Interview SiR : ses débuts, Kendrick Lamar, Chasing Summer, Paris …

Interview SiR : ses débuts, Kendrick Lamar, Chasing Summer, Paris …

– Hi everyone, you are in Le Corner on Générations. Today, we have a special guest, SiR ! How are you doing ? – I am good, bonjour ! – Comment ça va ? – I am well, I am good. – Yes, you told me that you know how to say… – Merde ! – Is this your first time in France or in
Paris ? -Unfortunately, yes. I wish I had more
time to stay too. Everywhere we travel to, we are just there for a day I sleep in the car, I wake up and then we’re in another country. – Yes, only one day I’m glad I’m here. – The first time I saw you I thought you were from Jamaica. – Yes, everyone does. – Then I figured out that you are from California – Everyone thinks my dreads are Rasta dreads, but they’re more like hippie dreads. I am from Californie, boy ! – Rasta dreads are more chunky. Yes, but mine are pretty and I can separate them My wife is also Jamaican, I’m definitely grounded in my
roots, my family’s roots, as well as hers So big up, big respect for sure ! – Is she twisting your dreadlocks ? – Yes.
– Of course ! For the most part, over the last two years they’re more rusted than antything because I don’t really touch them, I just let them grow They’re long long, so they’re heavy and I like my hair nappy I don’t like to look like… Pretty. – Easy Breezy. – Let’s talk about music, that’s why we’re here. – How did you start your career in the music industry ? – Slowly. I started as a recording engineer I would be on the other side making sure the microphones were on and making sure everything’s hooked up and
recording mixing, I love Pro Tools and that turned into me just writing songs
on my own a lot more and I started off trying to write songs for
other people that didn’t really work out so well A little success, but more so in
just building relationships and, from there I started putting music out
on my own and one thing led to another it seems like one long week to me, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long of a time. They say time flies when you have fun, so I don’t even really feel like it’s been that long but I’ve been putting music out for almost 7-8 years so it’s a long time coming. – I see that, EPs, mixtapes, 2 albums.. You were not you was not under the spotlight, was that something that you wanted ? Or did it come after because you saw and worked with and for people who were under the spotlight? It’s like you kind of a discrete artist but you are doing shows because you have to,
you have to give it for your fan but you’re more like a classic artist who lives his music but there is a part of it that is a little bit like a core. – I’m definitely embracing it more nowadays but I tell people
all the time if I had my way I would just be in the studio recording and
stuff like nothing it does come along with the territory to do shows and to
represent yourself properly and I’m really competitive so if I’m gonna do
anything I’m gonna try to be the best at it so I have to work on every part of it, I can’t just be in a studio and be happy with that, I have to perform my music. Hopefully, I’m writing honest music and it’s
connecting and you got to give your fans a proper representation, it’s important for you to show your face really show what you do and how much you love the art and I do care so I would never shortchange. – But you prefer the creative part… – Yes, on the studio ! – You’re an artist. -I like to chill, smoke weed in the studio, drink couple little shots and then we’re good to go ! That’s how we work ! – So is this what you need to do a good song ? -Yes and no, I think that’s what I need to have a good day. And when I have good days and write good songs. Not so much the drink though, weed, I think that’s huge, I have to smoke. – Did you buy/find some weed in France ? – No, not yet. You got some ? – Humm… – And, at this moment he knew, he fucked up. – We are going to talk about it later… -Do you consider yourself as a perfectionist ? because you know how to write, you were engineer, You can do anything by yourself, you know need anyone. – Yes and no, I’m a type of perfectionist, but only with certain things I’m really strict on the mix and stuff like that when it comes to writing the lyrics, it’s
really emotional so that can’t ever be perfect even with recording, how I sing my you know my vocal and stuff like that I’m not a traditional singer by any sense I never go for the perfect vocal, I’ll go for vibe and feel when I’m mixing, I got to step away, listening to the music and come back to it so that I can mix it without judgment get rid of the demo in my head don’t worry about the demo, focus on
the mix, that’s the hardest part out of everything that do is, switching hats and going from writing and producing to actually finishing. – Your last album just came out in August and there are Wayne and K.Dot in it. How do you feel about that ? – Ohhhh…you know how I feel about that ! I am like a kid in a candy store man ! It’s about the respect, man . I talk about that a lot, I gotta think of a better way to say it, because I say it so much I think that what all artists are chasing is respect from your peers and froms fans A lot of fans are still catching on, but having a stamp like Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and Jill Scott. Those things a enormous for my career and it’s just a testament to my work ethic The people who contributed to this project I’ve worked with all of them on different levels and they’ve all had a chance to see that I
really love this. – My favorite song is “Mood”. I don’t remember the… – Zacari ! – That’s a good tune, man. We were working on that song probably like five, six days before the
album dropped because we got somebody to replay the sample and it just sounded so good and I did some crazy shit to make it, it’s my favorite
song too ! A lot of work behind that one – The name of your album “Chasing Summer” It came out the last day of summer, good marketing What the season means to you ? Why summer ? – Summer has always been just a good
representation of freedom and just being able to do what you want and I
think that’s what the story of the album is about. Me trying to find freedom in places that I shouldn’t have been looking and it leads me back home where I already had everything I needed, I know a lot of people read it differently but
for me I start in a place I go to this really dark place and then at the
end of the album I end up where I’m supposed to be and then it cycles
right back. I wrote most of the songs on the road so it
definitely fit the theme. – You talk about love, being free, doing stuff like stuff that we’re doing in the summer feelings that we feel during the summer. The first single was the one with
Kendrick Lamar, you did a video for “Hair Down”, you put it as the first song of the album it’s because “Hair Down” is like meaning being free… – Definitely, and being confident ! Both tied together, when you’re confident and you’re sure of yourself you’re free to make wise decisions for yourself When I was writing the song I needed to be confident and I needed to be sure of where I was we were on the road during the championship tour with all of the TDE artists and I was opening up for SZA and Kendrick and Schoolboy Q so of course I’m sitting there….a whole bunch of pressure “Hair Down” was my way of telling myself “I’m here” It definitely helped down a lot. – How did you get that confidence ? If you have any advice to give to someone that have a hard time finding it ? – I don’t know if I can even answer that question. – A lot of weed and alcohol ! – Smoke it ! Hopefully you got some good people around you, the people around me helped build my confidence and they helped me feel sure in my decisions I got a great team, I am nothing without my squad – You talk a lot about women, the two last singles are “New Sky” and ” That’s Why I Love You” Fodjé had a question I think… He was questioning himself about your wife, how does she handle your success ? Because he’s under the spotlight here in France, he’s an actor He has been to Cannes Festival – I have seen your work – But we here for you ! Two things that I do that saved my life are that I’m honest, I’m very straightforward with my wife and I’m honest with people that approached me with dumb shit it is what it is you have to be as transparent as possible – What do you think about the new scene of R&B ? because before they were talking about
women and shit but you’re talking about real shit in your music – There are about like six or seven R&B
artists that I’m in love with right now – What is your top 5 ? Ari Lennox, Jorja Smith I want to say Lizzo but she’s pop rap, but Lizzo -You have a picture with her on your Instagram – I do, she’s so sweet. Hum, who else ? Top 5…6LACK – Not “six lack” , “black” – I call him “six lack” to my homies but I’m about to be in Atlanta I want
no issues One of my favorites, and he’s a sleeper, I always talk about him, it’s James Fauntleroy He has a song like … Everything about that song was perfect
when I heard it, I sat back like… – Sorry I got to question, when
you sing like that did you rock your vocals ? But when you smoke, it’s smashed… – My smoky voice, I try not to use it too much, it’s rough -It makes me think about Dave Chappelle’s voice. You’re going on tour, in the US. – The name is “Summer Forever”, so you’re going to bring the sun ? – It’s going to be cold – Are you looking forward to it ? – Yes I want to get back on the road ! I’ve been home for a very long time it’s good to have balance it’s good to be on the road for a long period, so when you go home you really appreciate I’m definitely ready to work and get
back on the road but I’m excited about December but there’s so many cities in so many places that I want to go to in our hope that we
get a chance to really extend it – The world. – I want to come back and do shows in Paris I want to do shows in London I had a great time, yesterday we did a small show in London so much fun, they get drunk – I love them ! I am crazy too you find your friends and you hang with them I want a chance to just broaden my horizon and step out I think I’ve been traveling over the
last five years and it’s changed my perspective so much that I want to
extend that I want to see more you know what I mean so yeah I’m excited to get
on the road and really go out – And you have merch too – I do.
– Where can we find it ? – Edgar got it ! No I am just kidding – No, any website ?
– Yes, – Link on your Instagram ? – My Instagram is @InglewoodSiR – It was very nice to meet you SiR !
– I appreciate it. – Thank you for coming, and we have to talk… – You had another question…
– No, it’s okay… – Go ahead, ask your question ! – After ! – Thank you SiR !
– Thank you so much guys.

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