Ireland | Dingle Town travel guide; Dingle Peninsula | tourism video

Ireland | Dingle Town travel guide; Dingle Peninsula | tourism video

As the beating heart of the heritage-rich
Dingle Peninsula The Town of Dingle hums with an electric energy Of Irish music, colour and culture. With its multitude of traditional pubs, It’s the perfect place to settle down for
a pint or two. Stroll the colourful streets with me as your
guide to this Irish-speaking region, and
maybe even stop For a famous sea salt ice-cream at Murphy’s. The marina is a quiet place to reflect, but
for many It’s where visitors start their boat journey
to the Blasket Islands Or to see Fungi, the town’s famous and friendly
dolphin who lives in the bay. A mysterious world of ancient
ogham stones echoing Back to the early Irish language and Celtic
holy wells co-opted By Christianity awaits travellers who explore
the Dingle Peninsula. This landscape, one people have inhabited
for 6,000 years Comes to life on the Slea Head Drive as one
takes in stunning coastlines Early monasteries and prehistoric ring forts. An Iron-age stone defensive structure with
periods of occupation Dating from the 5th century BC to the 11th
century AD Visitors to Dunbeg Fort are treated to an
iconic view of Ireland. Home to ancient monks and people
through the ages Great Blasket Island, known as “the Island”
to 19th and early 20th century residents, offers its siren song
to visitors to the peninsula. From the boat, it’s easy to see the village
ruins that lie On the island’s northeastern shore, facing
the mainland coast Where Spanish Armada ships were wrecked in
the late 16th century. The island’s crumbling homes remain steeped
in Irish culture And literature, but are abandoned as
the residents were Vacated in 1953, when access to the village
became far too difficult. Today’s visitors share the island with the
cafe owners A herd of sheep, and some shaggy donkeys. Walk the island for its history, but never
forget to stop and soak in the surroundings. If you enjoyed the video, make sure you like
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