Is Oaxaca Vacation Worthy? – (A look at the features of Oaxaca after Dia de Muertos)

Is Oaxaca Vacation Worthy? –  (A look at the features of Oaxaca after Dia de Muertos)

There are so many reasons why I’ve
always been interested in history. One reason in particular is how history
allows us the contrast and how much we progressed against the importance of
continuity and what we insist remain the same. Over and over this contrast was on
full display in Oaxaca Well Oaxaca is one of the most impressive
colonial Mexican cities that I’ve been to. It was absolutely clean even though there was a major holiday that went
through here. And while I’ve never felt unsafe in Mexico, I felt the most safe
here in Oaxaca. A lot of great things and lot of great places to see. This is an
easy visit for anybody wanting to travel Mexico for the first time. Come check out
Oaxaca. I’ll be here again no doubt. Hello to all my travel of compañeros.
Before we get back to Oaxaca, I kind of want to introduce or reintroduce myself
for those who may be new to my channel. My name is Andy and I’m traveling Mexico
with the name The Timeless Travel Club. Now how I got to become a YouTube travel
vlogger in Mexico is… Way back in 1994 I had a young lady who worked for me who
was from Acapulco. And she gave me an open invitation to go visit and stay
with her family. I took her up on it. You know I was tired of a career I was in
at 15 years. So I quit up and left for Acapulco. And during this time it really
changed me. It changed who I was. It changed my life. And it changed primarily
how I felt about Mexico. You know what I read the newspapers and what I heard on
the news was not what I experienced while in Acapulco, while in Mexico. And
during this time I traveled. I went to Cuernavaca. I went to Guanajuato.
I went to, oh my goodness, San Miguel de Allende. And many other places that I’m
revisiting now 25 years later. But this time, especially this week is significant
because this young lady, her name is Lally, just passed away last week. So
this video I am dedicating to miss Lally who without her I would not be back in
Mexico. Without her my life to this degree would not have changed. Today I’ve
been creating videos, up to today, for about a year now. And I’m primarily
showcasing places that are safe to travel. Places that are overlooked
because of more attractive and more advertisements coming
out of Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, which I love. But I try to feature the beauty of Mexico. The rich culture and of course the
people. It’s the people of Mexico that make this whole thing come together to
make it a very attractive place to visit. Is it only Mexico I travel? For now yes. I
would love to get back to Spain, the Andalucia area. I’d like to spend a
spell there maybe three months or so. Of course shooting video. I would love to
visit Civil War Museum. Civil War sites. Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to
do that. As well as checking out the most popular ballparks in America. I always
wanted to do that. So those things remain my dreams for now. But I’m wondering now
if you can help me. Because I don’t know if there’s anyone else my age making
travel videos on YouTube. If you know of anybody else please leave their name and
description I like to check them out. But I am in pretty good health for my age. I
feel blessed and I thank the Lord every day for allowing me to be mobile. To have
my health to do what I’m doing right now. I’ve had a tough month. I’ve lost a
handful of friends old friends and family who have passed this month. And
they’re about my age. Including Laly. So for me the decision is easy. I’d rather
be traveling. I’d rather be experiencing life through travel than simply existing
at home. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being home. I love being in my own bed. I
love my water pressure in my shower. I love mowing my own lawn. So this is why
I travel pretty much three months in Mexico and one month in at home. So
how am I able to afford traveling like this? I can’t! I’m pretty much financing my own trip. I have a generous brother who helps
support me here and there and a generous sister-in-law, his wife, who allows him to
do it. And I have a handful of friends and family members who contribute to my
Patreon account. Currently I’m at I think $38 a month. Which let me tell you,
it can go a long way here in Mexico. But if you are interested in becoming a
patron to The Time of Travel Club, check out my Patreon link in the description
below. Anything… One dollar, two dollars a month would be greatly appreciated.
So what’s next? What’s next for the Timeless Travel Club? From Oaxaca I’m
gonna be spending a couple weeks in Puerto Morelos before I head back home.
And I’ll spend about of a month at home, the holidays. And then I’m gonna take the
ultimate beach tour. I’m gonna start out in La Paz. I’m gonna head over to Puerto
Vallarta again. Meet some good friends there. I’ll head over to Zijuatanejo, Ixtapa before spending the entire month of February back in
Acapulco, my true home away from home. But now it’s back to Oaxaca. So thanks so
much for spending a few minutes of your busy day to watch my video. And if you
feel you’re getting value from watching my videos, please consider subscribing
because that would really help my channel a lot. All right, back to Oaxaca. There’s a couple things that I look for when I’m in a Mexican city. One is IPA beer or artisanal beer. That they have that. They didn’t have the ice cream I
look for, Santa Clara. But they do have my new favorite Magnum ice cream on a stick
at your local Oxxo. So there was enough tourists here in shorts. I love to wear
shorts. So I felt very comfortable wearing shorts. This place was easy to navigate.
The airport is modern. The airport is small. It’s easy enough to get around. I
had no problems with security. Not to say that anybody else won’t because you know
how security goes. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention
the Hotel Maela to you all. The Hotel Maela… This place
saved my hide. A couple of videos ago if you remember, I experienced the Airbnb
from Hell. Which pretty much left me potentially homeless in Oaxaca.
So after knocking on doors I walked into the Hotel Maela and they took over.
They could not accommodate me for half my stay, so they booked me for the four
days they had available. And they got on the phone. They started calling around
and they actually found me another hotel for two additional days. Once that was
finished Miriam, on the left, Yvette on the right, Miriam runs off somewhere. I
don’t know where she went but when she came back, a little out of breath,
she explains that the remaining days that I needed were taken care of. I just
had to move from one room to the next on a particular day. No problemo!
Mind you, I had this side trip to Huatulco for four days.
I had this luggage I couldn’t take with me, and I had dirty laundry. They took my
dirty laundry. They stored my luggage for four days
that I wasn’t even a client with them. Is this a five-star hotel? No. Is there an
elevator to the top floor so you don’t have to carry your luggage? Hell no! But
the Hotel Maela is the epitome of customer service. And a true example of
what the people of Mexico are all about.

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  1. Just recently subscribed to your channel from Tangerine Travels. Your travel videos are really lovely. We are truly interested in living in Mexico for part of the year, having resided in the mountains of Colorado for nearly 25 years. Now ready for our favorite happy place in the world. 18 trips to Mexico and think we are ready to make the leap. Enjoy your travel videos and will plan a trip in 2020 to visit Oaxaca because of your video! Thank you.

  2. Like you Andy, I love to Travel! What I miss most due to my choice of travel is Mexican cuisine. You won't find that here in New Zealand. You will find beautiful people and spectacular views. Keep up the great videos!

  3. great video and great testimate to how hospitable Mexico can be. I am looking forward to your next adventures. I like how you seem to fit in as a local.

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