IRAN IS NOT FOR TOURISM – How to Travel Iran 🇮🇷

IRAN IS NOT FOR TOURISM – How to Travel Iran 🇮🇷

So today im gonna be talking about kind of safety and logistics of travelling in Iran because i had so many questions from you guys asking about travelling in the country safety things you need to know like currency Iraq was an amazing trip so you wont’ only get my perspective im’ working for my self our country is really safe

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  1. For all the small things about Iran I may have missed you can see them in my Iran videos here:
    Iran is a beautiful country with beautiful people

  2. Did you take the “444 day hostage adventure “ where young Islamic lads beat you, terrorize you and stage blindfolded mock execution every few days?

  3. I'm so pissed off that just as I've decided to come to Iran.. and will be so close next month… there's all this hideous war talk. I totally believe that Iran is safe. It's A Certain Other Country that's world smashingly murderous..

  4. Maybe the Ayatollah doesn't like tourists roaming around and seeing all the nuclear enrichment facilities Iran has going?

  5. You have huge balls going to these Muslim countries. One day your luck will run out and you’ll be F ****D. I hope I’m wrong but you are playing with fire

  6. So basically that was the way for tourists 35 years ago. You had to carry coins and bills (and traveller's checks) and there was no internet, no ATM… And we survived and had wonderful trips and learned to travel.

  7. Iranian people are one of the most friendliest one. If they don't like america it doesn't mean they don't like everyone. Iran is very nice country we indian love iran.

  8. 3 years ago they let me stand on the Iran Armenian border. 2 hours it took and the send me back to Yerevan. Called the embassy from Iran. Told me to call back and they never took the phone. For Me it was a sign not to go. They even called for me to Iraq border and this was closed. I'm a woman and I think it was because I'm alone

  9. It is ONLY save as long you are not targeted by crazy islamists and the government! Never as critical/political/religious questions!

  10. Iran 🇮🇷 really really safe and respectfull people and I stayed 2 weeks was lovely trip and cheap as well ..

  11. Awesome thanks for sharing this with us 😊 Do you get lonely when you travel alone? You are very brave and I love that you show us what it's really like in different places that the media portrays as unsafe and scary. Very interesting! Love what you do ❤️❤️

  12. Honestly I don't think anyone thinks the people in the country are bad. Most people believe it's the government that is bad. I have met many Iranians and they have always been super nice.

  13. O was solo travelere in Iran 2 years ago and I met a lot of femal solo travelers from Europe….totally saaaaaafe!!!

  14. Any leader that where's towel on head never going there shows mental instability. Good luck on travels…lol. hey maybe I can put life insurance policy on you. Never that country Wii be great lost in brainwashed government shit

  15. Hats or towells on head means trying to show off in some way dumb shit. Only people that should get away with it is going bald and hiding what ashamed of…lol

  16. iran is about to get ass f^cked hard… Why would you go to that POS country full of inbred cocksuckers? Persia hasn't been relevant since Alexander F^CKED them right out of being a major power.

  17. Thanks for you r great videos and message! ❤️👍🏻 I would love to visit the Ziggurat of Ur, did you ever been there or know if it’s possible to visit?

  18. I was born in northwest iran in qazvin (about 3 hours from Tehran). I grew up from age 5 in southeast USA. Been here in USA pretty much my whole life, and took advantage of the resources here. I used to think USA was a savior/the good guy in the world community growing up through my teenage years, but after investigating the truth, I have come to understand how the USA has obtained its resources through manipulating and stepping over many other nations. And its not to say that the American people are like that, they aren't. They're just like any other hard working citizen, but they do tend to get brainwashed easily by their government. And the deeper and deeper I searched into the reason why certain world countries are sanctioned, the more it tied back into the international banking cartel which is tied to families such as the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, and Morgan families. I know if may offend some people, but the Judeo-Christian teachings are being used as a reasoning by evangelicals to brainwash "white" people into an ideological foundation to oppose the Moslem world. And it is pretty interesting to see that Iran, North Korea, and Cuba are the only bastions in the world who do not use the central banking system, yet somehow the media portrays them as evil. Well, the media is in the pocketbooks of the Jews and bankers as WELL. Another quick note; Hitler had a disdain for Jewish people because of their control of media outlets and their financial control which wrecked the German economy after it had worked so hard to build it up. The U.S. military is just a tool used by bankers to go and do dirty work. It is used for racketeering. Granted, Iran's government may not allow some of the vices people enjoy in the U.S.A., but if you take a look at Japan, even though it gave in to the U.S. bankers/capitalist bankers, it has among the worlds highest suicide rates because its people aren't getting enough rest/depressed. Which leads me to the conclusion that always you have to show some respect to people of this planet based on their beliefs. Iran (for the past thousand years) has been a Shia Muslim country with values and morals that got the current regime elected. Same for Iraq, same for Libya. The United States government is filled with dual-citizens working for Israel and the bankers, and believe that Iran's resources and landscape can make their pockets fatter. However, the Mullahs in Iran have realized that the damage that can occur to their culture, way of life, and country if they allow these white collar criminals in, hence why the situation is what it is today. Bottomline; not every country is meant to be like USA. Iran must be respected and its way of life is sacred to its region. I hope that clears up a lot of misconceptions whites have about middle eastern countries and to my iranian brothers and sisters who moved to the United States and have a first world life remember that these material things are a distraction do not turn your back on your land for a dollar for it will fall. I can not agree with those who suck up to the white man way of life just for a penny, but I do not hate them for they are weak mentally and may be able to be helped. With that being said, I wish to visit one day and perhaps even move back. I have realized capitalism is abused and shoved down American minds to make us think America is the greatest nation in the world to live in….No it is not.. Jewish bankers poured money into this nation as their experiment and tool. Without the corporations and advertising, this nation would be like the dust bowl.

  19. This is one video, for which I don't mind advertising. Wonderful glimpse into Persian's richness, values and beauty. When Iran is in the media, we should think of the great people and not fall for anybody's agenda.

  20. I would prefer a tiltle like "IRAN IS FOR TOURISM", otherwise people could think the country is not interesting and not watch the video for this reason

  21. Think there is allot of propoganda about Iran in the Western world. Iam 100% sure it is much safer then Amsterdam. Going to plan visit Iran februari 2020.

  22. thanks for doing what you're doing.
    i hope you will remain so free minded even in case of worst of cases possible.

  23. great video! May I know how to contact with the man (11:52 the guide) you recommend please?

  24. Feel like I should mention the media don't say there is a danger of terrorist attacks to tourists. The danger is from the Iranian gov't. If you piss the gov't off, you can disappear.

  25. I have wanted to visit Iran since I was a teen, but then you hear "you would not come back bro". They used to say that about Columbia too. Then I visited to three countries in Latin America, including Columbia. Enjoyed the local scene the whole time and it was great fun meeting wonderful people. And all the propaganda I've grown up with was proven wrong in a big way. After watching your video I know it would be the same visiting Iran. People are people, governments are governments. I don't hate anyone, it's all love. Great vid, thank you so much!

  26. So many young Iranians speak English have no student loan debt here at the home of the free land of the obese you be hard pressed to find even one person that speaks Persian or any other language.

  27. It's sad governments promote hate and discord. Most people just want to live their life in the pursuit of happiness and freedom. As an American, just because your government uses propaganda against another nation does not mean it is true. However as an American I feel the use of force is necessary for self defense as an individual or as a nation. Your video shows the humanity of the Iranian people. Promoting terrorism, hostage crisis, death to America and Israel does not favor the Iranian people. I wish the best for the people of Iran.

  28. Thanks for the video. It's fueling my fire to go. Only thing is that I think you'd be better off not commenting on the politics of the sanctions. Love 'em or hate 'em, there are reasons for them that you can't really get into in this sort of video. Thanks for the contact info for your friend as well. I may give him a shout when I finally go.

  29. It should be illegal for the media to badmouth any country. The government is not the people in any country and shouldn't be. We need to stop saying this country hates this or that country adn SINGLE out the groups, families, media outlets that propagandise all the garbage.

  30. Loved this channel and your work but after this video I will need to unsubscribe. Iran hang homosexuals. I just came from a video (Bangladesh) where you clearly stated that you hated homofobia… and then this? At the very least, for the sale of "the whole picture" you could have said a little of what the penalty for homophobia can be there.
    Sad video. Likely homosexual tourists should be ok… unlike locals.

  31. such a nice country..or is it? just out of interest, how is the situation regarding anti-Semitism, do you know that? because for me that's also a very important measure for the mental level and friendliness of a country. Do they allow visitors from Israel, for example? are these guests also treated with respect, or do they discriminate against them?

  32. You would promote any county wont you? Iran doesnt stand up for human rights. Their goverment are radical and islamists. The way they force the women to wear Hijab and niqab is disgusting. How they stone homosexual people is disgusting. HOW THEY FORBID WOMEN TO DANCE… Is out of this world. The fact youre not mentioning this, and how WRONG it is blows my mind. Iran, and middle east overall, is not a country you should look up for 2019.

  33. My criticism of Iran are marijuana and alcohol are prohibited. Legalize the Kush. Imagine an international cannabis trade market.

  34. Bro where have you been? This is all borders and ruined places with no civilization!!! Go to Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Yazd, Shiraz, Rasht, Arak, Caspian Sea, Golestan etc.

  35. Iran is super safe you guys…. just don't say anything bad about the government or wear short shorts or go without a hijab or drink alcohol or be gay or do anything that is anything less than conforming. We're should judge Iran by those standards JUST like we do European countries or the US.

  36. I know Iranians are good people. But, because of the rhetoric going on in the news I don't think it would be wise to go. Iran=beautiful women and good food. I fellas I am sure are very friendly from what I have seen. Its a shame 😒

  37. I come from israel. Their government is our enemy but majority of Israelis know that majority of Persians are great people

  38. Everything you showed is very interesting. Petty that Iran is not so safe for LGBT people who are killed there..

  39. I’m a United States citizen. I’ve always wanted to visit Iran. Would you say it’s safe for a U.S. citizen to visit?

  40. "It's a very safe country. Don't believe the media, there is no bombing here, there is no terrorist here" … just loved the way he said it

  41. one f the most interesting places that you shouldn't miss in your trip to Iran is Shiraz, which is famous for many historical sites, beautiful gardens and tombs of famous Persian poets like Hafez.

    if you want to get more information about Hafez and his tomb in Shiraz, this article may help you

  42. Don't worry, dear iranian people
    Whenever western media attacks your country, know very well that you are the good guys
    Love from Egypt😘😘😘❤❤❤

  43. I am Iranian and have never been to Iran but I do agree that Persian food is great and I know that cause I really don't like mongolian food! (my mom is Mongolian/Kazakhstan) lol

  44. is it true that people sleep on ground and not on a bed? a friend of mine went in Theran as a guest to a local family and told me this.

  45. To all the Iranians watching most of us Americans don't hate you . Our government is full of pompous jackasses who really shouldn't be in charge of a rock collection let alone a country. We Americans are so divided over so many frivolous things instead of realizing we have more in common than we believe and because of that we're not doing our job of policing our government so they do awful things in the name of the country .Most Americans want the government to stop being the world's police and redirect that energy into our crumpling country. I would love to visit your beautiful country one day. Peace and blessings to the nation of Iran.

  46. I don't know what media you follow say shit about people in Iran. I know several Iranians and they're all nice people with one thing in common: they f*** hate their government. And that's what the media focuses on, at least what I watch (not FOX, obviously). It's good to explain that Iran is a safe place and that Iranian people are nice: all true. But the Iranian government is not, and this should be said loud and clear in the video. Otherwise you're only painting half a picture and you're not being honest.

    Ah, about the guy in the end who says he's a free man and can say whatever he wants: he can, only among a handful of friends. Try saying something to a larger public or online. Try telling your wife "go ahead, walk on the streets without your headscarf". Iran is NOT a free country under the current government.

  47. It is safe to travel in Iran as long as you are not an American. Americans are not welcome in Iran; the Iranian government has made that quite clear, and if you don't believe me just give it a try. But don't start complaining when you wind up in a prison with other foreigners.

  48. I don´t think any civilized country (as they presume) should force all women to cover their hair and adopt a stupid dressing code.

  49. Iran is safe very safe yes safe of course it is safe safest safe country I’m not joking guys it’s safe

  50. This guy is the best, thank you for the truth Iran is amazing love from the UK and don’t listen to propaganda iranians are good people and it’s safe yes very safe

  51. Such a narrow view of Iran. Yes, we all know that Iranians are lovely people but encouraging people to visit may sooth your guilt but it feeds the Fanatical Clerics who rule this country with an iron fist and are determined to destroy Israel and dominate the Middle East with their fanatical ideology and you seem to blame the US for all Iran’s ills and forget that Iran is actively seeking the nuclear bomb and have an horrific human rights record and YOU want to encourage people to wear blinkers and finance this regime. Very sad.

  52. Very nice, love regional. Regional food…sooo good. I wouldn't like to see a McDonalds where ever I go. I don't understand why so many Iranians are leaving. I see so many Iranian kids in schools, new comers. I work in education and they described as very dictatorial. What I see is that is the law, strict law to follow. We as tourists should follow the law and regulations of countries we visit. Maybe is safe bc of strict regulations. Here in the USA wouldn't work. People would fight it bc of freedom of….Iranians are very nice, and smart too. I love Iranian food. I am from Venezuela. I love Venezuela and I also love the USA which gave me a home and wonderful kids🙏….love these videos👋

  53. Indigo Traveller, we will always appreciate of what you did, which showing the people from the west our true culture and great civilization, unlike what they thought they knew, however i was a little bit disappointed about your chosen title (which would give a bad representation) however when i clicked on it and watched the whole video My opinion changed, but please don't make our country look not so great for travel, even do we all Iranian know that is not one of the best countries to visit in terms of attraction. But please can you change the title to something else or at least say "is not like what you think" and can you also this or next time show more historical landmark with more professional editing if you can so that we can share and make other people's jaw drop when they see Iran.However you still did a great job
    Thank you very much

  54. I noticed that tourists taking advantage of Iranian hospitality by staying free with them and having free lift and food; although the country suffers from sanctions. As a person lived in several countries, I know none of these tourists haven't and won't offer this hospitality to anyone especially not to Iranian. This is embarrassing.

  55. thank you for this vid..a beautiful place and people..though i've always known that bruv…this why i love your channel much much warmth and human matter where you are..wether iraq, south africa..or really touch on what's important to us..and why our connection is so a world…i god bless nick..ikeep saying this bruv..but really and truly..god bless bruv..for your selfless humane spirit…always..much love..🙏

  56. While I believe it is safe for him this is one of those times I feel that the country you are from makes a big difference on how people treat you. As an American I feel that I would be more targeted if I were to go to Iran

  57. So safe, but cover your head and don’t criticize government. There’s almost no where you can speak freely anymore. So sad!

  58. I'm sorry but no, Iran is not more safer than China or any western countries and minorities still face oppression. Don't romanticize the country..

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