Is Time Travel Possible? | Unveiled

Is Time Travel Possible? | Unveiled

Is time travel possible? Everyone has thought about time travel at least once Maybe you wanted to go back in time and try to change something from your past There are even a lot of science fiction movies out there that involve time travel or were inspired by time travel in some way or another But is it really possible to travel back or forward in time and if it is really possible, what would we have to do in order to make time travel a reality? the very thought about time travel and what it would take to make it a reality is mind blowing it is something that scientist There is a speed limit of 300,000 km/s or 186,000 milles per second for anything that travels through spacetime and light always travels the speed limit through empty space, so more about the solution of time special relativity says that a suprising thing happens to you when you move through spacetime especially when your speed relative to other objects is close to the speed of light Time goes slower for you than for the people you left behind

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  2. “If time travel exists then we would be visited by time travelers”
    Not necessarily, this could be the timeline to invent the first time machine. Can’t make a time machine if it hasn’t been invented yet.

  3. What would be the outcome of this
    Say there was a satellite launched with scientific equipment and as every orbit went all counties would send parts of like the ISS but it was fuel and an engine
    Say then it was launched but in a position where it still was in a perfect/good orbit and only the speed changed
    What would those scientific instrument read when it go’s close to the sleeves of light and when it actually reaches the speed of light

  4. These youtube videos are duping the public with these fancy and bombastic terms. Big Bang, spooky action at a distance and on and on. Are we in a circus? Epstein as a college drop out and scam artist funded entanglement and Hawkings black holes. One scam artist to the next. He also funded quantum computing. Modern Physics is explaining less and less and creating more and more fancy words. Is modern Physics desperate? They needed Epsteins to survive. They now create fake pictures to prop their fancy word nonsense. Modern physics is starting to sound like a clown show. The best addition to the standard model on light is in Lesseirg papers and the mischief of black holes

  5. A coma is kinda like time travel, when coma patients wake up they feel like there accident just happened, even if it’s been years. Essentially they multiple years only felt like seconds for them. Essentially traveling forward in time. If there was a way to stop the body from ageing you could travel decades into the future

  6. Is time travel posible? Says who..
    Rodney: Startrek..Terminator..Time Cop.. Time After Time.. Wrinkle in Time.. Somewhere in Time.. Hot tub time machine.. bill and ted's exellent adventure.. basically.. any movie that deals with time travel..??

  7. I would want to go back to last year so i wouldnt get killed by someone from the future in my year in December. And to when i was disscreapting Jackson to where that never happened so i can exist in my year. I know i am looking out for my life and myself by saying this but yes it would change things so where i would be able to live tilll 2028 so they wouldnt be killing me in my year of 2019. But also it would change other things as will in my year if i went back in the past with a time traveler for real and actually channged stuff.

  8. 0:12 yeah I wanted a phone so bad I would've told my self to wait because their was my fav phone in the store that was available now I hate the day I buyed this phone. I might sound bratty and shit like that but don't you wish to have your dream phone, car, house, business ect. I feel so betrayed by my own self ??‍♀️ all I wanted was my phone but now I have a better quality phone good condition and yet still I need that phone

  9. @ 2:12 When you return to stationary people having aged only to 20 yrs old and your classmates are now 65 yrs old, you STILL look like a 65 yr old man pretending to be 20. That sucks.

  10. I dont understand why everybody who makes these time travel videos wants to kill their grandfathers when they go back in time. How about… Im not going to kill my grandfather and Im going to live a life winning the lottery and living far far away from anybody I know in my lifetime. How about that? No paradox and Im rich as hell.

  11. I want to go back in time specifically in the 15th century or the 12th century so i can see what kings and queens did back then and to see Leonardo Da Vinci in 1503 face to face painting the Mona Lisa.Most importantly,i like past more than future,except going back to school,but i want to go back in the past about 600 to 900 years ago so i can discover how people lived in the renaissance when kings queens and famous people like Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphaelo Santi lived,and discover how the humans reacted when they did not have cure for today's kind of sickness yet,and i kinda want to change some things back then,even though i know it will never be possible,something tells me it is still SOMEHOW possible,because nothing on Earth and universe is impossible.

  12. Life is like a light year Start and end in like 1 mili second If we want to go back un time we need to know how time is created Is it gravity We need to go against whatever create time to go to the past but it will need more than fuel u say light is the fastest thing we know but what about darkness isn't it fast we need like dark matter as fuel to travel faster than light and counting on us human its kinda impossible but first of all We need a new planet real quick gravity of a black hole is so much that light can't escape it but can darkness escape it as if there no light there is only darkness

  13. You need to stop telling people that it is not possible to travel faster than the speed of light. Allow C to equal the speed of light. OK, So then C 1000 we would read as the speed of light to the power of 1000 or 1000 times faster than the speed of light, OK . It is written. Please accept this knowledge as a possibility. thank you

  14. Time travel is impossible. To go back into the past, you must undo everything that has happened. Rewind time. To go into the future, you have to skip everything that is to happen. The Earth 1,000 years from now doesn't exist. If Earth is on a collision course with an asteroid, That event must take place. To travel from now to after the collision means you skipped it. That's not the order of things. You will either witness it or die before it happens. You cant skip that event. Since light travels forever, it is possible to see what you did yesterday. Provided that your far enough away and have a big enough telescope to zoom in from that distance. Our past is out there. But you cant travel to it nor influence it in any way. The same way how you cant see a supernova from 50,000 years ago go to the site and change the outcome. It's impossible. You cant do it. If time travel becomes reality, it will always have been reality. Meaning that we would know time travel exists because it has always existed. The fact that we still question if time travel is possible is proof that it will never be possible. You cannot time travel.

  15. Most of the sentences used in this video are exact copy of those used in 'Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking: Time Travel'…

  16. Ok time travel would not work that way . You can't erase your self from existence you would just stay the same and you would not change the future . Btw not a hate comment I love your videos

  17. It is possible I time travel 2 days ago I went to see my self when I was a kid.. ok I fall sleep I woke up somewhere where my aunt was doing something n out no where she said my name I react to it but she could not hear me I realize I was in a room cant remember how old I was but I was like 3 or 4 years old they could not see me but I was conscious I have time travel to the past when I was a kid ..So I went to the room where I was I got near to my self n I seen my self crying cold I was hungry n felt kinda longly n my old selfi stared crying when i saw my young self so cute inocent thinking everything i was going to go trough in my life n then after a bit i disappear n i was in space n total darkness n then the vast darkness start breaking it self like if was ICE n I was trying to run to be in a stable place..but it was a incredible I heard our brain is quantic there is no time or space so everything can be possible inside your mind brain dont know how to explain but I did time travel to the past it is possible n it looks so real like I was really living the experience there are other things I cant remember but it was amazing..

  18. well every thing is made up of vibration. and if you could can get the right vibration cause think about it every thing is made of energy and vibrations ?

  19. So as Einstein said no matter can travel at speed of light
    But if you say that universe is infinite
    And earth is like an atom size for you
    And you are in a space ship

    will you travel at speed of light ??

  20. I will explain..
    Time travel is impossible bcoz we are living on the earth which is rotating around sun.. the earth is revolving around sun to cause days and nights, that is time….everything in space moves to front but not to back…. Rotation to front means going to future…..

  21. I would think you could travel back before you could go forward….the past happen…how can you travel to something that never happen yet???id rather travel to the future..because why would you even want to go happen already….you been there already

  22. but i have studied that if the thing moves faster then light then its mass also increases if mass increases it slows down the speed and we will never be able to travel at the speed of light

  23. Time travel is possible but not in a way to change or physically alter the future or present, it is/would only be to effective to one persons life To alter a misdoings to which would not conflict or intervene with anyone else . But if it did alter the present or future only the time traveller would know about anyway.Time is your own and make of it which you want.

  24. Well as my personal opinion I think Time travel is not possible because if it would have been , then someone from future might have had surely arrived or came back by now to see us …??

    U know what I want to say ?

  25. if looking into outter space is looking BACK in time, then looking at earth from outter space would be looking into the FUTURE!! WHY DOES NOBODY SPEAK OF THIS?!! Even if only from the moon it may only be a day or 20 minutes. IDK im not a mathematician. I "do know" one cannot BE.. without the OTHER! Is this why they say they have never been back? Maybe they have. Maybe THEY can see into the future just enough to stay ahead of the rest of us! If there is ANY REASON this couldnt be right, someone please…. the floor is yours.

  26. from 4:48 upto 4:59 what you are saying is confusing and contradictory, first you say that clocks at iss tick just a little bit slowly ..then you say in space time moves more quickly..and then again say time moves more slowly closer to the planet the image of clocks why the iss clock is moving slower its farther than planet's surface.. that of earth should do so

  27. Time travel to the future is very possible, but not to our own past. Someday we will figure out how to view the past without actually being there. For historians that will be a monumental day. Only time travel to the past that is possible is in other universes. Any of them, just not our own. Paradox is only in ours.

  28. Okay so I’m about the clock thing. I think it’s complete bullshit that time moves more slowly, if they used physical clocks. What should’ve happened was timing on electronic clocks to tell the difference due to the enacting forces the propel a physical clock with clogs and gears deals with in comparison.

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