Is Egypt Safe To Travel to? | First Thoughts Flying from Germany to Cairo

Is Egypt Safe To Travel to? | First Thoughts Flying from Germany to Cairo

100 thoughts on “Is Egypt Safe To Travel to? | First Thoughts Flying from Germany to Cairo

  1. Can't believe that we are here!! This has been on top of our bucket list for the longest time that we can remember! Really excited to finally share this series with you.

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  2. стулья стоят наверно ночное лазерное представление дорого!

  3. I'm Egyptian , but I cried with her when she saw the top of the Pyramids for the first time .. yeah it was amazing !

  4. If you come to Egypt again l would be happy to have you as guests.You can experience things you haven't experienced yet. Do not hesitate contact you.

  5. Ya you should definitely travel travel to Egypt do not trust anyone who says Egypt is not safe .egypt is 100% safe and there aren’t any terrosits are not r examples of celebrities who came .

    .jennifer Lopez
    .jason drulo
    .the Kardashian’s
    And much more

  6. I would love to visit Egypt but had always feared that it was too dangerous to visit. I now know that its not as bad as the media says

  7. You're very welcome to Egypt any time but did you say Israel !! What is this word !! I'm sorry it's called Palestine, kindly correct.

  8. There nothing named israel but Palestine is the right name for that place and that place very important to us to called Palestine not Israel
    From Egyptian Man 🙂

  9. Funny thing is although Egypt is the place where the "Arab Palestinian Nation" was invented in January 1964 in the first Arab summit, so it's not surprising you get comments like "its not Israel, its Palestine" here, Egypt is also the first Arab nation to have made peace with Israel, back in 1979. And then president Anwar Sadat (pbuh) was murdered by members of the Muslim Brotherhood for signing that peace agreement with Israel. It's a country of contrasts. Mostly safe, but there are places which you would not want to tread as a western tourist.

  10. There's nothing called Israel…
    It's philistin..
    Understand it .
    You just collect some people from all over the world and stole philistine .
    You are thieves.

  11. It's called palestine not israel it's nothing called israel palestine is a arab muslim country and it will be that to the end of the earth ❤❤

  12. IAM from Egypt and Egypt is the most safe country in the world we have people on the streets until 5am it's so safe and friendly I hope you enjoyed your journey though

  13. forgieners are talking about how great egypt is

    This place sUcCs.
    I was born here nothing is goddam new
    wish I could see it like yOu guys

  14. sorry sorry israel is not country and dont do that again pls bec arab dont love if anyone tell that in egypt or any arabic country

  15. One thing I’ve learned is to not take travel advice from people that haven’t been there. Too many people are influenced by the media.

  16. Just wanted to tell you–I have always wanted to go to Egypt, but I was a little nervous…I found your channel while searching for travel ideas and was inspired by your Egypt vlogs! So I booked the trip! Now we've just returned from an incredible week in Egypt, and I wanted to thank you for the inspiration to GO!!! Love you guys 🙂

  17. Egypt is amazing and safe. Such friendly and kind people. Lots of fun stuff to do and so full of energy in the atmosphere. I was never tired , i was always energized being there. Btw My husband is Egyptian ??????

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  19. I am from India and I apologize on behalf of Indian people who support Israel and pro Israel. I support Palestinians and Palestine even our father of nation also supported Palestine as India knows was colonization means…
    Live Palestine from ??

  20. لقد أخطأت انها فلسطين وليست إسرائيل.. يجب أن يكون لديك ثقافه و معلومات أكثر.. لانه من الواضح انك جاهل

  21. your video on egypt was inspiring – I've NEVER traveled outside the US – and I'm shopping places to visit for my very first time – I'm bouncing between egypt and thailand – I think the pyramids win 🙂

  22. I've been to Egypt five times and every time I go, I'm advised it's dangerous and don't go.
    Every time I go, there's thousands of tourists from all over the world enjoying themselves.

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