India’s 1st Mobile Tunnel Aquarium Mermaid Aquatic Kingdom Mysore Tourism Karnataka Tourism Fish Spa

India’s 1st Mobile Tunnel Aquarium Mermaid Aquatic Kingdom Mysore Tourism Karnataka Tourism Fish Spa

you can see this tunnel this is India’s first Movable tunnel aquarium has been set up in Mysore In Mysore on the way to Chamundi Hill is the Mermaid Aquatic Kingdom this is a nice place to visit with family come let us see how is Mermaid aquatic kingdom it is very easy to come here this is the JC Layout bus stand on the road to Chamundi hill right opposite the bus stop is our Mermaid aquatic kingdom Your name? Sameer Mermaid aquatic kingdom, we were at Bangalore now we have shifted here and are conducting the show in an exhibition style this is first of its kind in India this is done using glass, generally other places they use acrylic in this more big fishes will be added soon we are waiting for it to be available, as of now we have six fishes These are alligator gars its mouth is similar to that of a alligator hence known as alligator gar how long does this grow? upto 4 feet here in nature it can grow upto 6 feet this is high fin shark this will grow to 6 feet this will grow even larger and also will become more rounded oh that is why it is known as high fin Shark fresh water high fin Shark 18 thousand liters so how is this cleaned? Filtration is there continuous filtration is being done do u seller here as well ? yes we have fishes sale counter as well, we design aquariums we also do home and office service of aquarium as well this is flower horn, water has been cleaned now since its rainy season the water is cloudy this is flower horn fish it is very friendly and for feng shui people prefer this more, vastu if school get children here will you explain them all this? we have a full team here they will explain each and every thing this is african sish grace this is our Indian fish, Danisoni Fish in countries abroad there is alot of demand for this it is kept most in Planted aquariums this if found most in Kerala and the western ghats this is a nature fish this is not breed able this is Green terror this is similar to flower horn isnt it? yes this looks like it, but will grow to be more beautiful this belongs to Cichlid family when it grows it will become more bright this is sting ray this is motoro sting ray this we have changed the water in the morning thats is why the water is cloudy, you can see the sting ray here they respond well, yes every thing is hand fed this is gold fish, oranda goldfish and routine gold, they all are species of gold fish family type due to hand feeding they are responding this is Silver dollar this is red salwane 8 plus 1=9 9 fishes vastu, 8 they keep this and keep one arowana or they will keep 8 gold and one black gold in various such combinations they do feng shui vastu these are zebra danio planted tank fishes very beautiful tiny colourful fishes, the bigger ones are sword tails the red ones there are sword tail this is parrot fish small size from this also if you want anything we do sell rainbow fishes are there this is surfe tetra these are gouramis these are gouramis varieties, pearl gouramis and there are widow tetras tiger barbs are here four types are there in this tank gaint gouramis these are the young ones, also known as albino gaint gouramis this grows upto 2 to 2 quarter feet long they grow big, we are waiting for them to grow big to shift them to bigger tank if among customers if their fishes have grown big if they are not able to maintain then they can come here and donate it sometimes they leave it in lakes but problem of leaving them in lakes is that they cannot eat their habit would have changed, hunt and eat becomes difficult they become dependent as they are used to time to time feeds, when left in lakes they cannot figure out the food that water climate ph all will be different immediately it will die, so instead if you give it to us we will maintain it in future we can put their name of those who have donated we are working on that idea this is salt water aquarium this is big 9 feet by 3 feet by 2 and a half feet it will be another week to fill the water all setting is going on after sand work and filtration, after 21 days we will put the fishes this will be all exotic fishes, if you come here, you will be standing here itself your half an hour video will be done here itself it will be so exotic here, natural planted aquarium this is a concept one these are amazon tetras here grass has been planted, it is yet to grow once it grows it will appear like a carpet area once it grows it will appear like a mountain it will look beautiful all this is algae they eat all this algae this is also a concept this is wood and moss wood and moss and grass combination Gaint gourami i had showed earlier, this is the medium version of that this will grow double in size here are two fishes this was donated by one of our Bangalore customer since it was big for their tank since they couldnt maintain is it? their tank was small they coulnt do a big tank i suggested to them for a big tank but they refused and said that they will opt for another fish so they sent it here through their driver will be be difficult to maintain at home if they grow big ? Big tank is required. oh so much place is also required. if there is place we can do, if there is no space then they opt for such exchange solution so you do exchange offer is it? if it is rare variety then we do exchange if it is normal those we cannot exchange based on variety we do offer exchange this is fish spa the details of it is here they should not have wounds, those having wounds are not permitted because the fish will go inside the wound and clean it the wound will dry no problem with that but since the service is also used by other customers, hence we do not permit since infection may spread so first we have to wash our legs and then come here how much is the time duration? 10- 15 minutes depending on the customers crowd, if not much crowded then 15 minutes if it is crowded then its 10 minutes other places they charge 150-200 Rs but we are charging only 25Rs here we have to wash our legs the minute the legs are lowered the spa has begun this is children Koi pond this is for kids above 2-3 yrs we permit small kids inside the pool upto what age? below 10 years upto 8 yrs we permit small kids can catch fish and play with it these fishes do not bite koi carps are friendly and kids can enjoy catching the fishes now a days kids are busy with gadgets mobile, laptops, i pads they do not play in nature and no exercise that is why this pond has been created our effort is to get them close to nature let them play with the fishes some people get dress from home here changing rooms and toilet is also there they can change there and use the pool they appreciate it alot is there any time limit for this? 15 minutes kids will not come out, we allow them to play, we cannot do anything once they go in, they do not wish to come out even if we say they will tell till they catch a fish they will not come out but they wont be able to catch easily they keep trying, some do catch it these are zebra convict fish they are very friendly fish they do breed it has made holes here can you see the holes in the base this is creating the breeding nest it digs and cleans the place then the female lays the egg there, then it hatches there this is albeni ignis shark this will grow up to 1 to 2 feet long this is our India’s local fish more breeding is there in this this is thin foil bob thin foil bob this is a group fish this is jewel fish jewel fish they are changing the water of these, thats why cloudy water here is a mix blue acara, frontosa peacock all these are mix are here this is frontosa the one behind is acara this is peacock these are angels variety

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  4. Wonderful video. You have covered the aquarium well. You also brought out important aspects connected with Mermaid Aquarium Kingdom well.

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  6. Good job ? I know mr Sameer and Syed Hameed infact I worked with Sameer very long back.. please convey my regards to them.. you can just mentioned my name Shiraz from Gulmarg aquarium Bangalore. Hope they will recognize me and thanks again for making this video very helpful for Mysore. Enjoying all your videos from Qatar..

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