India’s Golden Temple Feeds 100,000 People Every Day

India’s Golden Temple Feeds 100,000 People Every Day

– [Narrator] In the
Indian city of Amritsar, there is a shining temple that is one of the most
visited places in the world. (upbeat music) The Harmandir Sahibor,
or the Golden Temple, is the chief house of worship
for the Sikh religion. The name literally
translates to “House of God”. And millions of Sikhs travel to the temple every month on pilgrimage. Surrounded by a pool of holy water, the temple was founded in 1574 to be a place of worship for men and women of all walks of life to worship equally. The temple was constructed
out of marble and copper and is covered with a layer of gold foil, giving the temple its signature shine. Perhaps the most impressive
part of the temple is the langar, the Sikh community kitchen. Every day they provide more
than 100,000 free meals in one of the largest
kitchens in the world. No matter a visitor’s reason
for going to the Golden Temple, they will surely be impressed by the architecture,
history and community. (dramatic orchestral music)

100 thoughts on “India’s Golden Temple Feeds 100,000 People Every Day

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  2. Gurudwara doesn’t mean ‘home of God’ but instead ‘Door to God’.
    Sikhism is the world’s 5th largest religion.

  3. the basic of Sikhism is everyone is equal and help others in need anyone is welcome to a Sikh temple any race or class is welcome to get a free meal

  4. and the good thing is anybody can volunteer at golden temple.. i usualy visit regularly.. and distribute langar to all the devotees.. it's upto u for how long u want to volunteer.. for example due to work.. i volunteer normally for half hour to one hour… so if anyone visit there even for 5 minutes must volunteer and contribute your efforts

  5. I have been there and its one of the most peaceful places that i have visited ? and of course the "langar" (food served in the gurudwara ) is top notch?

  6. In Indian there are millions of temples & gurudvara they provid free food daily. That is why it is incredible ?? INDIA….

  7. Another impressive fact about india

    We have Tirumala Temple
    it already feeds 180k on weekdays
    215k on weekends

    That figure will soon double after completing new halls

  8. Those meals are not free, either a very wealthy donor or it's funded by donations from visitors, either way very cool.

  9. Who pay for all these food? Are there 100,000 starving people every day? Extreme income inequality? This video leaves so many questions.

  10. No matter which religion,poor or rich, atheist , literally anyone can enter a gurudwara and u will get a meal without any discrimination,this the Moto of their religion to protect,serve,help,to do good and be truthful to everyone.

  11. So is it basically donating to a soup kitchen? Or is it this hall that tries to keep the ‘riff raft’ out? Because if it’s for the homeless and downtrodden I say make it 200,000!

  12. If the Indian government spends the money for the space program in such projects instead, I'm sure less farmers would commit suicide

  13. Don't compare Indian religions with other Abrahamic religions. All Indian religions have similar culture and bonding be it Buddhism, Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism), Jainism, Sikhism.

  14. I'm impressed that the Gold is not the centre of attraction here which usually is when people talk about the temple. Most interesting fact about this langar system (serving food) is that this dept. of the temple only has 300 permanent employees and almost 90% of working staff is made up of volunteers.
    Many people volunteer only for few hours mainly to get a sense of doing good to humanity.

  15. humanity lovers us punjabis love the world… and the most peaceful place on mother earth that's a fact guys visit once and see….

  16. The same temple where Hindus slaughtered thousands of Sikhs and now they are doing the same in Kashmir…death to Hindu Zionism.

  17. Idiot it isn't indias golden temple, it's gurdwara of Sikhs. India is a ramrajya ruled by hindu rashtar extremists and terrorists who hate the golden temple. Correct yourself

  18. Iam from northeast India currently in delhi for further study…iam
    Not familiar with indian culture but sikh sardar people are the best .safest.less scams etc. ..i ve to amritsar as well as u.p .sikh people are best.hinduism is a scam , people taking money for entry in Temples etc.

  19. Sikh religion was created to unite Hindus and muslims. They were allowed to do do by great Muslim mughal emperors.
    Sikh religion is much closer to Islam than any other religion.

  20. Being a Pakistani I don't feel safe going to india except those places which have Muslim majority there , and Punjab is an exception for me because im ethnically punjabi . Wish to visit golden temple in evening , before independence amritsar was Muslim majority city .

  21. I wish kahlisatn to be made as world 5th largest religion deserves a separate country …
    Hindus are dirty people but sikhs are very loving and caring people …
    I like Sikhs ….

  22. Khalistan sinda bad, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji’s Shaheedi and the Singh’s with him will not go to waste we shall get our own country , india is destroying Punjab if Khalistan isn’t built Sikh population in Punjab is gonna continue declining , children getting kidnaped , worse is to come . Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh .

  23. Not only sikhs but people of every religion mostly hindus goes there. This temple is an inspiration for all and it is one of many symbols of our great and strong culture.


  25. Place of terrorism terrorist traitors group the golden temple. 20kiloton nuclear weapon at here killing Sikh community Punjabi community in 20minuties is always best solution. Hahahaha.
    Casualties must be 5lacs on the spot hahahaha.

  26. We are not sikhs,we are not hindus, we are not muslims, we are not Christians, we are not bengali,
    And we are one

  27. I've been impressed by every Sikh I've ever met; and I must mention my heart goes out to the family of Sandeep Dhaliwal, sheriff's deputy of Harris County, Texas,  a very good man who two weeks ago gave his life in service to the people of Texas.  My very sincere condolences to his family and all who either knew him or knew of his many charitable acts.

  28. So much humanitarian work is going on in india like "apna ghar aashram" those were invited in KBC, they touched my heart. They pick up beggars and homeless people and give them shelter ,food,love , find their house.
    And Indians visiting pilgrims go there and donate food supply in a huge amount to help humanity.

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