INDIAN VEG TOURIST IN KYRGYZSTAN: First-day challenge on Camera

How can they add meat in the water! This is my tasteless food I’m having tomato soup, potatoes and local dish I am paying 65, he is paying 100 Vegetarian food is cheap They call it ‘Liyoshka’ in Russian & ‘Naan’ in the Kyrgyz language I am going out of the airport No I am in Bishkek I am going to Osh Bazar I have bought SIM from Megacom i paid 80 som She’s been to India in 2018 Minibus fare is 10 som Big bus fare is 8 som I have just paid the fare here, you have to pay while getting off the bus Thanks for helping me out, Ajar Now I am going to tell you how I met Ajar When I was in Megacom store I was using the Google lens to read the Russian brochures everything was in Russian or the local Kyrgyz language which I couldn’t understand I want to know the different tariffs Ajar might have some work in that store She saw me struggling with the language then she can and asked Can I help you? Now these words were new to me Because everyone around me was Russian speakers Even the staff was not able to speak in English So this might be a challenging task for you as well even in places like Osh Bazar Which is quite popular among tourists So this is how Ajar approached and help me Then she helped me choose a proper tariff as per my needs And then I bought a SIM She also did a comparison between Megacom, Beeline and O’ mobile So because of her, I bought a Megacom Sim And then she asked me whether I need some more help Whether I need an itinerary We exchanged our numbers Having local support always gives you a sense of security This is what I also get on couchsurfing A local can be very helpful for a foreigner like me Now I can call Ajar any time if I need some help in emergency Now I know there is some local to help me out in emergencies That is why I always prefer couchsurfing You can get to meet a local through Couchsurfing Whom you can call any time for any kind of help in their country So I want to say this to every one of you A lot of foreigners visit our country especially Delhi As it is our country’s capital city also many international airlines have their flights to Delhi A lot of foreign tourists stay in places like Connaught Place in Paharganj And unfortunately, these are the areas Which are also infamous for tourist traps A lot of people do fraud with tourists So whenever you meet some tourist Please try to help him/her Like Ajar helped me without even I asked for her help So I would suggest you try it atleast once You really might be able to help someone in need I’m sure you like doing that I am at Ala-Too square And now I have come inside a restaurant the menu was in Russian and I was not able to understand anything I even tried using Google translate app I am really clueless! How can there be meat in the water! I’m not able to know What are the ingredients of this soup! These things are without salt Oh God! I know what this is because I had this in Almaty This is made up of wheat so I can eat this And these are potatoes Now I have got tomato soup Today I am going to have something nutritious Actually Google translate App is not working properly So I’m not able to do a proper conversation with them there are a lot of things for non-vegetarians After getting all those things from there Now I’m standing in the payment queue This is what I am going to eat now All of these things cost 150 soms I’m very hungry now It’s 6:45 PM Today I wanted to eat Manti It is a local dish its Not available here Manti is just a type of dumplings Like we have Momos in our country He has been to Delhi and a few other places in India So let me tell you more about Manti So they are basically dumplings You can get vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dumplings here vegetarians can have Kartoshka Manti In Russian, ‘Kartoshka’ means potatoes You can have Manti stuffed with potatoes Today I am going to have a Kartoshka Manti This is called ‘Lipyoshka’ in Russian and ‘Naan’ in Kyrgyz language No idea what do they say it in English Here it cost just 15 Som We are trying to read Russian I was right Finally, we found Kartoshka Manti This is all Karthoshka Manti And this costs just 50 Som They give five dumplings and one plate so you get five momos in just 50 Som So this is Kartoshka Manti These are dumplings This is also something stuffed with potatoes I don’t know what it is called But I am having this hot chilli sauce with it He is having Lagman I am paying 65 for all these things Whereas he is paying 100 for his so it’s cheap for vegetarians Let me show you how this thing looks like this is potatoes stuffing It also has some vegetables inside Whatever it is it didn’t meet my expectations

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