iPhone 11 Pro | Perfect Minimalist Travel Vlog Camera?

iPhone 11 Pro | Perfect Minimalist Travel Vlog Camera?

100 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro | Perfect Minimalist Travel Vlog Camera?

  1. I came to this video just to check the quality of the iPhone and I finally watched the entire vlog because of the content. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Strange how Americans are like: "Oooh let's seee if she can drive a manual!"
    Me from the other side of the world like, the fuck? I mean, don't they just teach you that so you can pass your license?

  3. Going through backlog of PotatoJet vids. Gotta say, this one made it pretty clear that your content is really dependent on.. well, your content. Having a nice camera maybe makes a 10% difference at most. Yeah, some footage was grainy, unstable, etc., but it was very clearly an enjoyable PotatoJet video. I think audio's probably more important than video, honestly.

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  5. there is guite a difference between the regular camera and the wide angle in 4k video.
    like the wide angle is baaaad

  6. 17:29 Flat gimbal does not get in the way of the ultra wide lens… is that really true? I read that this is the case only with the 11 pro Max, cause the lens is further away, but with the smaller 11 pro, the motor was visible using the ultra wide lens….

  7. Thanks for talking trash at the end, you saved me $1200 today… And I don’t feel so bad about the 5d and rx100 for vlogs. Keep up the good work

  8. you got robbed on that snowy lake footage, but I'm glad to hear that's the 3rd party app. I can't stand fast panning and 24p tho. I gotta have 60p for that even if it's 1080 or 2k

  9. Hey guys, don't know if you're still checking comments on this, but PLEASE DON'T DRIVE WITH YOUR DOGS IN FRONT OF AIRBAGS. @4:34.

    No joke or hyperbole. I'm a former cop and a bit of a car guy. If something happens, your dog will likely be killed instantly, and you'll be hurt badly or killed yourselves by the dog's flying body. Don't mess with airbags. https://youtu.be/31N7eDr3-Mw?t=125

    Sorry to be redundant if somebody already mentioned it, but … 1k comments. Keep up the great work and love seeing your dogs in your videos.

  10. Eso de llevar al perro, cuando uno esta conduciendo…sera seguro? "sarcasmo", Gracias por el vídeo, buen punto de vista para creadores de contenido y poco a poco ir implementado, mas si cabe ;), y reducir lo maximo posible lo que uno transporta. Un saludo

  11. Wow!!!! The iphone 11 pro looks really good! The natural and sharpy tone got me and the stabilization and everything. It's so nice, simple and everything.

  12. Hey ..
    1)What camera and lens are you shooting with at home ?
    2) do you think that g7x mark is better a camera than this iPhone's front camera?

  13. My iPhone 11 wide lens is really blurry… Not sure why. Hopefully it’s a software issue. This is the reason I upgraded, for the wide angle.

  14. Probably the best Iphone 11 pro video on youtube.
    No wait, probably the best video about cameras and videos on youtube!

  15. Thanks for the honest review – been following you for a while now and despite the jitters this was the best video yet. Very nice flow (and some nice drone footage). Excellent work.

  16. I think it’s so annoying when people say “it’s not as good as the real thing.” Umm yeah it’s a camera phone. It’s good for what it’s good for.

    We get it. We get it… no need to say it every video, and on every vloggers channel.

    OAN: I loved the video. And I think the camera is beautiful

  17. I don't make films or even shoot any video really, found the channel by accident. Great videos even though I am not versed in any terminology or cameras , editing etc. Thanks for making enjoyable videos for a newb like me.

  18. If phones ever get to the point where they can actually give depths like cameras, then I feel like that's when the game changes

  19. One thing I am not so satisfied from the iPhone 11 is the audio quality that sounds like muffled compare to Samsung S10 series.

  20. I have issues editing 11pro videos using filmora.can anyone suggests a time saving editor or any work arounds for 4k videos shot using 11pro??

  21. For what I do I prefer the ease and flexibility of shooting video on the phone I’m generally happy with the quality great video mate cheers ✊️✊️

  22. Great video. Very informative. My family and I are influencers and this will help when we can’t bring camera equipment to certain locations. We are also from cordelia and now live in la.

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