Indian Tourist Short Film

Indian Tourist Short Film

Europe, huh?
Must be close to America! Gawd! Police!! ‘Thatha’…grandfather? She calls her father ‘grandfather’
What a weird country! Hey! Ask her to give us
whatever she has Bro, no need Might end up in a problem You know English, right?
Ask her to give Let’s go – What?
– Nothing much – Bro
– What? Let’s return her bag, bro Return what? The bag we stole You helped us?
Zip your lips and scoot I’m talking to my brother, not you Hey! Madcap If money is what you want
I’ll flick some other bag for you Let’s not take her stuff Give it back – Didn’t you hear me?
– Hey! Take it India is good country!

18 thoughts on “Indian Tourist Short Film

  1. nice try
    anda payyan konjam nala nadikila
    but this is a great attempt for a short
    how did u find that foreign lady???

  2. I've been watching short films alot these days and I noticed that the Indian community is so massive! Could you guys mabye consider to check out some of my content!? I'm having a hard time getting noticed among the big crowd.

  3. Nicely presented and the end part touches the heart when the small boy makes sure that India's image is in his hand…..

  4. It's really awesome.. Somebody is doing mistake but it's really affecting the whole people.. Its clearly showing the truth.. Gud film.. Congratulations to all.. My best wishes to further projects.. Keep it up.. Thanks..

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