Istanbul Ataturk Airport – ATM | Tourist Sim | Taxi & Metro | Istanbul Airport to Sultan Ahmet

Istanbul Ataturk Airport – ATM | Tourist Sim | Taxi & Metro | Istanbul Airport to Sultan Ahmet

1 Lira=11 INR (Approx) It is stronger than Indian Rupee Is this line for the ATM? i have to withdraw money from the ATM So that I can purchase the ticket for the Metro I have to catch a metro and then a Tram to reach the city centre So its better to purchase a particular card I am going to withdraw the Lira Its so crowded! This is very busy airport This is Tourist Information counter But no one is here So now you know the cost of Turkcell and Vodafone Now going to withdraw money from the ATM Oh I forgot to say Thanks to him He said that you can’t buy the Metro card through ATM card So I need to get the money first There are a lot of ATMs here He said me to withdraw money from HSBC but I am going to try this one It is also called Bankomat like in Russia and Kazakhstan After entering the PIN, What should I do now! I am not able to understand what is happening here! I am not going to use this now Lets try HSBC wow! I can see my name I am going to withdraw 1000 Liras First time I got a poor exchange rate I usually use my Axis Bank’s Master Card (Debit) for such transactions outside of India As per I should have been debited 11,195 Rs But according to the sms I got from the bank I am debited 11,427 Rs So around 225 Rs extra Now I am going to the metro station Because of the poor exchange rate, you can avoid HSBC atm But this area is less crowded. you can come here to withdraw money You can also exchange money from there I dont have time to go to the cafe now Here is a Starbucks They understood! I will visit Egypt again This card costs around 6 Liras, but he is offering his Extra card for free I am insisting them to accept 6 Liras, but they are not willing So this is how you will load money in your card You have to pay 1 Lira for using the Toilet 11 Rs !! This card works in Bus, Metro, Tram, Boats and even Toilets But I have something to offer this gentleman metro is airconditioned. Feeling good I brought some Indian Souvenirs for such wonderful people. Now I am going to give it to him This is the exchange point This is the right pronounciation everyone was crossing this way! I also did According to Google, I have to catch the tram going towards Kabatas So first step – from the airport you will catch the metro to this station From here you will catch a tram to Kabatas After 15 stops you will reach SultanAhmet Its quite humid. I am sweating But the Trams and Metros are Airconditioned, so its not a big problem Here it comes! They also announce in English For eg they just announced about Topkapi, which is a tourist attraction So you can use a tram while doing sightseeing in Istanbul They also announce about the point of attractions Just like Delhi Metro Its around 11 pm Still there are a lot of people around This is Sultan Ahmet Tram station The 2 most visited places in Istanbul – Hagia Sophia and Blue mosque are situated in this place My hostel is also close to them its 11 pm and still I am not feeling unsafe The reason is – there are a lot of tourists and couples sitting here freely But still you should be careful at odd hours wherever you are! This is Shabby guesthouse They havent put a display board outside, so it took a lot of time to find this guesthouse They are not giving a proper reason for it I booked this on for a nigh They ask for 7 Euros whereas I am paying them 6.3 Euros, as I booked it from While coming here I visited a few more hostels. The tariffs are higher than here This is how this guesthouse looks! Why did I book this guesthouse! Its so filthy! I am paying them 45 Liras Its dark inside so cant show you on camera My dorm is in the basement Like Egypt, here also you have to buy drinking water 2.5 Liras for 1.5 litre bottle Its 11:40 am Today is 29th August This is Shabby guesthouse. Actually this is shabby This is not a good option to stay the person whom I met yesterday at the reception was also not good He asked me for 45 liras in advance I paid him immediately He said, you are just staying here for 1 night. Why do you need a reciept ! I was shocked to hear this! If I stayed here for more days, then? He replied, we dont have a printer to print a money receipt This is the basement No ventilation This is the bathroom I have stayed in a lot of hostels esp in south east asia I am paying them around 500 Rs, which is not less I have stayed in hostels for even 200 Rs It was in Pai, Thailand It was very well kept The bathrooms were esp very neat and clean I found the hostels in Istanbul are quite expensive Today I have booked another hotel It costs around 9 Euors which includes breakfast Let me share an interesting fact Every hotel or hostel quotes their tariff in Euros Its 11:30 am and I am going to checkout from this hostel The lights turn on automatically sensing a movement It was rated around 7 out of 10 on I and a lot of guests booked this just because of the good ratings The temperature is between 23-28 degree Celsius Today is 28 August & I have published a video on my experience in Big Bus New York and now I am here in Istanbul and I just saw this – Big Bus Istanbul What a timing! This is pronounced in many ways But in Turkish it is pronounced as – Aya Sophia I was at this tram station last night The trams are so beautiful This is the European part of Istanbul This is the most happening part of Istanbul for tourism This is called Sultan Ahmet

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