meaty taste to it. But it’s not like a gelatinous fat. It just melts in your mouth. But it’s almost like squid. It has a little bit of
a chewy texture to it. Yogurt to my rice. And also, this is a type of chatni. Like a tomato, it’s like a tomato chatni. Put on to my rice here, and then also, I’m gonna go
in for some of the onions and salad onions. And I think this is rocket. Go in for some of that, that camel is just insane. I’m gonna mix all of that together. Whoa. That is insanely delicious. And the combination of the camel, with the rice, the tomato chatni, the cooling yogurt,
that’s ridiculous good. Next up, I’m gonna try the chicken. And this is chicken that has been steamed. Wow. I barely even pulled, and
just a whole chunk of chicken just came off. It’s so soft. Oh, wow, that feels tender. And for this bite, I’m gonna
attempt to eat Omani style. And what they do, is you
kind of make it into a… You kind of grab a whole fist full. And then, you kind of get it
into the center of your hand. And I will do my best to not spill. Okay, a little messy. Umm. Wow, the chicken is soft though. The chicken just sort of
dissolves in your mouth. And I think I got a raisin
in that bite as well. – [Camera Person] Mark
you have rice on your– – [Mark] Grab a piece of camel. – [Mustafa] Almost. – Almost. Okay. I need some practice at
that method of eating. But it tastes incredible. I’m absolutely loving this meal. The camel is delicious. And even the rice is really good. There are two different types of rice.. The redder rice, or oranger rice, has a little bit of spice to it. And it also has kind of a clove fragrance. You can see some cloves in there. And then, it just compliments
the camel so nicely. That is insanely delicious. The whole combination. But that camel is stunner. That was just an absolute stunning meal. The camel was so tender, and so flavorful, that my mouth still, like, after finishing the
meal, my mouth is still overflowing with camel flavors. Yeah, this was an incredible
first day in Muscat. From here, just gonna
head back to the hotel. I wanna say a special thank you to Mustafa for bringing us around, and for showing us some
incredible sites around Muscat, as well as some incredible food, particularly this last meal, was just my kind of a meal. Stay tuned for tomorrow. We will have a full day in Muscat again. Actually, we’ll be traveling to Nizwa. And so, stay tuned for the next video. Please remember to give
today’s video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And leave a comment below. And make sure you subscribe
for lots more food and travel videos. And I will see you on the next video. Good night from Muscat. And I’ll see you on the next video. (beep) – [Woman] It’s real? – It’s real gold. – It’s real? Want to buy me one?
(laughing) Thank you. – [Mustafa] Yeah, now is the time. (laughing) It won’t have diamond, only gold. – (speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). Now, if you did, you don’t have this (speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). – (speaks in foreign language). Okay. – [Camera Person] Take one (laughs). After take 10. – For dinner tonight, we
are at a restaurant called (speaks in foreign language). (laughing) Not quite. For dinner tonight, we
are at a restaurant called (speaks in foreign language). And this… (laughing) Okay, I better not say the
name of the restaurant. – [Camera Person] Yogurt on your lip. – And I got yogurt on my lip. It is easy to pick out my shoes. (traditional music)

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