India Travel Tips | Things You Should Know Before Visiting India

India Travel Tips | Things You Should Know Before Visiting India

Well hello hello. It has been a while since we made a video. We are now back in Canada having finished
our India trip about a month ago. Yeah, it is kind of confession time. I think we’ve been home for actually even
longer. More like 6 or 7 weeks. It has been a while. It has been a while. I almost feel camera shy. Like we haven’t recorded ourselves in a really
long time so yeah. We’ve been back in Canada for a while now. And we’ve been editing all of the video footage
we’ve shot in India and now that we’re done with that we thought we should share a few
travel tips for India and just maybe talk a little bit more about our experiences. So that is what our video is going to be like. We’re going to be doing also kind of like
a budget breakdown so if you see us staring down at our computers that is what we’re doing. Yeah exactly and this will be a little bit
different than the city guide tips we did because we’re doing this kind of as a general
country. The whole country. For all of India. Yeah. Let’s get started. So first up let’s talk money matters and the
exchange. So right the currency exchange is $1 USD=64
Rupees. Yeah. Exactly. And India can be as cheap or as expensive
destination as you want it to be. Yes. Back in 2010, the first time I visited India,
I was an ultra hardcore backpacker. And I think for like the entire month if I
remember correctly I spent less than five hundred US dollars so it was one of the cheapest
destinations I’ve ever been to. But on this particular trip we were like more
in the mid-range section I would say. Yeah, I would say we stayed in 3 star hotels. Yeah, most of the time. The majority of the time. So just to give you guys an idea of what you
can expect to spend. A cup of chai on a train is $0.15 cents. If you’re staying in a dorm room those start
for as little as $2 dollars. Super cheap. Yeah. Super cheap. Super cheap. If you’re going to be staying in a 3 star
hotel like what we were doing those were usually about $25 US dollars. And you can plus or minus ten to fifteen dollars
depending where you are. In a really big city it is going to be a bit
more. Like Delhi and Kolkata were more. But in some of the smaller places we went
to like Jaisalmer and Jodhpur it was a little bit cheaper. Yeah, so. And when we were eating out in restaurants
having a vegetarian dinner for 4 people that was usually around $10 dollars. So very affordable. And again you can get cheaper with that or
also more expensive too. So yeah, India is a great country to fit any
kind of budget to be honest. You can travel with next to nothing or you
can go luxury the whole way. In terms of travel in India in this exact
moment one particular thing that you should be aware of as a traveler is the demonetization
and cash crisis issue. When we were traveling certain ATMs didn’t
have cash and the reason being that certain old bills were demonetized. The old 500 and 1000 rupees notes were replaced
with a new 500 and now a 2000 denomination and so what that means for you as a traveler
is that it is a good idea for you to come into the country with some money to exchange
at the airport or for example while you’re at the airport when you first arrive to actually
go and use an ATM and if you have multiple cards, say like multiple debit cards, multiple
credit cards then withdraw as much max out at these different ATMs. As many rupees as you can. Right. Because otherwise we found that on our first
night in Delhi we had to go looking for cash and we must have visited probably like 8 or
9 ATMs and lined up waiting to get money. And it really sucks when you’ve been standing
in line for like 15 or 20 minutes and there is still like 3 or 4 people ahead of you and
they run out of cash at the ATM. It is like oh crap. Right. Gotta go looking for a new one. So when my parents arrived a day after us
so we told them at the airport cash in your US dollars. Yes. And take out a whole bunch of money at the
ATMs and we’ll reimburse you and that is exactly what we did. Yeah. So the situation improved greatly for us. I think we went to the ATM one or two more
times on the rest of our trip and it was okay. So hopefully it is fine now but just a heads
up warning in case it is not. And speaking about money India is a cash based
society so you really want to make sure that you have bills on you as opposed to credit
cards. Yeah. Especially if you’re eating in like really
small restaurants or shopping in the markets it is good to have cash and speaking of cash
it is also a really good idea to have small bills. So try to break those large bills anytime
you get a chance yeah because if you want to buy like a cup of chai or pay a tuk-tuk
(autorickshaw) driver they often times don’t have change. Right. Especially, I mean especially for the 2000
bill. That one is really hard to break. The 500 is also hard one to break. Unfortunately when you use ATMs those are
going to be the bills that are spitting out. So it is almost a bit of a game. Whenever you can cash that in do so. And yeah, we also noticed even at some hotels
some took credit cards but others didn’t and so we needed to pay with cash. That was a great time break some of the bigger
bills. So next up let’s talk about transportation
and traffic. If you are traveling in a really big city
like Mumbai or Delhi you need to take traffic into account. Oh yeah. So if you’re going to the airport or going
to the train station or the bus terminal give yourself extra time because yeah we nearly
missed a train because we got stuck in traffic. Yeah, we left so early from our hotel in Delhi
but it was just so crowded getting to the Old Delhi train station. In fact, our taxi driver wasn’t even able
to drive us all of the way there we had to make like this split second decision to like
get out of the cab. We threw our like luggage over this railing,
crossed like a crazy busy street and so yeah you’re definitely going to want to plan for
delays and also plan for traffic as well. Yeah, and delays that is something that you’re
going to experience a lot if you’re traveling by train. Mmmhmm. I think our worst train delay was about five
hours. Right. So yeah that is something you really have
no control over. Yeah, so bring snacks if you’re traveling. Um because I mean they don’t always sell food
on the trains and just have some entertainment so you can pass time. If I remember correctly it was really hit
or miss for some of our train trips. Like our first trip from Delhi to Jaisalmer
was within it was an 18 hour trip and it arrived only maybe like 30 minutes late or something
like that. So that was amazing. But other trips I think the worst case was
Varanasi to Kolkata. Our train was like 5 hours delayed even leaving. So yeah but in terms of transportation we
highly recommend the trains over buses. It is just such a more comfortable ride. It is kind of a classic way of seeing India. I mean it is just a very fun experience being
on the train. It is and that being said if you’re going
to be traveling by train you need to book those tickets months in advance. Yes, we were a group of four because we were
traveling with Sam’s parents and we tried booking probably like 4 months in advance. Yeah. And we were already having trouble finding
like 4 seats in the same cabin because it was starting to sell out. We wanted to go 1st class the whole way. Luxury. And we weren’t quite able to do that. Most of our trips we got the seats we wanted
booking that far in advance but not everything. But I think there is something called the
tourist quota at some stations. Yes, so once you arrive in India you can try
booking your tickets there and there is a number of tickets that have been saved for
tourists. Yeah. But I mean that can also be hit or miss because
we were talking to a few travelers and they had to wait a day or two before they could
get on the trains they wanted to be on. So that is definitely not something we’d recommend
especially for your whole trip. Like exactly it is hit or miss. You may get it you may not and they are not
available at every station either so that should be pointed out. It is probably only at major stations in certain
select cities. So since we’re already talking about transportation
let’s talk about taxis and tuk-tuks. If you’re traveling in the budget or mid-range
level you’re going to be taking a lot of tuk-tuks which are actually called autorickshaws or
autos in India. And yeah, I mean you’re going to experience
all kinds of things when taking these types of things. Like what would be your biggest tip for taking
them? Well my biggest tip if you’re going to be
traveling by taxi or tuk-tuk would be to agree on a price before you get in because they
will try to hike up the fare and make you pay triple or quadruple of what you should
be paying and if you don’t know how much you should be paying ask at your hotel. Just go down to reception and be like you
know I want to go visit this place how much do you think a taxi should cost. Yeah and they’ll give you an estimate. Or if you’re arriving in a train station for
instance try to find there is usually an official place where you can get like a pre-paid taxi. Right exactly. Go for that option because you’ll be paying
a lot less and keep in mind if you’re a tourist usually and you don’t know the price they
are usually going to jack it up big time what they’re asking for so it is a much better
idea to have a ballpark figure of how much it is going to cost because otherwise you’re
going to be negotiating from a point of weakness rather than a point of strength. I would say another important thing is to
carry directions, have a little map and even have your hotel’s phone number especially
if you’re grabbing a taxi in a really big city because you can’t expect your driver
to know where your hotel in like some tiny little neighborhood and the outskirts of town. So try to make it easy for them to know where
you’re going and also have your Google Maps open so you can see if you’re heading in the
right direction. Right. And keep in mind like some of these cities
in places your’e visiting are ancient. They’ve been around for hundreds or thousands
of years so you’re not talking about a city with a necessarily like a grid-like formation. You may be staying in a back-alley that is
kind of serpentine and twists out on to various roads. So yeah, that is a really good tip to make
sure you have a good map pre-loaded on your phone. Alright, let’s talk about food. You may have noticed that we went vegetarian
while we were traveling in India and that was a very conscious decision on our part. We kind of made that decision early on. I remember we walking around through Old Delhi
and we just saw like a stack of sheep’s heads on the road and they were just like butchering
and skinning the animal and it was just sitting out there in the sun and we were thinking
hmmm this probably isn’t a good idea. And keep in mind meat preparation is going
to vary between establishment from one establishment to the next. Of course there are places that have very
high standards for refrigeration and whatnot but you just don’t know and so we decided
to go vegetarian and to be honest we were eating a lot of like dairy based products. Like things like curd and paneer and other
things like that so I feel like we were definitely getting enough protein on our trip. Yeah, we didn’t really have a whole lot of
street food on this trip but if you’re feeling adventurous and you want to sample it just
make sure it is a really busy place with a quick turnover. Exactly, so make sure and by a busy place
you want to look for locals eating there. Yes. Not just a bunch of tourists because you know
you want to make sure local people are eating there and you want to make sure it is busy. There should be a line basically. Yeah. And if there is nobody there then yeah definitely
I wouldn’t be adventurous enough to try it at that particular stall. Yeah. So in terms of choosing restaurants we mostly
just checked trip advisor to see what was in our area, what was highly rated and also
the hotels we stayed in had pretty good restaurants as well. We were having a lot of curries and thali
sets. And you can also get recommendations from
the staff at hotels. Another thing to check out would be like for
instance food blogs on particular cities. And if you’re going to totally wing it again
apply the same standards that you would to street food. Go to a place that looks busy, that has a
high turnover rate, that has a lot of locals eating there. And in terms of beverages we just stuck to
bottled water and sodas. Yeah, beer sometimes. Sometimes beer. Haha. Beer is quite expensive in India but. We ordered sodas and we noticed that in two
instances we got bottles that were already expired so maybe just check the expiry date
before you guzzle like half a litre of coke. Yeah, that is a good tip. And yeah some people go as far as brushing
their teeth only with bottled water. I didn’t do that. Yeah we weren’t that strict but if you want
to be that kind of precaution is something you could think of as well. Time to discus health. Thoughts on staying healthy in India. Yeah, thoughts on staying healthy in India. Well, I mean to be brutally honest it is tough
to go for a long trip in India without having any some sort of digestive issue. Yes. I mean I’ve done we’ve done what we’ve both
done two trips now to India. And compared to the first time that I traveled
in India I was so much healthier this trip. I was a lot more careful but both times I
ended up getting a little bit sick. How sick did you get on this trip? I puked, I had diarrhea it all happened. But anyways that is just part of travel in
India really. So a few tips we can offer maybe consider
taking probiotics before you start your trip just so you’ve got some good bacteria in there. Yeah, that is a good tip and the types of
things you can take um probably at the very top of the list would be Imodium, you’d also
want to take hand-sanitizer as well and maybe like some kind of wipe, some kind of baby
wipes because you don’t always like for example you may not be getting sick from the food
you ate it may be like something that you touched, like your shoe or for example a filthy
door or something like that. So having wipes like that especially they
came in handy on the trains. Okay, so on one of the really long train rides
they actually ran out of water in the sinks outside the bathrooms. You couldn’t wash your hands. Yeah. So I mean can you imagine having stomach problems
and then coming out and oh crap there is no water. So wipes are very handy. Wipes and hand sanitizer. Yes. And I mean keep in mind like it is good to
carry these things and to use them obviously but don’t be paranoid about it. Like you know I’ve seen some people where
it goes overboard. You know just use them when you feel like
you need to but you know don’t be paranoid about it. Also make sure to stay hydrated it can get
really hot especially if you’re sightseeing all day and sometimes you’re so excited taking
pictures that you kind of forget to take water with you. But just make sure you’re drinking plenty. Yeah. And lots of bottled water in the backpacks. Yes. In the daypacks. Yep. Also, we should mention immunizations depending
on where you’re traveling in India. We got our shots for Hepatitis A and B and
also Typhoid. Yeah. But if you’re going I guess further south
where it is more tropical and jungles you may need extra shows. I mean just look it up online and make sure
you get the shots in advance. That would be the tip. I think the shots aren’t required it is more
of a precaution. Exactly. And yeah just as a caveat we obviously to
be giving medical advice we have no background. Just talk to your doctor. Talk to your doctor do your own research and
come prepared. So next up we’re going to talk a little bit
about safety in India. I would say my number one tip for women would
be to dress modestly. You know try to cover up a little bit more
than maybe you would back at home. And this isn’t just to be respectful like
if you’re visiting a temple but I mean just to not draw any extra attention because you’re
already going to be getting a lot of attention as a foreigner in India and it would be a
bit uncomfortable. But I found in terms of safety the only time
where it felt a bit awkward was with aggressive touts, aggressive tuk-tuk drivers and vendors
and things like that. We didn’t have any issues in terms of just
wandering randomly on the streets or anything did we? I felt very safe in India to be honest. Yeah. Well, if I was wandering around on my own
I did have a few advances that just weren’t very pleasant and it kind of throws you off. There are different standards for men and
women. I think as a guy it is a bit easier obviously
in that regard. But um speaking of safety we would recommend
arriving in a new destination before dark. Right. The few times we had really late train rides
there was I wouldn’t say super shady activity but we got hassled a bit more going out to
go for tuk-tuks. We actually had these kids come up and try
to swipe things off of our backpacks. Yeah. And stuff like that. And they did like they grabbed stuff out of
Sam’s Mom’s backpack. What is going on. In hindsight it wasn’t a big deal but I mean
it wasn’t pleasant and obviously in broad daylight you minimize the chance of that happening. Yeah, and also it can just be a little bit
hard to navigate a city at night so that is why it is better to try to arrive maybe like
in the morning or in the afternoon and you can kind of plan it that way. Yeah a strong preference for that so see if
you can plan your schedule with that in mind. Alright, so to wrap things up let’s talk about
thing we would have done differently in India. Well first of all we were traveling with a
group with my parents and we definitely tried to do too much in too short of a period of
time. Yeah. And India is not the type of destination where
you’re necessarily going to want to be rushing around. Like imagine if you have a really tight schedule
and you are having like some stomach issues. Like getting on a really long an 18 hour train
that could be an absolute nightmare. Yeah. Right? So it is good to plan some flexibility in
your schedule. Some buffer time in case of illness. It is good to focus on a particular region
rather than racing around trying to do everything. Like on our particular trip we were as far
east in Jaisalmer. Sorry west. West. Not east. West. We were right close to the Pakistan border
and by the time we finished our trip in Kolkata we were near Bangladesh. Yeah. So we went we crossed the whole country. Yeah, we went from west to east and we were
in North India the whole time but if I could have done our particular trip again we would
have focused more on Rajasthan and maybe gone to Udaipur and Pushkar instead of trying smaller
towns would have been nice. Right instead of trying to go all the way
to Kolkata but with that being said when I asked my parents what their favorite destination
was it was Varanasi and that was our second to last stop going east. So they did enjoy it but I think if we could
have done it again we would have focused more on one particular region and we would have
also gone to more some more smaller places as well. Because I think one of the big mistakes to
make in India is to go from one big city to the next big city to the next big city. Because to be perfectly honest that is going
to wear you out over time. Yeah. And if you mix in some smaller destinations
you might actually find that you enjoyed those even more. Like I remember your favorite destination
was what Jaisalmer? Yes. And it is probably not a coincidence it was
the smallest place that we ended up going to. So yeah, mix in some smaller places with some
bigger ones. That is a big tip we have. So we’re just thinking here we don’t have
a whole lot of regrets so I’m not sure there is anything else we would have changed aside
from that. Uh, maybe traveling a little bit earlier on
in the year. It was starting to get a bit warm by the end
of our trip. Okay. Okay. So the most ideal time to travel in India
really is probably between like late October to say mid-February. Maybe late February. Once you start getting in to March or April
it really warms up. Especially in certain locations. I remember when we finished in Kolkata it
was like in the 30s already. And that was early March. We left like what March 6th or March 7th? Hmmm. So it was already getting really warm in Kolkata
for instance. But if you’re traveling in especially from
let’s say November to January you’re going to be looking at the coolest temperatures
and it is actually going to be quite pleasant. You can walk around in sort of casual clothes
in the afternoon and maybe even I remember when I was traveling like in 2010 at night
sometimes I had to put on a jacket especially when I went up really far like when I was
up in like Mcleod Ganj and Amritsar for example. So final thoughts from our trip in India. What do you think? Final thoughts. I highly recommend going to India. To be perfectly honest anyone who is traveled
to India that I’ve talked to it is sort of it is kind of a polarizing place. You’ll have people that like ah this was amazing. This was probably the most adventurous trip
I’ve ever had. I’d love to go back and I’ve also talked to
people that really didn’t like it and won’t go back. So it is one of those destinations where you’re
probably by the end of your trip you’re probably going to have a strong opinion about it. Yeah. But personally we would recommend it. Yep. We had a really great time and it was cool
to share the experience with my parents obviously. Yeah. They really enjoyed it. They really enjoyed it as well. So yeah, we do recommend travel in India and
um who knows in the future we may be back again as well. I think so. I’d like to see the south like down in Kerala. Yeah. I think that would be fun. That would be our next trip to go to the south
part of India and for instance if you have a particular area in India that you’d like
to recommend traveler’s go to please share that because we did a bit more of a classic
typical route. Yeah. Yes. And we would love to know of different types
of maybe like more off the beaten path destinations or certain areas that of India that you feel
are underrated. Please share those in the comments because
this will help a lot of travelers for sure. And on that note I think those are all of
our tips or all that we can think of right now. If you have anymore questions about travel
in India again just leave us a comment and we’ll try to answer your questions and yeah
that is it for now. Yeah, tata.

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  23. I'm looking forward to India, already booked my flight, and I'm trying to book my train tickets. I already registered with but I can't go any further until i get the OTP verification codes for my email and mobile number. I registered with cleartrip already. What's the best way to book the ticket from overseas, i'm from california. i read in seat61 that I need to register with IRCTC an cleartrip. any tips is appreciated. I got 44 days to go until my flight departs

  24. Sam and Audrey, am a resident of India and the way you described India, you earned my authenticity to believe on your Videos for the countries, I haven't visited. Thums up.

  25. Women have to be careful and matter which country…1.ideal timings for solo woman traveller is 7am to 7.30pm.. dawn to dusk in night adventures 3. get 4g internet as soon as you land..such that you could Google for anything you want…4.get your antibiotics beforehand..incase you fall sick 5.if you feel people are staring at you..then just smile nd say namaste… people stare here mostly because of curiosity nd not to trouble you or any evil intentions mostly 6.women travellers carry a scarf or a shawl..u might need it in some conservative or religious places counter the spicy food can have lot of yougurt..which is good for your health nd gut revitalize your can frequently have sugarcane juice, buttermilk..nd glucon-d( you get it in chemist/ medical shop )9.take uber or ola cab for travelling..but don't be so careless that you fall asleep in it 10.advisable not to drink or smoke publicly or any PDA not consume soft drinks or food offered by strangers..they could be vultures in disguise could ask educated indian women or girl students for any help or advice.. preferably not go to small lanes or places were no women is metro cities there are women taxi..incase you need..15.there are Big bazaar supermarkets in most of the cities..which is a indian version of walmart 16.Basically you cannot stereotype find every range nd diversity here.. poverty to super rich…Street food to five star hotels..filth to clean nd greenery nd calm places..17.india has conservative places were women are fully covered i.e sarees to modern cities like Delhi..Mumbai.. Bangalore..hyderabad..kolkata…were you find women are in jeans..skirts..modern clothing 18.welcome to India..just don't panic.. come with no expectations.. explore yourself..there is fun in chaos here?? 19.if you find Street dog here..just walk far from it and don't give an eye contact..and you would be fine religious places nd temples you will find holy cows..monkeys..just be far..and you would be fine reduce culture shock and to get acclimatized best to first visit Mumbai then south India then finally to North India 22. Best route could be Mumbai to Goa to Kerela to Bangalore to Hyderabad to Delhi..Agra..mathura…Jaipur.. Lucknow..Varanasi…23. India has two types of is indian toilet..where you need to is good for bowel movement nd people suffering from constipation ? and the other type is western toilet where you can sit and surf on your phone 24. Hinduism is a major religion in India..along with many other religious practices..Muslims..Christians..Jews..Buddhists..Jain' India major languages are English and Hindi..and many local languages..26.most of the times you don't have to Google translate in India because most of the people speak English with understandable indian accent 27.install your Google maps in the phone for hotel and restaurant location and reviews…28.incase you travel in a tuktuk vehicle for not fight or argue or giggle at them…because they are as such frustrated with their struggle for existence…and have very less patience for arguments 29.try not to argue with lower strata people for petty saying because some tourist do? 30. When in like a Romans…31.india is not what media/ news channels portraits as slums..dirty..filthy..full of poverty..rapes…you will know India ..only when you visit..32.have yakult probiotic drink,amul buttermilk,Amul yougurt, sugarcane juice,coconut water,bananas to avoid upset stomach..

  26. ALERT- Long Post(Do read once if you are travelling to India)

    I would like to talk more about women safety issue in my country India. The problem is, a certain percentage of population is not educated and hence they behave in highly irresponsible forgetting the fact that they are representing 125 Crores Indian on the global platform. Their are problems and there have been many unfortunate incidents. Government is working on this and we as a citizen of this country will try our best to make it more safer and make you feel like home. Other major problems are Cleanliness, traffic, following rules.

    India is completly different in each direction. If you plan to visit Gujarat it is located next to Rajasthan you can have a chance of seeing Asiatic lions, Temples(there are more temples in India then play grounds), Palitana it is like 900 years old and at 600 m height, Saputara, beaches, Gandhi Ashram, Ship breaking yards(2nd Largest in the world) and many others. I am attaching gujarat tourism official website for reference purpose

    The best part of the year to visit Gujarat is Navratri (google it)

    Coming on food and cultural in this part of world is highly different than what you will see in North, South, East of India. Majority of the population is vegetarian but they all share love for food and you will encounter N number of places to try new things.

    Coming on to how to take out the best of India and travelling with ease.
    1. Transportation-

    Trains are ideally the best mode of transportation as you will be able to see real India and it would be more relaxing. Try to book your tickets, always carry an ID card(Passport)and keep it handy just in case if it asked. You can place your food order online and pay online and it will be delivered at your seat. You will have to select Station at which you want. This facility is available on mostly all trains. Check out official website of IRCTC( This food would be good both in terms of quality and tastes. Buying food from vendors they might charge you more if you dont have any idea on pricing. On the website they have clearly mentioned rates of items. You can buy foods(snacks) from Railway Station also and they cannot charge more than the amount written on the item.

    During winter's their is serve fog in the northern part of India hence trains get late. I am not defending that trains are always on time in India, but in very rare occasions it will be 4 to 5 hours late. You can also track departure and arrival history of your train in its previous trips on this website

    ONE MORE THING in case of emergency (I pray you will never need that )when you are on the train, there will be Police(not 100% sure) in AC Compatments(AC teir-1,2,3) you can contact them. If no one is helping you can tweet to he will surely help. FOR WOMENS they can dial 182 this helpline number is dedicated specifically for women travellers.

    Try to maintain some distance with people bcoz here people are more friendly and they don't understand where the border line lies. Never eat or accept anything from unknown.

    Flights network has changed drastically in past few years. It will be the fastest mode transportation and their are many websites like makemytrip, goibibo where you can find cheap flight tickets

    Bus- Select this as your last option even this is relaxing nowadays with advancement in road networks and good buses. You can book buses on,, PLEASE CHECK REVIEWS BEFORE YOU SELECT. Try to travel on VOLVO's because you will get comfortness and would avoid rush. DON'T ever travel by STATE TRANSPORTATION BUS.

    If you have more questions email me at [email protected]


    P.S.- Pardon my grammatical and typing mistakes

  27. South India is great. You guys can explore Bangladesh also. Chittagong and Cox's Bazar (world's largest sea beach) won't disappoint you. Also Sylhet is an amazing city.

  28. When you come here, pls choose to stay in some decent hotels; dont stereotype thge way usually westerners do. We're fed up. You need to visit the structures of glory of India's past dating back to 2000-2500 yrs. You will be surprised to see India's prowess in engineering & architecture dating back to 2000-2500 yrs. Many temples are super structures; even today, with the kind of technology, one cant find extremely difficult to build the similar strucures. Also, Pls spend some money here. Just because cheap accommodations are availble, dont stay there. Here, even poor ppl wont stay there, you foreigners stay & stereotype India has only this. The fact is foreigners dont spend enough money or they wont be having enough money to spend. Come & stay in decent places.
    Must Visit for Heritage sites.Though many temples means religious places but they are all heritage strucures, enjoy the extreme engineering prowess & architecture existed in ancient india. Take a bet you will be totally different from other Vlogers who show same stuff stereotyping india as a poor country with nothing is availble. The fact is the foreigners who come here are poor & cant afford and paint that everything remains like that. Pls chk out ?
    1) Ajanta -Ellora cave temples.Aurangabad
    2) Elephanta caves; Mumbai.
    3) Brihadeshwara temple
    4) Madurai Meenakshi temple.
    5) Belur-Halebid temple
    6) Swamy Narayan temple.
    7) Sri Rangam temple.
    8) Rajasthan has a great wall of India.Dont miss.
    9) Hampi -Badami
    10) Goa.
    11)TAJ MAHAL can be seen or may be ignored this over rated structure.
    Wishing you all the best. Happy holidays in India

  29. Use Ola/uber applications to book cabs. They charge you exact amount. Also try to download apps like M-indicator. It shows fare/km to different routes and transport modes. ??

  30. You can try Madurai (most geometrically accurate Meenakshi temple), Rameshwaram (Rail sea bridge) and Kanyakumari (the southern tip of India where the 3 seas Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the vast Indian Oceans meet) and all 3 are connected by rail lines with very short journey times.

  31. WOW! , that was a brutally honest review about India. Everybody would surely experience these kinds of incidents while traveling in India.
    Next time visit the state of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand – the land of gods.
    Apart from Rishikesh(Yoga capital of the world), you can visit world-renowned conservation parks like ‘Jim Corbett Tiger National Park’ or world heritage sites like ‘Valley of Flowers’ and ‘Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve’, etc.

    Uttarakhand holds many important pilgrimage places for Hindus and Sikhs and provides you with the right mixture of Spirituality and adventure sports.
    the Gangotri glacier (primary sources of the holy Ganges), the Tehri Lake festival, skiing in Auli.
    Places to visit in Uttarakhand:-
    Char Dham
    Hemkund Sahib
    Rishikesh and many more……

  32. Oooook seems like these two did not do their home work. Even if you travel to Mexico you need to know the social and culture condition, the area you plan to be in, the currency flow, if it’s a crowded or sparse area, especially if there is a lot of crime – how safe is it. It is highly recommended that you, if possible go an American embassy and register there.

  33. What do you do in Canada?. Do you speak any foreign languages?. Have you been to Michigan, USA, or toured the USA?.

  34. come to kerala and karnataka next time it is really green in southern part of india . good luck in your next trips 🙂

  35. "Hepatitis A is usually spread when a person ingests fecal matter — even in microscopic amounts — from contact with objects, food, or drinks …" + a million other dangerous things to consider before going to India it really is covered in Human and Animal shit, you just need to breath in the air and get hepatitis

  36. You have been to India for so long & all you can say are the bad things about travelling to India. You guys have so much first world problems omg! And for your kind information, people get sick anywhere even in your country! You guys are cheap really, bcoz if you stayed in a decent place, you would have a great experience. Also u missed the point of visiting India. And we r NOT CASH BASED COUNTRY! We are much better than US & Canada when it comes to credit cards! I would recommend you to go again & really open your eyes to see! Indian food is the best in the whole world, but you couldnt even say good things about it! Really you need to stop video taping wrong things about a great country, you arent worth it!

  37. I'm sorry you had bad experience in India guys. Visiting India is an extreme task. You will have too many places, culture, food, beverages, people, attitude.. It's too much for a tourist. Plan to visit one state at a time. Bz indian states are like shrunken countries. If you visit one at a time, u can experience all the good and bad aspects of each state uniquely and the better deal is you will learn to tackle over pricing, horrible cab/riksha drivers, fake guides etc (they are very less in number, but they prey on tourists. So all you guys will see will be these shitheads). These people will have same nature inside a state.
    And did you know In india, you get 4G speed 1.5Gb/day + unlimited lowspeed data for 3 months at just 400 rs.. That's about 6$ usd for 3 months ?
    It's the lesser known facts about India that make it amazing to live there.

  38. Where did you guys buy train tickets online? First time I will be traveling this month and I have been wanting to get train tickets from Delhi to Agra; Agra to Jaipur; and Jaipur to Delhi.

  39. We are about to go India with tour trip in next few days. Just wondering whether Australian tourist are needed yellow fever vaccination requirements to go to India? I mean is Australia in the list of yellow fever country?
    Many thanks.

  40. I went in 2011 for the world cup. I only saw a few games and spent the rest going all over the country east, west, north and south. As my first trip overseas I remember the first day thinking how am I going to handle this. However by the 2nd day and allowing myself to live the culture by the end of the trip I was sad to leave. Truly a life changing experience and one I wouldn't change at all. Beautiful country and people. Thanks India

  41. Hi Sam, Just now I saw many vlogs of David and subscribed your channel too. For many more attractions in India, I suggest to please check "Why I love India by Kerolina goswami" in India in details youtube channel. You are again welcome to India, always. You and David's vlogs are excellent. Mainly in Hyderabad and in Golden temple. Keep it up.

  42. The South of India is a different picture altogether and it is as much of an urban sprawl as the North. Not much jungles ?
    Despite long ride times, the train is the best way to experience India. You got the “book in advance “ part right but you can get 1ac or 2ac tickets if you book decently in advance.
    Try and get tickets on the premium trains which have better amenities with catering included and it doesn’t cost much more than regular trains.
    You should have skipped Kolkata altogether and stuck around in Rajasthan to see Udaipur and few others.
    Lastly, if you are into wildlife, India has a lot to offer. Not many people know this but you can see almost all the big cats including the Asiatic Lion, leopards, Bengal Tiger and the very rare and elusive snow leopard. Of course wild elephants and one horned rhinoceroses as well.

  43. As you said, You came back again. Thanks alot. Please plan less congested trip to India next time, especially Southern part. Loved your collab with David.

  44. Expired soda isn’t really a big deal. It’s not one of the foods that really poses a health risk after expiration. Several articles and studies have confirmed this.

  45. Came to see the comments. Came to see everyone of the experts. The one uppers! Way to try and One Up! Hahahah! Look at ll these One uppers! Gotta one up huh! Hahahhah! Come on!

  46. If you ever come to Delhi, let me know. I'll gladly host you. Do you know most travellers spend mostly on food, cabs, accomodation and I will provide you all three services free! Because guests are God to us. Namaste ??? BTW love your videos, thanks for the suggestions ☺️

  47. Great! Even I am a young Indian youtuber. I am starting a new series in which every thursday I will upload a video in which I will give tips to foreigners before visiting India. So I hope that you all will support me. Series name- Helping Thursdays.

  48. Guys dont carry too much cash while travelling in India, dont exceed 5,000 to 10,000 Indian rupees.
    It's like inviting trouble. amount mention above should be enough for you daily accommodations and anyone charging more than that will accept card payment.

  49. Not sure if I agree with your advice regarding getting as much money exchanged at the airport as possible. We lost ALOT of money doing this due to the terrible exchange rates in the airport once you arrive in the country.

    Indian ATMs are fine, just make sure you get money out in major cities whereby if an ATM is out of money there will be another one around the corner. And don’t wait until your last rupee before you consider getting more money.

    Please if you’re a backpacker on a budget, don’t change all of your money at the airport.

  50. Great video, but I wouldn't worry about how much protein you are getting. Indian food uses lots of beans and legumes which has a much more healthier protein than dairy. The Protein myth is all a marketing scam.

  51. I'm traveling to India this October I'm scared to death because I'm traveling alone can someone help me I'm confused about the rupees is a 100 Doller bill the same as an American bill the money alone Co fuses me can someone help me understand their currancy

  52. Hi. Someone told me that hotels dont accept e visa on your arrival. Is that true? We are planning to stay on airbnb but probably on hotel for some days

  53. There are some premium hotels and resorts that have the essence of Indian culture during the ancient centuries. Musttt visit them when you plan to visit India again

    1. Taj Falaknuma Hyderabad
    2. Taj Rambagh Palace Jaipur
    3. Taj Kumarakom Kerala
    4. Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur
    5. The Leela Udaipur
    6. Umaid Bhavan Palace Jodhpur
    7. The Tamara Coorg
    8. The Leela Bangalore
    9. Taj Palace Hotel Mumbai
    10. ITC Bharat Delhi
    11. Oberoi Rajvilas Jaipur
    12. Oberoi Amarvilas Agra

    I’m sure once you’ll visit any of these you’ll imagine yourself as a King. The outstanding architecture, grandeur and hospitality will leave to astonished. 🙂

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