Inteletravel & Why The Monthly Fee for Independent Travel Agents

Inteletravel & Why The Monthly Fee for Independent Travel Agents

Inteletravel what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about the
intelligible why the monthly fee and I want to go over a couple things it’s
gonna show you why and tell the travel charges a monthly
fee when you enroll as a travel agent you do not want to miss this you do
write back all right welcome back welcome back so I
have a lot of people asking me about the intelligible business so once they get
started in Aunt Eller travel they have an enrollment fee of 179 ok $179 and
from there that’s ok why the monthly fee ok I want to be clear with you there are
tons of benefits of joining until the Inteletravel trap ok now a couple things this are
included with the monthly fee is your credentials ok excuse me I got some
notes here I’m looking over the make sure I stay on track bring away your
credential credentials okay you got your IATA your clear number and your arc
numbers ok I have a clear an arc okay without these numbers no one will take
you serious as a travel agent all the major vendors that you would need and
have assets to you will need these numbers ok
now you probably can go on your own try to ask this and get all of this stuff
but it’s gonna it’s gonna take you a ton of time money and effort ok so that’s
one of the good reasons by partnering with a host agency a lot of this stuff
is done for you ok once you enroll and become a travel agent within teletraffic
you no longer have to worry about obtaining your IATA number of clear arc
numbers ok all that’s included because you share the certification through the
holster agency ok now another thing that comes with it your own booking engine ok
your own booking engine some meaning you do not have to put together no website
it’s already done for you one thing you gotta do is customize it and tailor it
to your brand ok so that’s something that you don’t have to waste time off
you can plug and play get started today and start cooking right away ok training
ok a lot of stuff that I’m mentioning guys it’s ongoing ok you got all this
stuff this that’s included it’s this is your one-stop-shop for becoming a travel
agent so you got training you got
for training training from different suppliers training with different
vendors training on how to book travel Inteletravel training on carnival training on Disney
cruises Disney vacations and just tossed up got training tons of training okay so
later you help you get going in the right direction okay
you also got marketing tools okay things that can help you market your
business okay ways to get clients ways of you to connect with clients so they
got a lot of marketing tools that you can use access to print your own
business cards door magnets refrigerator magnets door hangers Mouse pants guys
you can customize your business and get a lot of the marketing tools are within
your intellytron back-office okay just want to share that with you
entertainment website for example you can promote and sell tickets tickets for
concerts sports games and give commission okay so you are travel agent
that does Thomas stuff okay you got access to with vendors within like I
said basketball NFL music concerts you name it you got access to it so you
gonna do this plug and play okay and like I said earlier you’re gonna need
these the IATA clear and our numbers either one of these are maybe all three
so you would get those once you enroll and teletrac if you don’t have it you’re
not accredited traveler in the industry and you would not have access to these
vendors and sites okay you also have 70 to 80 percent of the
Commission okay then what you will earn on trips vacation packages things of
that nature 70 to 80 percent of the Inteletravel Commission you also have ability to
travel at wholesale prices okay you have access to do that okay
access to customer service seven days a week you got a problem you got issues
customer service is there with you seven days a week okay
also the ability to become a specialist with many vendors this one I want to
relate this back to training we have training on different vendors
okay you can become a specialist in Disney Disney cruises pardon no Reagan
cruises our cruise agent period vacation homes villas guys destinations go on and
on you can specialize in a certain it so you come in here you don’t have to worry
about taking all of the training you can just specialize in a certain it so if
you free if you more engaged with cruising become a screw or cruise
specialist if you know a lot about Disney even if you don’t know a lot
about it but you’re really passionate about Disney coming here and take the
training and just specialize in Disney cater to the Disney myths people that
want to take Disney cruises Disney vacations vacations uh you know all that
Orlando Florida but be a florida specialist got the list goes on and on
so and another thing i like insurance and licensed bonded okay you cover it
when it comes to insurance and license funder you have the ability to like i
said look for your clients as well as add insurance to their packages and your
life is a licensed and bonded to do that okay so without all these certifications
you can’t do that okay a purse can go to Expedia and do certain stuff for their
limited see you as a travel agent you eliminate the limitations for your
clients so guys that’s why you’re paying the monthly fee all this comes with it
okay and like i said all this stuff is ongoing
like i said of the training the support the website the credentials that you
need to be certified for vendors to even take you serious okay you have this okay
so once you get started with intelligent you a pretty much see why i’m talking
about this so much and why it’s I stress the monthly fee is very very important
and it’s very small it’s only thirty nine dollars a month
the guys you get all assets to this okay you have access to everything so guys if
you’re really on the fence and you’re thinking about joining Intelli travel I
just want to shoot this video let you Inteletravel know about that’s why the monthly fee
and what’s including what’s our cover okay so guy if you want to be a travel
agent you looking to join and tell a travel have a person taste I want to
share with you click the link below watch the
presentation in the next page here and see you on the next itself you know
anybody they want to be travel agent share their link with them also ok so
guys you liked this video you found value give us a thumbs up subscribe to
our YouTube channel and we’ll see you on the next one
happy travelling

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  1. Good talking points bro! I love working with inteletravel! The perks alone make it worth it and that monthly fee is a very low overhead especially when u see what you're getting in exchange

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