Is Space Travel Possible??

Is Space Travel Possible??

Hi, a Youtuber was brought to my attention called Hitmen Notoriety. He’s a tiny Youtuber, subscriber wise, otherwise he’s a big bearded grown man, with big ambitions. He wants to help people get rid of her common sense one video at a time. He claims space travel is a hoax. I don’t typically bother with these people, although at least he doesn’t think the earth is flat. But he used one of my videos to prove that the plasma thrusters are fake. In case you don’t know a plasma thruster is a type of propulsion engine that creates thrust using plasma, and plasma is just ionized gas [Hitmen]: “This guy is proving ion propulsion doesn’t work in a vacuum, so if NASA is claiming they’re using ion propulsion out in space for their little satellites flying around in and out of planets orbits and shit well they’re lying to you”
Mehdi: No!
[Hitmen]: “No moon landings. No Rovers on Mars. Nothing outside of our atmosphere period because how are you actually moving it around?” Mehdi: No
[Hitmen]: “You’re just gonna see this spin, and stop, and it’s f___ing hilarioius. Slowly pulling the vacuum down still has the ion, the ability to create the back pressure – Mehdi: No [Hitmen]: “Slowing down innit? There you go Gee, see I guess NASA can get a rocket in a spacecraft and move around out in space, but you can’t even get a f___ing paperclip –
Mehdi: NO!
[Hitmen]: “to spin in a vacuum chamber? You just understand NASA’s a big Disneyworld presentation, and they do nothing whatsoever out in space.” I see now. Oh I was wrong. I did the experiment myself and I didn’t see it. Everything, everything NASA has been feeding us was just a part of the Mickey Mouse show. Making us poor taxpayers pour our money into space programs to enhance human life, while all the money is being secretly used for wars and evil. Uhh, this was sarcasm if you didn’t pick it up, this guy’s an idiot. What I showed in my video was my Tesla coil in vacuum and how my spinning wheel doesn’t turn in vacuum because there is no air. By no means is this a plasma thruster, it does generate plasma at the end of the needle by ionizing the air. The ionized air glows and also heats up. It’s the heat that expands the air and pushes the needle around. It could have worked even if I put some heater element at the end of the needle. In vacuum there is no expanding air so it doesn’t move. You might think in my Tesla coil the needle was pushing out electrons, and that should generate some thrust. But no the electrons were moving in and out of the tip of the needle at one megahertz frequency. Even if the needle was pushing electrons out one way, they are virtually weightless so they wouldn’t generate any significant thrust. In plasma thrusters, they have a tank of some sort of liquid gas that they turn them into the ionized gas atoms which are incredibly heavier than the electrons. Then they accelerate them through some electric fields to super high speed and shoot them out of the end of the nozzle that generates thrust. In my Tesla coil there is no material pouring out of the needle to generate thrust, so stop spreading lies using my videos. And that’s not all he did, he took one of Cody’s lab videos to prove that you can’t even have regular propulsion in vacuum. Can you believe it? He took advantage of our Cody. Codys one of our most knowledgeable, honest, handsome, lovable YouTube scientists. In Cody’s video he’s burning material with his laser, showing how material like gunpowder that has its own oxidizer and doesn’t need air to burn in fact doesn’t ignite in the vacuum. [Cody]: “Gunpowder did not ignite.” [Hitmen]: “It can’t get any better than this. This is the latest from Cody’s lab. What it shows in this experiment is you can’t have any kind of chemical reaction go down with force behind it with a vacuum placed – You can’t have any kind of propulsion go down within a vacuum” [Cody]: “That’s a no go on burn”
[Hitmen]: Giggles, “Nada, I mean this this video should be and should be entitled ‘Proof NASA is under fraud’. Thanks, Cody right on man. You know he’s not actually telling you ‘Rockets aren’t working in space’. It takes sharp people to figure it out clearly. [Deep breath in]
That’s why I designed a new shirt from one of my old quotes: ‘There is no escape from the enemy within’, and one of the biggest enemies is ignorance. You must constantly face it and fight it. If you’d like to spread the message and support what I do, you can get yours from the link below *ascending to Heaven* . . . Let me think about it a little bit and see if I can come up with a solution for NASA so they can use combustion in space. Imagine we have a tank of combustible material, and another tank of liquid oxygen. And then we mix them together in a third chamber. Pressurize them, burn them there, and then we let out the burning gas from a small nozzle at the end to create thrust. And the back pressure of the burning gas can keep this chamber pressurized so that the ignition can keep going. Well, that was easy. ‘NASA, design is attached. Please stop the Mickey Mouse show and let’s get to the moon.’ Cody himself did another video to prove this. He used model rocket engines to experiment. First he showed in vacuum those rocket engines don’t ignite. Then all he did was to put everything in a plastic bottle to keep the pressure up for the ignition to keep going. So then we had liftoff in vacuum. I bet if you put the gunpowder in a glass bottle and close the lid and then put a tiny hole in the lid, put the whole thing in a vacuum chamber and suck the air from inside and outside the bottle, then burn the gunpowder with a laser, it will pressurize inside this bottle enough to keep the ignition going and push the air out of this hole. Maybe another test for Cody to do. Wink wink. But Hitmen doesn’t stop there, in another video he says even if you have ignition in the vacuum of space it doesn’t generate thrust. The title of his video ‘Check-mate science’, where he single-handedly brings science to its knees. [Hitmen]: “What I’m basically throwing out here and . . . others have deduced, is that rockets don’t work in space”.
Mehdi: “W-why!?” [Hitmen]: “And it’s really clearly evident in the reason why they launched ’em down next to the oceans. Uh, you know why don’t they launch rockets off of mountaintops? I mean it’d be more cost-effective, I mean point A to point B is a lot shorter distance to travel.” Mehdi: “What? How is it cheaper? Moving everything required to launch a rocket on top of a mountain, and for what? Space Station is 408 kilometers above Earth and Moon is 385,000 kilometers away. How does moving entire launch station and logistics are five kilometres on top of a crazy Mountain make things better? [Hitmen]: “In our reality everything is functioning, uh, everything is actually moving around with voltage potentials.” Mehdi: WHAT!? So if I throw a rock at someone’s head, is it the voltage that kills them or the current? [Hitmen]: “The magnetism comes after this . . . pressure, moves around.”
Mehdi: What? [Hitmen]: “You’ve got such a huge lie so many people participating in a theme park once you fundamentally understand that there is a person underneath that Mickey Mouse costume – Buzz Aldrin is an actor – ” Mehdi: Buzz Aldrin, I always knew it was you in the Mickey Mouse costume at Disneyland. Mickey Buzz: ‘One small step for man’ [Hitmen]: “And a lot of this stuff they do in swimming pools that are very very large the water is very pristine, and it gives you the illusion of them floating around out in space, but in all reality. They’re on earth. Swimming around in pools. They’re just filming everything underwater. It’s f___ing hilarious.” Mehdi: Hmm. It’s hilarious to you huh? Let’s not forget swimming skills are key to space travel. [Hitmen]: “This is the Achilles heel of every single space program on this planet – Any satellite out there they claims flying around, no! Because it’s impossible once again. 14 pounds per square inch. We’ll start off here, right? If you’re next to the ocean. We’ll just say the highest atmospheric pressure to the lowest atmospheric pressure. This pressure as the rocket climbs . . . Every single meter, it rises in this . . . Atmospheric density once again loses the ability to push. I got it down to where it terminates. There is no pressure. No friction, no drag, and it’s just bar none. In your f___ing face. I mean the graphs right here.” Mehdi: You morons. The graphs right there. Are you blind? I see his problem. He thinks at thruster can only thrust if he pushes against air and in vacuum of space there is nothing to push against. And for that I’ll let my daughter, Electrocute, to explain it to you. Electrocute: According to Newton’s third law: For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Here, I have a mousetrap that I put on Lego wheels so it can move around easily Mehdi: Great, very good. GAH!! #$*! EC: [Laughing] Let me trigger it [Laughing] See, it stays around the same area. I have taped three marbles together to put on the back of the mousetrap for it to throw them. See the marbles shoot that way and the mousetrap jumped the other way as the reaction Similarly in space a rocket has to shoot out tons of burning gas. It’s very fast. And in reaction the rocket is pushed forward. And you don’t need any air for this to happen! There wasn’t too hard, was it? Looking at Saturn five rocket that took the Apollo spacecraft to the moon. This whole thing is the Apollo spacecraft that fits right on top of the rocket right there. So you can imagine how huge the rocket was. The rest of the rocket are the thrusters that pushed it to the moon. The total weight of the rocket at lunch was 2.8 million kilograms. And the first stage was outputting 15,000 kilos per second at supersonic speeds. At the end of just stage one, after 2 minutes 42 seconds the spacecraft was running at seven times the speed of sound at an altitude of 62 kilometres. 30 to 40 kilometers above Earth there is already no significant atmospheric pressure [Hitmen]: “I would like anybody to prove me wrong, right?” Mehdii: You need proof? Okay, every starry night. I’m outside I can see a few satellites passing above my head with naked eyes. Why don’t I show you the brightest one, the International Space Station or ISS Heh, look at me, so I’m using my super old camera I have to try to record the International Space Station for you This is the only camera. I have that has some decent zoom and hopefully it can capture something I have this International Space Station detector app that will tell me exactly when and where it will appear in the sky. Tonight it’s gonna come from West and go to East right above my head. Of coursse I highly doubt it if this camera can pick up any features of the space station like the solar panels But it can record it. Any time now, It should be coming out from behind those buildings. Oop, there it is. There it is. It’s going. Yep, that’s it. That’s the space station. Wow. It’s so bright everyone would think it’s just the airplane passing, but it’s the space station. And that’s not the only one you can see either. So far I’ve seen like two other satellites passing above my head. But this camera can’t capture them because they are too dim. That video quality sucked. It was the ISS I was showing. But maybe i lied and zoomed on to some random star. So install your own ISS detector or satellite tracker app on your phone, go outside and see them for yourself. Especially the ISS because it’s the brightest. And now that we are at least in orbit all it takes for us to get to space from orbit is to throw a basketball towards Earth at high speed and that’s enough to push us into space. [Eyebrows!!!] As always, thank you for watching, And specially thank you for supporting my channel at so I can bring these videos to you, and if it doesn’t kill you, please like, share, and subscribe. Because [singing] what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!! [More eyebrows dance !!!]

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  1. Find it funny how this guy disproving science disabled comments on all of his videos… guess his science is so right he doesn't need any peer review.

  2. спосибо за мкс я её тоже видел однажды вроде как в бенокаль смотрел

  3. OK whoever says the earth is flat is a complete dumbass because clearly the world isn’t in it and has been scientifically proved. Like if you agree

  4. So apparently propulsion isn’t possible in a vacuum? Whoever said that was stupid. Does his brain even grasp normal physics? Even the 13 year old me would have known how rocket engines work and could figure out, easily, how I could get one to work in space. Also, traveling to the top of a fucking mountain just to launch a rocket off of it to make it more cost effective by displacing it by 5 kilometers would be absolutely stupid. The vehicles they’d be transporting their rocket and launch pad with would start to fail so high up because the air is so thin and the atmosphere has a far different pressure. The engines would likely just die because engines need air to combust fuels for transporting such heavy objects and it gets so cold up there that everyone trying to transport the stuff might die too. It’d be a disaster, plus, if he’s talking about Everest, none of it is paved and you can’t fly helicopters up there either. Getting a 1 million pound object to a really inaccessible area seems completely logical, doesn’t it?

    I’ll also draw a picture of the physics needed to push a rocket through space.
    <—(<->)####] —>
    # is the unburnt fuel and it generates force by combusting it and forcing the gas created by the combustion out of the end of the rocket tube, or nozzle. You can also mix air in with the fuel to create an atmosphere in which a firm can burn.

  5. Sorry i need to budge in a little bit here Dear Medhi, if we were able to move the rocket up by 5km, that will greatly reduce the DeltaV needed to escape Earth’s Gravity Influence.

  6. This guy suffers from something I call “the special one syndrome”, especially prevalent among conspiracy theorists, where sufferers think they’re holding the truth, the key to break some fourth wall of humanity just for the sake of feeling special of some shit, without realizing their own ignorance. For them, they’re the only protagonist in this game of theirs, everyone around is lying, deceiving, hiding something and it’s up to them and only them to uncover some kinda imaginary mystery. Cause of this syndrome is just high ego and also high stupidity.

  7. You don't even need thrusters once you've entered the space as there's no friction i.e. No force that can stop the motion of body. So according to first law of Newton the body will stay in motion and keep moving forward.

  8. how to fix flat earthers/people who dont believe in space etc: put them all onto a rocket, put them around the moon, with a couple earth orbits before ofc and give then all windows

  9. 100s of billions of dollars, millions of experts, countless advancements in technology.
    All disproven by a guy with a whiteboard

  10. 5:30 He (Hitler's nephew) doesn't know how to use brain to understand this example. Well, argument against idiot is impossible like William Roberts say.

  11. Guys don’t even try looking up this dumb dumbs counter argument. All it is is confirmation bias the whole entire video, and he disabled comments too. Look up his channel at your discretion!!!

  12. morons.internet trolls and idiots:we get our maps from the international space station

    maping/geospatial companies:are we a joke to you?

  13. satellite are floating in space because there are now gravity's inside of earth and that thing are explained all in science btw nc video <3 and that guy 7:35 are crazy i think haha don't bother me XD

  14. Where I was born, we used to say "Dear God, use brains or bricks, put please, hit him with it" when dealing with brainless people like this one….

  15. Imagine you spent years mastering physics in college just to get triggered by a bunch of idiots who are drowned in politics

  16. He's not ignorant. Have a look at a few of his videos. He suffers from a thought disorder which is a symptom of several mental illnesses.

  17. Using a video made by a guy who gets electrocuted on a daily basis THIS IS REAL EVIDENCE MADE BY A GENIUS!!!!!!!

  18. Just watched Shitman notorietys response to this. I could only get halfway through it as I felt myself devolving, excessive hair was protruding from my knuckles and I felt a sudden urge to swing a club and utter “Ugh.”

  19. I don't agree with using children to push any agenda (no matter how right or wrong you are), but throwing your daughter in there really made me feel so uplifted and to consider teaching more physics and science to my own daugher. She did an amazing job. Thanks!

  20. Someone show us an experiment of air existing next to a vacuum without a barrier, just like the way our atmosphere exits next to space vacuum, if space is real

  21. Try to prove that earth is spinning with some measuring device, and not by stars. Want to know how real earth map looks, have a look at UN emblem. As for moon landing……. give me a brake with this crap, how you can protect humans against radioactivity that will turn metal box in to microwave

  22. Why is that I always get this feeling that space and globe deniers are "A" male, and "B" have never had a stable relationship?

  23. Don't worry boom the dude who is bashing your video and Cody's is just a punk bitch, that has nothing better to do with his time but try to look like he knows what he is talking about. It's bitchies like him who needs to be fucking slapped in the lips and rol

  24. NASA is a sarcastic joke
    NASA is RACIST!!!!!
    This is serious, THIS IS A REAL DEBATE!

    IN FACT…
    NASA photos are a make of GCI images, which is not real.

    NASA, by the way. Is a terrorist group, inside the group were a number of hackers and hijackers.
    NASA are the ones who did 9/11, Boston bombing, and all of FBI agent are a majority of NASA spy and terrorist
    Hitman is telling the truth, not a joke, space is a joke.
    Well you can see the moon with a telescope, but if you land on moon, no gravity, YOU WOULD BE THROWED OUT OF THE MOON, MORONS!!!

    I have met a NASA hacker before on my laptop, a message saying: "YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE NASA PROPAGANDA AND TERROR." And that message annoy the hell out of me, BUT finally someone got rid of that pesky maggot.

    1 like: 1 support for ElectroBOOM

  25. i looked up the hitman guy and found a video replying to this video and realized from the start that the hitman guy had no idea what he was talking about. it was called Response for Electro Brow. plz check that out thx. also, love your vids, keep up the good work!

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