Is Baku the Next Dubai for Tourism?

Is Baku the Next Dubai for Tourism?

Hello guys and assalamu aleykum, welcome back to my channel. Today I’m here in Baku, Azerbaijan So I’m gonna tell you about how Baku is better than Dubai. You can see for yourself There’s a big craze in dubai for making large buildings with mirrors. Even here they’re making big buildings like that So what is the difference? Well the difference my friend is that the people here are very good, very joyful and friendly with foreigners And if you have any doubts they will enthusiastically help you out They have no attitude or arrogance here in Azerbaijan, people are very good. They made their own buildings, unlike in Dubai where Pakistanis and Indians created it for them. Everyone here has helped and made this green city, and one big advantage is that the weather here is cool. In Dubai it’s really hot I’m not making this video against Dubai, but I just wanted to say that if you wanted to go to either place, then Baku is 100x better than Dubai. See for yourself, I took a ride in a taxi, now I’ll show it to you and be sure to leave in the comments which city is the best.

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  1. My main point in this video is about visiting either of these cities and my comparison is about what they offer to visitors. it's not about business or job. Baku is much cheaper than Dubai and offers so much to visitors with the same or less budget which is spent in Dubai. in my upcoming videos, I'll tell you more about expenses in Baku and what to visit in Baku. stay tuned.

  2. इंडिया के अपोजिट वहां रात होती है दिन

  3. Baku will have 568 skyscrapers and 7,803 high rise buildings until 2027 which Dubai, New York and Moscow can't compete.

  4. I never thought Azerbijan/Baku is so beautiful and stylishly developed. The architecture and colour scheme of the buildings is EXTREMELY graceful. The roads are very wide and open and the city is very neat and clean.
    However other than commercial areas YOU should also have shown few residential areas, the houses etc I mean.
    But I am sure every area must be well developed.😍
    Baku here I come!✈

  5. And do they allow citizenship to the DESIROUS people from other countries? And if yes then on what conditions?

  6. The major aspect which is to be considered by the visitors is financial comparison of expenditures.  Please let us know the costing comparison of the both locations.  You have rightly said about pleasant weather and friendly people in Baku which are certain positive points.  Another important factor especially for Pakistani people is that Emirates People are too proud to deal with the tourists.  Pakistanis feel much difficulty there in Dubai because of Indians' domination who do not let the Pakistanis live peacefully and honorably in Dubai.  Abdul Bhai you are doing a great effort in educating the travel loving fellows.  At the end, it is requested to let me know the estimated cost for one week by-air tour of Baku from Pakistan.

  7. Do they stamp your passport if I use e-visa? Beacuse I want to increase my passport. Please answer brother. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


  9. دوبی قطر کویت امارات اور سعودی یہ سب کتے اور بہت نسل پرست مفرور جاہل گدھے ہیں

  10. I have been to baku and it is nice and better than Dubai in my opinion. The people are nice and generally friendly.
    I travelled from Pakistan and was in Baku and then Istanbul. You can visit both countries as Baku is on the way to Istanbul. I have been to about 22 countries and Baku was in my top 5 destinations. USA, Canada, Turkey, Spain and then Azerbaijan in my opinion. The Gulf states were in my opinion at the bottom.

  11. Nice video…
    But you didn;t tell
    1- Is it easier to get a job there?
    2- Is language a problem there? I mean people understand english or not?
    3- What is the rate of unemployment there in Baku and other less developed cities?

  12. Baku's GDP is $ 138 billion while Dubai's GDP is $ 102 billion and per capita of Baku is $ 79,057 while Dubai is $61,084

  13. I was in Baku for four days, discipline, manners, traffic sence sab kamaal ka hai.
    Log friendly hai, atmosphere mast hai

  14. Dubai is Dubai and baku is baku. Why would you compare these two countries ? If you want to stay in baku just stay there .UAE is more beautiful than any other country

  15. Kitne pakisatani aur dusre mulk ke logon ko rozgi mil rahi hai Dubai uae baku kitne pakistani job kare ? Kuch bolne se pehle socho ache se

  16. Yes, Walli Bhai You are right, Baku is far better than Dubai. I visited this last month & it's really impressive.

  17. They are not friendly at all ..
    Most of the people try to scam tourist
    I was shocked to see that people were staring at us in awkward way bcz my wife wears hijab ..
    I thought it's an Islamic country
    Georgia purely belongs to Christians
    But still we didn't experience any thing like that ..

  18. The people are too good friendly and cooperative…… Just love to heard…….. Luv آزربائیجان ❤️ from pakistan 🇵🇰

  19. Any trip becomes interesting if you are prepared for it. But it will be doubly interesting if you are accompanied by a guide who is in love with all his heart in his city. Our second visit to Baku. This time we decided to use the services of a guide. Guided Azerbaijan – a firework of emotions, energy and love for your city! I was impressed by the old city, thanks to Guided Azerbaijan, who literally knows every corner and every inhabitant. As a result, 3 hours of excursions in the summer heat passed in one breath. Delicious and inexpensive ate in "Dolma" on the advice of a guide. The second day we rode in a new city. Got unforgettable emotions.
    The route for a family with children who are not accustomed to the heat was very competently and tirelessly selected. And, of course, Baku jokes, interesting stories about Baku residents. Completely unexpected impressions

  20. i love Baku Azerbaijan کے سامنے انگوٹھا دکھا کر تصویر میں آپ نے شکل ایسی بنائی ہے سخت ٹٹی آئی ہوئی تھی مگر روکی ہوئی تھی

  21. Sir, it seems that I am travelling with side by side, I always appreciate and watch your all travel videos. Thank you very much for this precious information

  22. Abdul bhai ap backround music kaha say select kertay ho kii link bataye.. Its awesome
    N ur doing great work ur best

  23. Bhai g main Azerbaijan kam ke lye jana chahta hon to ketna kharcha ho jata ha total visa ke sath visa bhi aghr 5 years ka ho

  24. Bhae Bako Azerbaijan karobar ke lea kesa hy Agent to Bary Khawab dekha rahy hy ap batae ap ke point of view sy Azerbaijan kesa hy positive @ Negative dono hijab sy OR kana Rahaesh munasib hy

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