Intermittent Fasting: Vacation

Intermittent Fasting: Vacation

when you’re intermittent fasting what do
you do when you go on vacation so I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for
several years now and vacations were one of those things that it used to kind of
fill me with kind of dread and I wasn’t really sure how to handle it and a lot
of people have asked me this question so I thought you know I should do an entire
video just on vacations for me there isn’t a hard and fast rule I handle each
vacation as it comes up I have guiding principles that I use to
make the decision the main thing is to have a plan I always go in with
intentionality now before what I would do you know when it would go horribly is
I would go on vacation and kind of think well I hope I’ll be able to stick with
it I’m really not sure how it’ll go either I was worrying the whole time
thinking oh I’m getting so much weight cuz I’m so off playing right now or I
wouldn’t be enjoying myself as much but I’ve kind of over time come up with a
process if you are just intentional it takes away so much guilt and you know
it’s just a matter of saying okay here’s what I’m gonna do and sometimes for me
that is going completely off plan other times it is staying completely on plan
and then sometimes it’s doing a modified version of the plan and here’s how I
make that decision first of all if I see that intermittent fasting is gonna be
super inconvenient I just go off plan an example of that would be at one point we
say that Perrys Ocean edge Resort in Daytona Beach Florida and that was a
time where I went completely off plan because they make homemade donuts there
every morning for free for breakfast and it was gonna be a big family thing to go
down there get those delicious donuts and I could have said well no I can
resist the donuts and I certainly can but it would have made me a wet blanket
like my family wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much and so I do always try
to think about how is my plan gonna affect the people that I’m with because
it’s not just about me another time we were on vacation we stayed at a condo
and in that case it was very much like our normal daily routine we had
groceries there we weren’t going out all the time
and so for that one I analyzed that situation I said I’m just gonna stay on
plan and that’s exactly what I did I found it very easy because I’ve made the
decision beforehand I realized it wasn’t really gonna
affect our vacation and it worked out fine but there are other times where the
vacations have been something where I know that we’re not really gonna have a
set schedule and so it’s kind of murky to me so I’ll just say to myself okay
every day I’m gonna push my eating window as late as possible so opening it
up as late as possible but you know then being okay with it
whenever it opens up the main thing to remember is there will be a consequence
either way so you know the way I kind of look at it is if you allow yourself
complete eating freedom the consequence is probably gonna be a gain and then on
the other end of the spectrum if you are completely on plan there might be a
loss of enjoyment there and I’m always trying to make it as easy as possible so
I really have to weigh how it might affect my weight and then also being
okay with a gain and realizing how long it may take to get that weight off you
know for me the fastest I ever lost weight was about a pound a week and now
it’s even less than that because I’m more at a normal weight so I have to
realize you know if I gain five pounds that might take me ten weeks to get it
off and there are some other things to consider too for example how often do
you go on vacation and how much of an opportunity is this particular vacation
I mean is like a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Maldives or something or is it
you know you’re gonna have a little weekend getaway a couple hours away and
then also how often do you go on vacation some people go like once a year
some people go once every few years and then some people are going every month
so you really have to think about how often this is going to come up but
ultimately I think it’s about enjoying your vacation and one thing oddly enough
that helps me to enjoy it is the ability to weigh and I’ve actually taken my scale
with me on vacation and I know that seems you know maybe like some people
would say oh that’s that’s such a bummer but to me it’s empowering to know where
my weight is even if the scale is going up because sometimes that does happen it
just helps me to have that peace of mind because I’ve done it both ways I’ve done
it with you know taking no scale with me and just thinking okay I’m going off
plan I I really don’t know what my weights gonna be like when I get back
and then it is super hard that first day to get on the scale or I’ve just taken
the scale with me and just weighed everyday and I really prefer taking the scale but
again you know that’s just what helps me to really relax the most so I’m curious
to know how do you handle vacations have you found it difficult I think
a lot of people find intermittent fasting is kind of difficult on vacation
because you’re around other people who are eating and they’re not on your same
eating pattern it can really be because eating is also a social thing it’s not
just about putting food into your mouth it’s about the fellowship and everything
so it’s not just as easy as I’m just not gonna eat right now
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19 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting: Vacation

  1. I lost a lot of weight and went on vacation I planned to go to a couple of restaurants and enjoy myself I put back on some weight but with IM FASTING Im just about back where I started from It was well worth it as they were some of the best meals of my life!

  2. Fantastic and very informative vlog. I have been doing intermittent fasting for three months and I have lost 16 lbs. I enjoy watching your videos because they keep me motivated. Since I live in Denmark, we are close to other countries so we travel a lot and I have still stayed on a similar eating plan. Thanks so much.

  3. Great video and perfect timing as I leave for vacation in two days! I am going to be sensible, but still plan to enjoy myself and my time with my family!

  4. Hi Kayla, great talk. I plan out my food plan for vacations. We are either staying with my son or camping in the camper. When we go on the motorcycle we have to play it by ear. We realize it is only once in a while so we enjoy. I too take a scale. This gives me peace of mind too. 💕. NonnaGrace

  5. this is a great topic. i usually don't worry about going off schedule here and there on a vacation. the problem for me is that once i go "off plan", i find it really really hard to get back on. when i am on a fasting schedule, it gets to be very routine, but once i break it, i find that it takes a long time to readjust to fasting and it always takes me time to get back into it. it starts to feel so hard to fast .

  6. Hi Kayla 😊. Very timely advice for me as I'm on vacation for 2 weeks now, and only 5 weeks into my IF/Fitbit journey. For me, I'm just making the best choices I can, getting extra walking and other exercise, and fasting as often as I can make it work. It's been more like 16/8 some days rather than my normal one meal a day. I actually prefer doing one meal a day, but I find it way easier to stick to when I'm at work (and not surrounded by food!). It's harder being at home and especially with company, but I'm cutting myself some slack and just making the best choices I can. Thanks for the great video 😊

  7. I’ve just got back from vocation in Spain for a week.. I got off my IF Schedule completely internationally wanted to enjoy myself with family… was worth it cos we get only a week yearly vocation… got back I put 2 pounds on but don’t mind at all costhis week been back on my plan and all will be well. 😊 much love from london

  8. Great video.  Going to Disney World in Sept and already thinking of a game plan.  I plan on continuing the OMAD way of eating.  The resort we stay at puts on a great breakfast but I am fine with sipping a coffee while the family eats.  And there is SO much walking at Disney I will not have a problem getting the miles in!

  9. Excellent video. I love the way you put others before yourself in considering the feelings of others! I am spending next week with my son and daughter-in-law and grandchildren. I have already decided to "go with the flow." I love my daughter-in-law, and I am going to eat when and what makes her comfortable. She knows that I eat Keto, and will prepare Keto foods for me, but I am going to eat when I need to do so at their home. (Side note: as of today, I have lost 60 pounds! I started Keto in January of 2017, and just recently added fasting. Only 3 pounds from my goal!)

  10. Kayla, thank you for your videos. This is not on topic, but I do have a question as a newcomer. So I can literally eat anything I want including bread and dessert every day and I'll lose weight, albeit slowly?

  11. Just got back from vacation where I chose to go off plan. I practice intermittent fasting (though my fasting window is not as long as yours) and eat lower carb. On vacation I ate 3 meals/day and included carbs. After 1 week I was up nearly 6 lbs. BUT I know part of it is water weight and part of it is not yet fully digested food still making it's way out. (Sorry to be a bit graphic with that mental picture!!) Day 2 back from vacation and I dropped 1 lb. I'm sure as I return to my normal eating pattern and types of foods my weight will continue to drop. I've done this before and within a week I'm generally down to about where I was before vacation. I might have 1 or 2 lbs that take a bit longer. I just go back to normal, nothing extreme.

  12. Unrelated to this video, but I tried to search your previous video titles and couldn't find what I was looking for. Only eating one meal a day, what are you eating? Do you get in a typical days worth of calories, just in that one meal? I use the word calories, but don't necessarily mean you are counting, but it's it compreable to what you might otherwise eat spread out? Something you said in a previous video had me concerned. It sounded like you omitted breakfast and then later lunch and just eat a typical dinner. If that's the case, how would.that be enough fuel for your body? I'm guessing I'm missing something. Is there another video you could direct me to? I'm pretty new to your channel. Thanks!!

  13. Hi Ive recently started IF and found your channel particularly helpful. Thanks! Could you clarify one thing for me please regarding your plan. I know you are on one meal a day but could you confirm whether that is all you have. I'm sure i remembered you saying that after your meal you would snack in the evening with your hubby though some of your recent vids it seemed as though you were intimating you just had your evening meal and nothing else. Again thanks for your videos i find them refreshingly helpful and encouraging for the future long term maintenance. Thanks!!!!

  14. You make it sound like you have made this program for me. I've been through lots of videos from other Doctors and fitness gurus (they all are good) but it was your video which moved me enough to start it.
    It's been a week and already I can see that much of swelling has gone and my tummy doesn't look like a balloon now, my finger rings have loosened up.
    I started it as dirty fasting, I ate pizzas first day with coke, then I let go soft drink. Now I incorporate some of Dr Berg's (not all, as I am vegetarian) tips like when Uric acid goes up which actually cleans up your body but to avoid joint pains take salads or Dr Zaoraski's way to brake fast etc. Your easy way of taking things have helped me a lot and I really like all the motivations in all your videos. Thanks a lot.
    Finger crossed to stay on IF wagon.

  15. so happy I found your channel! your opinions and techniques make it so easy to stick with IF / OMAD 🙂 and really much love the short videos, because you just put all the facts together so it´s easy to remember! xx

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