Indian Family in Nottingham | Places to See | England Christmas Sale | Hindi | Vlogmas | Vlog #40

Indian Family in Nottingham | Places  to See | England Christmas Sale | Hindi | Vlogmas | Vlog #40

[Christmas Bells] [Intro Music] Hi Friends, welcome back to my channel Delhi Boye’ you are most welcome on my this episode this 3rd video of Christmas Series the next one gone be Amsterdam Series so It’s raining in Nottingham Boxing day sale is on Parking is too busy and everybody to busy in shopping let me show you around Nottingham as you can see everybody busy in shopping we are in Marmaris Restaurant for our lunch it’s very popular around here for It’s Turkish Kebabs and Pizza’s so let’s dig in Guess what i am holding doll No Then Bottle What bottle, what’s inside Inside pepper or salt, salt Nottingham is a historical town and the are so many things to see around like Trent Bridge Cricket Ground this is the place to visit if you are cricket fan Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery do you know Nottingham is Legendary Robin Hood’s Birth Place The National Justice Museum must visit place if you are interested in History of Prison and Court System in UK [Court Room] Wollaton Hall Park It’s very famous for Deer Park And for It’s Georgian style interior note you need at least half a day to visit this Nottingham City of Caves these caves are man carved on sandstone mountain which is a popular experience to visit some of the caves been used as a shelter home it’s a best place to experience the caves history if you are with kids the Arboretum Park is the best place for picnic or a sunny day out It got Popular for it’s Fountains and park walks Secret Santa is very famous is UK let’s find out what is a Secret Santa ? ok so what is “Secret Santa” so in a group [can be work, school, friends or family] you put every body name in a pot whatever name you pick you have to buy a present for him or her and secretly keep somewhere [usually under the Christmas tree] and just right from Secret Santa then they open that with no idea who’s from, so everyone get a present and they have to guess who is from ? [ most of the time It’s a funny or joke gift] [It’s very popular in school’s and work Places] so guys, we are in Nottingham’s one of the popular restaurant called Jhakhaas there is a Indians Christmas party here so i am gone talk to some of them and find out all about it what your name ? My name “Sony” where you are from back home my in Laws is one part of Gharwal [Indian State] and my parent from other part of Gharwal so i have blended in both side do you listen Folk Songs, Yes of course i am having a lovely evening it’s feel like India away from India i am very happy and glad here, as you can see we are dancing in joy i am so much fun, that i don’t want to eat or drink that’s great so many are here from my village cousins, nephew, niece and friends i am so happy to see them, Specially kids we are all having a great time here oh it’s is very nice we all together after a long time everybody is here with family Enjoying and catching up with each other is good see lot of smiling faces everybody is so happy and enjoying It’s a home away from home so happy to be here it feel as if i am in India, a home away from home It’s so nice to see everybody here we always look for opportunity to celebrate together so we can enjoy this moment specially during festivals happy to be around with family and friends so nice here, i am very happy to be here do you miss India, yes of course but not when i am here oh i am so glad to be here, It’s my first time here But i am enjoying every moment everybody is so warm here, feel at home [Singing Gharwali Folk Song} [Indian Food Buffet] [Dancing in Joy] [Gharwali Song] so finally night is over we came to this restaurant called Jhakaas they invited us for evening dinner they have organised this family Christmas dinner which was really good, food was very good restaurant is fine dine the restaurant is in the center of town i will put a link in description, if you would like to go if you are around Nottingham, it’s a 15 Min Drive so staff is superb, food is excellent very homely and warm atmosphere i can’t expect more then this on a Christmas Night enjoyed thoroughly usually Christmas Night town are very quit there are so many indian gathering, organised by groups where they can get together and have a good time Lots of Indians in UK, Organise this sort of functions as It’s a long holiday week, kids even home on holiday this one was near Nottingham in Jhakhaas Restaurant as i told you it’s a 15 drive, if you like to come so let finish this Christmas Vlog with a smile i will see you next week till then stay Happy, stay Blessed, stay Connected Delhi Boye’ we are going to Amsterdam my brother in law came from India to Amsterdam on a training programme and kids want to give him a surprise visit on Christmas [Intro Music]

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