It is vacation my dudes

It is vacation my dudes

AAAA AAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAA AA AA AAAAAAAAAA A A A A A aaa WAAAAA Aaa AAaa WAAAAAA aAaaaA AaaA aa Aaa Aaa A -AAaa A WAAA aaAaa AAaa WAAAAAA Aaa Aaa AAa Aaaa aa Aaa -Aa a Aa aA WAAAAA this was a wild ride It is wednesday my dudes

100 thoughts on “It is vacation my dudes

  1. You do these every single wednesday and im suprised and thankful for you every time I see the wednesday frog scream on my sub feed.

  2. I was wondering if the holy Wednesday meme would be posted, and only got the notification for it just now when I opened YouTube

  3. Can we please bring back the thing? I absolutely loved it. I don't know, it would just be awesome to have it back. Nonetheless this video is still pretty good 😀

  4. Thank you dude!
    I don't need calendars anymore.
    I just know, that every WEDNESDAY should be the new video.

  5. I think this Is where Malaysia Flight 730 was truly going to before It vanished. #R.I.P the Wednesday Frogs on Malaysia flight 730

  6. Sometimes i feel that the wednesday frog meme is kind of surreal but there's something that doesn't make it fit in the category entirely

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