Is this the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN PATAGONIA? | Visiting Los Alerces National Park in Argentina 😍

Is this the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN PATAGONIA? | Visiting Los Alerces National Park in Argentina 😍

well good morning good morning guys from Esquel we
are any guys right and early today oh my okay so it’s quarter past seven we
actually left the house at like 6:45 650 ish so yeah we’re getting up right in
early we’ve got a day of adventure ahead yes an excursion we are super excited
about we’re going to be visiting Los Alerces National Park which is meant to
be beautiful or spending all day they are taking the bus so we’ve booked a
boat trip and we’re gonna be cruising on some spectacular lakes we’re also going
to be seeing a glacier we’re gonna see an ancient forest where
the trees are 2700 years old in Los Alerces National Park yeah I’m gonna be awesome
can’t wait to do it but first things first this tour doesn’t include
transportation to the park so we getting to the bus terminal bright in early if
we got to purchase some local bus tickets and yeah start the journey to
get to the Los Alerces National Park well show you how it’s done we were visiting a skel during low
season so there was only one daily bus with transport this is scale leaving in
the early morning and returning in the evening we make sure to arrive at the
bus terminal one hour ahead of departure to make sure we could get seats on the
buses you can’t reserve tickets ahead of time and once they’re gone they’re gone
as a tip you’ll want to buy a round-trip bus ticket so that the driver will see
the seat for you on the way back there were a few people who got stranded in
the park because they hadn’t bought return tickets and the bus was packed
later that night so don’t wing it unless you want to spend the night at one of
the campsites even better friends a car if you can good morning world I’ve had a
series of lovely and little naps on the drive over thankfully Sam was there to
film it to document the experience to igari limits she even slept on the
special tourist train yesterday on the way back there’s nowhere Audrey will not
sleep I slept on the way back anyways we are off the bus we’ve been driving for
two and a half hours because we left at 8:00 it’s now 10:30 and we were dropped
off at Pasadena Julio Adonis and from here we have to walk about 20 minutes to
the port the port is called guardo Chu cow and this is where we’ll be taking
the boat tour they warned us to be punctual because it’s really easy to
kind of I guess go off in different directions yeah right I’m taking photos
and videos but if we’re not there on time
yeah it’s that simple yeah like they they really made that pretty clear don’t
dilly-dally taking photos filming you can do that on the way back so we are
marching and as we continue our walk at a steady
pace and some illness me I’m gonna tell you a little bit about the prices how
much we paid for all of this so the excursion we booked in town and
it was fifty US dollars per person then in order to enter the park we had to pay
nine dollars that’s the fee for foreigners if you are Argentine it’s
less and if you’re a resident of the province of Chubut it’s even less and
transport we also have to pay for transport because that’s not included in
this excursion and that was 12 or 13 US dollars so there you have the the cost
for today’s activities we also bought some snacks packed a little lunch or on
our way what do you think Sam this is like being
back at Banff National Park home oh yeah I mean leave utiful I mean I don’t want
to take anything away from this place being compared to Banff is a very as
hyper yeah the color of the water here is unbelievable
it’s like a glacial turquoise one of the coolest parts of the boat
ride was seeing the daughter she does glacier if you’re up for a serious trek
there are excursions in Los Alerces National Park that take you right to the
foot of the glacier after cruising on the north end of lake
Menendez we reach the Alisal million REO where we disembarked and continued the
rest of the excursion on foot the trees that we had come to see are the alerts
Espada guanacos also known as LaJuan this is a type of tree that can be found
in the valdivian temperate rain forest below the higher elevations of the Andes
in both Argentina and Chile these trees can grow from sea level up to 1500
meters above sea level and even though they are slow growth trees they can
reach heights of above 15 meters well we’ve disembark that’s quite the bow
ride huh and now we hike we have to hike as a group yeah so kind of sticking
behind well our guide we’ve been told if we need a walking stick we can help
ourselves to these ganya Oh naturally it kind of looked like bamboo yeah alright
guys now we begin the hike we enjoyed a one and a half hour boat ride yeah we
sure did it was out there the whole time top of the boat it was just amazing and
the Sun kept popping in and out and yeah the senior is fantastic it was magic
magic now we are doing a 2.2 kilometer hike and we’re going to gain an altitude
of 70 metres over the course of the first seven hundred metres of the hike
let’s do it let’s do it do we have to follow our guide we’ve been told we
can’t linger behind this is a guided tour can’t do the solo it’s not really
our style but this is the only way to visit this part of the National Park you
have to do it as part of a tour you can’t do it independently so sacrificing
I did this like I was saying earlier this is a pretty special part of the
forest because of the age of the trees at the start of the trail we saw one
that’s 2700 years old insanity and they’re able to tell its age because the
alert sea grows one millimeter per year in terms of its width that’s insane
and this one eight meters salmon action this is what it looks like
we’ve been gaining a bit of altitude here and apparently we are really close
to reaching the ellipsis the ancient ellipsis thousands of years old excited
for a little man versus nature moment nature nature always when my goodness well what a marvelous excursion that was
oh wow I had I had no idea the hike would be
that impressive it was just around every corner it was Wow yeah it was up and
down and there’s just so many different fascinating things to see in the forest
like various trees to different plants I mean there’s there’s types of plants and
trees I’ve never seen before here hmm and now we’ve come to the end of the
trail there’s like a little lookout point
check out these views behind us beautiful lake mountains in the horizon
this is so much fun now we’re gonna get back on the boat
enjoy some little snacks yep and travel back to where we started shimmy – meow –
meow meow Donna I thought that is mine
that is our food and toilet paper supply we are back on dry land on dry land
we’ve got what two two hours and a half now to kill until the the bus the bus
the only box if you miss bus you are stuck here overnight you sleep in the
park so we’re going on a hike so we met a French girl who’s been doing lots of
hiking around here and she was like this is a really nice trail you should go
here and check it out so we’re like all right oh yeah apparently it takes 45
minutes to an hour so that’s gonna yeah almost kill half the time and then we’ll
still have some time to do a bit more walking hi
how much do you live me well enough for me to agree to have a
pizza which you want to make what I don’t even love pizza you do we have
found a tree with apples they look a bit green how do you feel about green apples
that are into granny smith apples just like green green yeah you know what
apples that’s like an autumn fruit and right now it’s summer not quite ready and that was our excursion to Lawson
ursus National Park in search of two thousand year old trees we hope you guys
enjoy this trip and we’ll see you soon with more videos from Patagonia you

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  1. Hi my canadian Friends…..!!!! Yesss….yessss….es uno de los lugares más hermosos que visité…el color y el sonido de las cascadas de sus aguas…la tranquilidad…la vegetación….UN PARAÍSO EN LA TIERRA….estoy seguro que les gustaría regresar otra vez…BUEN FINDE CHICOS….♥️♥️👏👏

  2. Great adventure! I know how you feel as where I live I'm just a 5 minute walk from the beautiful British countryside 😃 where are you guys travelling to next?

  3. Another great video guys. You've gone and convinced me. It's my 50th in December, and I've decided. I want to go to New Orleans to sample the festive season there. My 83 year old father is beating me to it though. He's planning to visit New York in April!!!!!

  4. Another lovely vlog ❤️❤️❤️….✌️✌️✌️loved the intro music as well ….the national park is beautiful …👌👍

  5. The landscape looks so pure, clean and refreshing. Reminds me the trekking trip to upper Himalayas in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh during monsoon (National parks and Valley of Flowers). Keep going 👍. Love from an Indian🇮🇳

  6. Hola Canadienses,muchas gracias un trabajo Monstruoso , ver a su Majestad La Patagonia en su esplendor y se te pone la piel de pollo, otro video clase A, chau desde Buenos Aires a Samuel,Audrey and…el compatriota e Inigualable Dany

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