Indian Stock Market: Tourism Sector 2019 | Potential wealth Creation For Indian Shareholders

Indian Stock Market: Tourism Sector 2019 | Potential wealth Creation For Indian Shareholders

welcome to ValueMulticaps . ValueMulticaps is SEBI registered stock advisory firm geographical boundaries have never
restricted travellers in exploring different corners of the world US Europe
China have always been the prime choices of travelers
however the trends in travel and tourism are changing towards Southeast Asia like
India today in the series of sector analysis let’s evaluate Indian tourism
sector rising travelling aspirations higher growth in number of air
passengers hotel usage for business and leisure travel are some of the key
factors leading to demand for bags and luggage industry airline industry Tour
operators and travel agents which all belong to tourism sector luggage has
become a lifestyle product rather than an object to carry airline has become
close to necessity as people see saving of travelling and saving of money hotel
has been running fully occupied due to business travel and holiday travel ValueMulticaps in its stock subscription services has identified few rare Multibagger stocks for further details please visit Our Website
Plz stay tune to this Video till end to have complete conviction and faith
before buying a stock in tourism sector as per 2018 report of World Travel and
Tourism Council in next 10 years India is likely to become the third largest
tourism economy India which is currently the seventh largest travel and tourism
economy in the world among 184 countries in terms of total contribution to GDP in
2017 the sector has potential for growth on the back of increase in disposable
income on the back of increase in disposable incomes, increase in foreign tourist arrivals, momentum from government led
initiatives from Indian stock market perspective tourism stocks how it
becomes an investment case then tourism industry contributed 9.4% of the total GDP of India in 2017 and is third largest foreign exchange earner for the country. The sector’s total contribution to GDP stood at US$234bn in 2017, by 2027 potential to reach US$424.5bn. the per capita income witness 4% CAGR for
2010 for 2017 period but in 2017 to 2019 is expected to register 9% CAGR over FY17-19E, according to IBEF report. Higher disposable income is the key driver for travel and
tourism industry with rising per-capita income and individual is inclined to
spend more on quality services and towards improving standard of living in
2017 India has attracted 1 crore
international tourists the Government of India has set a target of 2 crore
foreign tourist arrivals by 2020 itself and doubled the foreign exchange
earnings as well the government working to achieve 1% share in world
international tourist arrivals by 2020 and 2 % share by 2025 Indian
tourism campaigns such as Incredible India & Athithi Devo Bhava were launched to harness the tourism industry’s potential in October 2018
statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel also known as statue of unity was inaugurated
as tourist attraction it is the tallest statue in the world
standing at a height of 180 – Meter it is expected to boost the tourism sector
in the country and put India on the world tourism map. Higher allocation of funds for tourism industry over the period of 2014
to 2018. The budget allocation for FY19 towards tourism is ~2,150cr as compared to just 1300 crore in 2014 registering a CAGR growth of 11% over this period of 2014 and 2019 study says that country will add
nearly 1 Cr jobs in the tourism sector by 2028 the total number of jobs
depending directly or indirectly on travel and tourism industry will
increase from 4 crore in 2018 to 5 crore in 2028
fresh investment in tourism sector is projected to grow 6.3 per cent per annum during 2016– 26, higher than the global average of 4.5 percent Total FDI received by Indian hotel & tourism 1sector was US$ 11.39 billion between April 2000 and June 2018. domestic expenditure on tourism has
grown significantly in 2017 the market reached 182 billion u.s. dollars which
is anticipated to reach 364 billion US dollars by 2027 let’s look at some of
the key positive triggers for tourism sector E Tourist Visa launched by
Government of India has resulted in increase in the number of tourist visa
issued in the country government policy support such as 100% FDI is allowed
under the automatic route went to tourism and hospitality such as a
development of hotels resorts recreational facilities A five-year tax holiday has been offered for 2, 3 and 4 star category located around UNESCO World Heritage sites air passengers are continuously growing in india showing
higher expenditure on traveling and lifestyle expenditure The Government’s measures such as ‘Udaan Yojana’ boost domestic air travel and bring more
passengers here the number of passengers travelling by air has clocked an 11.8% CAGR in last 10 Years how the Indian tourism and
hospitality works how its current position today the Indian hospitality
sector is highly fragmented with a large number of small and unorganized players
this increases competition entry of new player is easy as it is not capital
intensive business but a player needs to achieve economies of scale and access to
distribution channel to compete see the categories of tourism industry hotels
accommodation here could be hotels and motels apartments guest houses large
house boards resorts transportation it comprises of airline companies group
services relevance and car rentals travel agents a fragmented sector with a
number of independent travel agents and many online businesses they also sell
associated products such as insurance car hire and currency exchange tour
operators offer customized tours including travel accommodation and site
scene or 70% of the air tickets are now being booked online in the country. look at the size of opportunity it is massive for India in medical
tourism heritage tourism adventure tourism luxury tourism and pilgrimage
tourism medical tourism tourists need specialized medical treatments mainly in
ayurvedic spa and other therapies the presence of world-class hospitals and
skilled medical professionals makes india a preferred destination for
medical tourism india’s earnings from medical tourism could exceed USD8 billion by 2020. tour operators are teaming up with hospitals could tap this
market to lack medical tourists arrived in India in 2016 as compared to 1.3 lakh
in 2015 heritage tourism tourists visit India for its cultural heritage in
various sites in the Indian heritage is reflected in various temples majestic
forts Pleasure Gardens religious monuments
museums art galleries and at meaning urban and rural sites adventure tourism
such as tracking bungee jumping mountain biking river rafting and rock
climbing logzilla tourism the logzilla travel market in India register a growth
rate of close to 13 percent in 2016 highest in comparison with any other
BRIC country pilgrimage tourism one of the biggest contributors to tourism
industry in India being a religious hub for different types of tourists every
year we hope this insights on tourism sector will build your conviction in
buying tourism stocks and help to build wealth as an informed investor please
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