INSANE Street Food Tour in Cairo, Egypt | HEAVIEST Street Food in The WORLD!

INSANE Street Food Tour in Cairo, Egypt | HEAVIEST Street Food in The WORLD!

100 thoughts on “INSANE Street Food Tour in Cairo, Egypt | HEAVIEST Street Food in The WORLD!

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  2. من وجهة نظري احلى اكل عربي هو الاكل المصري بلا منازع ⁦👍🏼⁩ تحية لمصر وشعبها الحبيب مصرى فى امريكا

  3. تحية ل إخواننا ب مصر أم الدنيا من المغرب طب متودوني كبدة عز المنوفي في الدقي ولا فول الحرامي صبح صبح يا عم 🤣🤣❤

  4. My new boyfriend is from Egypt and he sent me this video to show me the range of delicious foods of his homeland.
    I have to say I really want to try some of this.

  5. يعني مصر على الرغم من كل جمالها وروعتها وذكاء شعبها وابداعهم ينقصهم طابع النظافة في الشوارع على الحكومة المصرية التركيز على هذا الموضوع وايضا توعية للشعب مصر حلوة والنظافة من الايمان

  6. يا اخي الشعب المصري عسل والله… رغم أنه في ناس بسيطه لكن الضحكه ماتفارقه..تحيه من اليمن لاطيب ناس..

  7. Man hands down you choose the perfect places for each and every dish, I don’t know if you just googled it or you hd some help 😉 but really bravo 👏🏼
    Apart from you actually paid a very fair price, you got lots of complements from people around you. It actually shows that you must be so nice in person as you seem in your videos.

  8. OMG!!! At 6:39 you were in “Roksy” in Masr El Gededa aka Heliopolis. And you ate Shawerma from “Abu Hedar” THIS IS ONE THE BEST SHAWRMA OF ALL TIME!! They’re my go to when I’m hungry for real!

  9. I’ll give you that. You went to the best food makers in Egypt! Sultan is a really good Egyptian pies makers. Next time, try “El-Domiaty”

  10. البرنس انسان محترم وخير سفير لمصر رفض انه ياخذ فلوس رغم انه نزل اكل مرة غالي ⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦👏🏼⁩⁦👏🏼⁩⁦👏🏼⁩⁦👏🏼⁩😍😍

  11. المفروض أتكلم عن الوطنيه و بلدى بس بصراحه لأ أنا مركزة فى حاجة تانية
    حرام عليك جوعتنى 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. As an Egyptian, I can now boast about how great our food is. Not one dish got less than a 9! Another thing, I am slightly mad that he didn't try Hawawshi or Mahshi or Fattah, but hey, you can't have everything in life

  13. Koshari and falafel are a pure egyptian invention, egyptians are agood tasters so the can make delcious food, you must try mahshy and koskosy.

  14. مصر بلد الخير. الشعب الطيب الأصيل خاصه اهل القرى والباديه الصعيد و النوبه، تحياتي أهلي و دمي، لا طالما وددت زياره مصر

  15. Thank you for sharing your experience i really hope to see u again thier because we still have alot of food that u need to teaste

  16. I think the next time you you can visit Alexandria and make you volg from thair you will find some diffrant fooods and tasty.
    I like you presentations you looks freendy and also the Egyptians peoples are friendy as nature. So you have made an amazing video
    It was the first time seeing you.and im from followers now . Go on….

  17. شكله مصري يا جدعان دا عمل السوتش والطعميه احسن مني 😂😂وبعدين بابا جنوش مين اسمه بابا غنون😂😂😂

  18. This for things which but it in bread I am Egyptian and I know everything about my country I would not put all of these things in bread first bean is not named Cairo foul but foul only, and this comment Thank you just kidding hyped no interference in the privacy

  19. فِرّوا من الله إليه يا معشر العجم والعرب فقد اقترب كوكب العذاب

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