India to Canada with Layover in Frankfurt, Germany (Without European/Schengen Visa)

India to Canada with Layover in Frankfurt, Germany (Without European/Schengen Visa)

its 7:45 am and I have reached Frankfurt, Germany I travelled in Airbus a380 – worlds largest passenger plane This was my overall experience with Airbus 380 and Lufthansa Connecting flights and trains are available this side Water dispensers are available here Refill your water bottle here I used airports toilet to get fresh and ready for today Go that side if you are exiting the airport this side for transit passengers like me you wont require a transit visa here in Germany Most of the countries allow passengers to transit without visa but there are a few like USA You need a visa even if you are using US airports just for transiting I am not sure how many countries are there like USA Most of them allow passengers if you want to exit the airport here… … you’ll need a Schengen visa while I was talking to you … they called me They asked me – ‘Where are you going?’ I replied – Toronto “Are you a YouTuber?” Yes ‘Can we subscribe to your channel?’ Yes! “What is the name of your channel?” MountainTrekker They were happy to see my videos They gave me a lot of valuable information I have to go to the ‘B’ zone this is ‘Z’ Usually I don’t find such friendly people at the airports most of them just say not to make videos I am glad to meet both of them Here comes my train! This train connects airport buildings Air Canada flights operates from Zone B I again forgot the gate number People say Almonds are good to improve memory but my parents use to give a lot of Almonds still I couldn’t score good in Maths so its all useless You can use these recliners in the transit zone you can even ride a bicycle! I can hear notification sounds from my mobile took it out from flight mode after we landed I asked at the information counter is it ok to make video at the airport? they replied … There are strict laws for photography and videography in EU You cant show any airport official in the camera also cant take closeups of other airport users so be careful while taking pictures or videos at airports Another security check. Camera off another important thing to share with you Security checks are very high like I experienced in USA The full-body scanners were like those i saw at Boston, USA but official’s behaviour is very different from the Americans officials here were super friendly You saw how was my experience in USA! Here the officials opened the bags on their own At first they asked me to remove everything from my pant’s pocket even some notes of INR even the passport they asked to take out all chargers, camera, etc from the bag my bad was almost empty by then it took 3-4 trays to empty everything then I went into the scanner they scanned my full body after a beep-beep they asked to check me manually exactly like Boston but here people were very polite even said thanks at the end till then all the trays got scanned They asked me to take out the bottle of deodorant from the bag it was a 200 ml bottle though the actual content left was less than 50 ml they said containers less than 100 ml are only allowed I had to leave my deodorant there, but you please be careful everything went so well with all smiling faces I thanked them and appreciated their politeness its 9 am 1:30pm in India boarding is going to start before that I have to share instagram story using airports wifi wifi is free for unlimited use i am getting the messages now got the boarding pass while getting the boarding pass they started asking questions i thought why are they asking immigration questions! i looked up and found that was also an immigration counter “Whats the reason of your travel, final destination, what is your job, place of your stay” I answered everything they thought I am a PR of canada but I cleared their misunderstanding I have been invited by Canada

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  1. U r the best YouTuber I have ever seen….And I love to watch your videos too????…..Stay safe and happy….God bless

  2. I am from Germany
    And I love my country
    Super Clean
    Super Fast
    Then land of humanity
    Germany made my life

  3. You're very formal . Loosen up a bit like 3:33 . We'll feel more connected as your current style is a bit monotonous.

  4. Bhaiya aapko deo aise nhi Dena thaa ..AAP usko ache se laga lete or Baki kapdo par dal dete to acha rehtaa na ….waste na hotaa …?

  5. Varun best thing about your videos that we feel like we are traveling with you , not just watching videos. The way you talk it’s just coming out from your heart keep it up

  6. Soo true Varun ! Even I was selected for random security check at Frankfurt before heading to US. I mistakenly forgot my small bottle I got from airlines with very little water in it. And when it went through the machine they very politely told me that there would might be some liquid in my bag and actually the Male official took my permission before opening the bag. Every official were soo polite and friendly at Frankfurt. Idk why but I was touched by their attitude at dealing with passengers truly.

  7. Koi mujhe plz plz batayega…India se turkey ka totally paisa kitna lageyga 7days ke liye….(flight/room/food/visa)ETC…

  8. I'm a big fan of you Varun ,till now i have watched 200 (approximately) videos of you, i want to meet you one day i hope so✌?

  9. Sir ye immigration check wale itna questions kyo karte hai? Darr lagta in logon se mujhe. Next Video me iske bare kuch bataye.

  10. How can I have a chat with you bro? I really love your travelling videos. I'm a traveler but can't travel because of money. I want to know few basic things from you. I need to talk to you.

  11. Commenting all with good words here so that people get surprised and come on my channel as well 😀

  12. V Good…. useful info.too, suggest ..On your jacket/shirt you display some stick on YouTuber nice badge !!

  13. Hi Varun… I am unable to access Tourist Helpline FB group. Looks like I have been blocked. May I know the reason please? I never posted anything inappropriate.

  14. My nephew Dr. Akshat Sharma flew early this morning to Frankfurt to Birmingham (his further destination ) he shared about a few minutes that the flight/services were all fine except the delay which was due to the late departure.

  15. I really enjoyed this video and thanks and I appreciate you for the subtitles otherwise I couldn't enjoy this video because I'm not good in hindi

  16. Hey Varun.. We watch all your videos and seriously we are trying to follow your path.. Hope you read my comment and help us to increase subscribers and viewers. Thanks from Delhi and Kanpur.

  17. Anyone else noticed in background at around 4:50 that child goes running to his mom! Must be a reunion and it's soo kawaii!

  18. Excellent video. really loved seeing it.
    Stick with it .subscribed to you.
    I would appreciate it when you sub back please ? ? ❤&✌

  19. Indians do need a transit visa to transit through germany, but a usa or Canadian visa is good to transit

  20. I have query actually I am traveling to Canada from Delhi and have layover of 2 hrs approx each in Munich and london. Do I need a transit visa?? Pls pls pls let me know

  21. so there is no need for a German transit visa for Indians?
    please clarify me, I need to travel to India from Jamaica

  22. Dear Mountain Trekker , your all video is very helpful for new traveling to Canada and i watch your maximum video and I want to know more about Canada immigration ……………..please

  23. VIDEO LIKE KAR DIYA SIR…!!!! Awesome video. thankyou. I was feeling very excited when I was watching your video. Thankyou.

  24. When they say good luck for your visit…you are supposed to say "thank you so much" instead of "yaya".
    Please take care of it

  25. Hy I am travelling to Canada from Delhi (India) and have a stopage at Frankfurt for 6 hours. Do I need a transit visa? (Student visa though) india- frankfurt- toronto

  26. Sir muje aapse baat karni he aapka personally watsp.insta ya cell num mil sakta he ……muje canada k liye apse baat karni he so pls sir i heartly request……

  27. Hi. I have also got PR and planning to move to Canada shortly. Can you please advise if I need to take a transit visa in Frankfurt If I have only PRTD for Canada? Also, since you are an avid traveler, how would you rate Airlines – Condor, KLM, Alitalia?

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